Microsoft reveals Xbox Series X which is already in trouble

Microsoft reveals Xbox Series X which is already in trouble


The new fourth generation console for Microsoft

At the 2019 Video Game Awards show, Microsoft decided to use the stage to finally reveal Xbox Scarlett to the world, which they have dubbed their next generation console the Xbox Series X.

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Errr what? Truly Microsoft isn’t naming their next console the Xbox Series X which I guess can be abbreviated to Xbox SX. Call me crazy, but this has a lot of similar issues to what Nintendo did with the Wii U, the successor to the Wii which mainly is the differentiating name! Sure, the Series in the title helps a bit but it doesn’t really give it that name that will help shopping consumers pick out the newest and greatest in the Xbox line series. Loyal Xbox fans and hardcore gamers will know the difference, but the everyday consumer, those who just pay for the newest tech for their children or anyone will be left confused, torment retail game employees who already have my condolences and sadly Microsoft may learn the hardware of poor name scheme. Given the Series in the title though, it could be a rapid name change much like they did with the Xbox One series, but Microsoft isn’t doing enough to help those to get the right console and avoid headaches. Hopefully they don’t feel the pain of the Wii U and have to terminate the Xbox Series X early due to bad name.

After the reveal, head of Xbox Gaming Phil Spencer did detail a lot more on the console along with a new controller that will include a share button. Though no release date or price was given, it sounds like the Xbox Series X will collide with the Sony PlayStation 5 coming holiday 2020.


So what do you think? Will this out beat the PS5? Will it crash and burn like the Wii U? Let us know below or on the Gaming Latest Forums.


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