Nintendo Indie World Direct Reveals

Nintendo Indie World Direct Reveals

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Nintendo had their Indie Direct, nothing amazing was shown as you can see above but here is a highlight of things shown off:


What is out now!

Spiritfarer – a game that is sure to make you cry?

Raji: An Ancient Epic – based on ancient Hindu and Balinese mythology

A Short Hike – First on PC, now releasing on the Nintendo Switch

Manifold Gardenb – A puzzle game from Apple’s Arcade

Takeshi and Hiroshi – A small classic RPG game.

Evergate – A fun looking 2D puzzler.


That’s a nice amount of games to dump onto the eshop for one day, but there is more coming down the pipeline:

Hypnospace Outlaw – Releasing August 27th 2020, you can play a demo right now though!

Torchlight III – A nice looking dungeon crawler game to kill time with

Garden Story – An RPG farming game releasing in 2021

Subnautica & Subnautica Below Zero – releasing next year, can you survive the deep?

Bear and Breakfast – a wilderness hotel sim from Gummy Cat

Card Shark – Got a gambling itch? This game will scratch it for you in 2021.


At the end of the video above is a nice Indie game run through, be sure to check it out around the 19:45 mark.

That’s it! What did you think? Wanted more? Want the bigger Directs? Let us know in the comments below or on the forum!




  1. Really? Is it really that good? You tell me. I mean seriously. Now this way in English you said: “Manifold Gardenb”. Now heck you! Why are you giving me this misspelled hecking *rap to me to see? What the heck? Very very very wrong and you had to wait that long to get to a comment? Like really? You crazy fool! Is this really good? I don’t really get it! This is really ridiculous.

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