New Pokemon Snap Has Been Announced for the Nintendo Switch

New Pokemon Snap Has Been Announced for the Nintendo Switch

The last generation has been a surprising one for many fans. From a revival of 3D platformers with Super Mario Odyssey and a Hat in Time, to comebacks of long thought dead series like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon, it’s been a time where everything we expected about the industry has been proven wrong left and right.

And it’s a pattern that’s only continuing with todays announcements from the Pokemon Presents video presentation. Why? Because as the title suggests, Pokemon Snap is finally seeing a comeback!

Yep, we’re not making that up. After 21 long years, a sequel to Pokemon Snap has been finally been announced for the Nintendo Switch. Titled New Pokemon Snap, it retains the gameplay and mechanics of the original in a beautiful new world, complete with all manner of Pokemon from the later generations.

Here’s a trailer showing it in action:

YouTube player

As well as some screenshots illustrating more of the game:

It’s a damn pretty looking game too, and one that arguably looks even better on a technical level than the generation 8 games themselves.

So kudos to the new devs at Bandai Namco for that one. You’ve certainly done well when it comes to updating the feel of the N64 classic to the HD era, and struck the perfect balance between the new and the old with this sequel!

Regardless, check out the official site for the game here:

New Pokemon Snap Official Website

Then let us know what you think about the game in the comments below, on the Gaming Latest forums or on our new Discord server today!


Photograph Pokémon while exploring beautiful islands in New Pokémon Snap! (YouTube)

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