Mario Kart Tour is Launching September 25th

Mario Kart Tour is Launching September 25th

With the game launching on iOS and Android devices on that date, with pre-registration having just opened earlier today. Here’s Nintendo’s announcement about it on Twitter:

As well as the latest trailer for the title they posted online:

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Interestingly, it seems a few new characters, karts and tracks were added since the beta test leaks too. These include tracks based on places like New York City and Tokyo, returning characters from past games like Diddy Kong, Bowser Jr and Lakitu as well as karts and costumes based on Super Mario Odyssety. Like say, a taxi as a kart. Or Mario in his musician outfit as a playable character.

So check out the videos and tweets posted above, then tell us what you think of the game in the comments below!


Mario Kart Release Date Announcement (via Official Mario Kart Tour Twitter Account)

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