New App Turns Your Smartphone into a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

New App Turns Your Smartphone into a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

Do you have problems with Joy-Con drift on your Nintendo Switch? Feel like you need a new Joy-Con, but haven’t found any shops willing to sell you one cause of the coronavirus? Have a party going on later, but need a few extras for some late night Mario Kart or Smash Bros multiplayer games?

Well if you have an Android phone, you may be in luck. That’s because a new fan made app called Joy-Con Droid turns your phone into an unofficial Switch Joy-Con, with all the buttons and functionality that implies.

Here’s a video showing it in action:

Using an Android phone as a JoyCon from r/NintendoSwitch

As well as a link to the Play Store page where you can download it for yourself:

Joy-Con Droid Play Store Page

As you can see, it works surprisingly well all things considered. The player in the video could do everything he needed to in Breath of the Wild, and there wasn’t any obvious input lag we could spot here.

It also seems to support everything a Switch player could want too. The app can be paired with the console like a normal Joy-Con, handle gyro controls in games by mimicking the accelerometer and gyroscope and even let you remap the controls to your own liking too. That’s pretty cool really, especially for a random fan project like this.

So while it won’t ever replace the official controllers for most people, it’ll provide a neat enough stopgap nonetheless.

Check it out if you’re interested. It might be just what you need in this challenging time.


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