No, Super Mario Party Was Not Going to Receive DLC After All

No, Super Mario Party Was Not Going to Receive DLC After All

As I’m sure you’re aware, an article about references to unused DLC content in Super Mario Party was published here on Gaming Reinvented last night. In said article, we showed pictures of an unused board in the game, plus various text strings we believed showed that DLC was planned for the game.

This was based on datamining work by Ziella, as well as additional information conveyed to us by justcamtro.

However, it has since come to light that said information is incorrect. Due to a mix up, files from Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and Super Mario Party got mixed about, with the DLC strings seemingly found in the latter actually coming from the former.

Not from Mario Party

This code was actually from Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

So sorry folks, there’s no evidence that Super Mario Party was going to get DLC at all, let alone a full season pass like we implied yesterday.

And we’re deeply sorry for our part in this mixup. Even accepting error on the part of our researchers and sources here, we still messed up by not properly verifying the news before publishing it. We should have looked for a second source to back up the story, and held off on it until we found one. If we did this, then we’d have never published the misleading story, since people on TCRF Discord were pointing out the issue the minute it was brought to their attention.

In that, we’ve failed our readers, and let down a userbase that trusted Gaming Reinvented because of the amount of research we put into our articles. To make this mistake after pointing out how other gaming sites made very similar ones is an embarrassment to the community.

Still, its not a total loss. The unused board from the original article is indeed an unused board, and we’ve finally got the name translated as Sky Building thanks to Robert from the Oddheader Discord server. So not only do we have an unused board, but proof it was intended to be its own thing too, not just an early version of one present in the game.

Sky Building Board

This board is called Sky Building, and was indeed cut from Super Mario Party

We’ve also got some other unused content from the game too, including early icons for the Coinado item.

Early Coinado Icon

Star Price x 2

So there is still unused stuff to discuss here. Even if it’s not as important or interesting as a scrapped DLC pack or ten would be.

Regardless, sorry for all the hassle here, and we hope everyone will be willing to forgive us for our mistakes here.

Thank you for reading

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