Luigi’s Mansion 3: New Screenshots and Footage

Luigi’s Mansion 3: New Screenshots and Footage

Earlier today, Nintendo launched the official website for Luigi’s Mansion 3. Filled with new information on the game and a whole host of screenshots and artwork, this site brings us loads of interesting details about the title and everything it contains.

These include the identity of the Last Resort’s owner and her mysterious schemings, pictures and video footage showing even more of the floors we already know about, and even some video clips of a brand new boss ghost never seen before.

So today, we’re gonna have a look at it, and break down everything new there is to know on this intriguing website!

Starting with the new video footage, which we’ve thankfully assembled into a single video. Here it is:

YouTube player

As you can see, it’s got some interesting clips in there. Okay, the ScareScraper and ScreamPark bits aren’t too exciting, but the parts showing the main hotel do have a few neat little additions to check out.

Most notably, what appears to be one of the new character ghosts found in the game. This one is based on a chef, and battled in what is presumably the Last Resort’s kitchen:

Chef Boss

The chef ghost, who we later find out is the boss of the Last Resort’s restaurant area

And that’s not all we get to see of him either. No, we get a glimpse of his attack pattern and boss battle too, with him appearing to use a frying pan to defend himself and (presumably) smack Luigi with. This is quickly knocked out of his hand by the player using a pumpkin shot by the player, with a second fruit then used to knock out the ghost and make him available to capture with the Poltergust.

So that’s our next character ghost, and means the current list of unique ghosts stands at:

  1. Bellhop/Receptionist (fought in the basement/B2)
  2. King Boo (encountered on the fifth floor, and probably also roof)
  3. King McFright (battled in the castle like sixth floor)
  4. Dr Potter (guards the seventh floor)
  5. Morty (who you don’t battle, and who’s found on the eighth floor)
  6. Shark Pirate (Spectral Catch boss, thirteenth floor)
  7. Disc Jockey (Dance Hall boss, found on the fourteenth floor)
  8. Policeman/Security Guard
  9. Evil Chef
  10. Strange ghost lady, who’s apparently the secondary villain of the game

Interestingly, many of the other scenes in the trailer also seem to focus on the more hotel esque areas of the Last Resort. For instance, the first one has Luigi breaking open doors in a luxurious hotel corridor, before encountering a ghost in a toilet cubicle:

Ghost in Toilet

Previously in Luigi’s Mansion, we saw a ghost on the toilet. Time to go one step further.

Whereas other scenes include Luigi using that jump attack to bypass a rolling carpet and using his Darklight to reveal a telephone next to the hotel toilets:

Corridor Phone

We’re gonna hazard a guess that the toilet scene above took place near this location

It makes us wonder how much of the hotel will be themed, and how much of the hotel won’t be, especially given that the trailers and gameplay demos we’ve seen each seem to show off different aspects of the area. Are all floors themed in some way, or only a minority of them? And given that King Boo’s first battle is apparently held on the fifth floor and the map from the website shows the gimmicky floors near the top of the hotel, that also makes us wonder whether the more ‘normal’ parts of the building are seen as the easier sections to traverse.

After all, that’d explain why this chef boss and the bellhop shown in earlier videos seem so much easier to defeat than King McFright or Dr Potter.

Regardless, the trailer also seems to add a bit of focus to other parts of the game too. Like the normal ghosts found in it.

Three of which get compared to each other in the video. These include an orange ghost that seems to act like the Hiders in Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon, the standard blue ghost seen in most trailers, and the purple ghost from the Garden Suites playthrough, which actually tries to escape the poltergust at the last second in the most pathetic way possible:

Orange Ghost Captured

This guy looks like a Hider crossed with Scooby Doo’s Phantom Virus

Ghost Attempts Escape

The purple ghost trying to escape the Poltergust is an amusing sight

They’re okay, but something about them kinda feels lacking compared to the earlier games. Like, that the variety is still a tad low here.

And it makes us wonder whether it’s really just because of how much ‘bigger’ Luigi’s Mansion 3 is as a game. Because when you think about it a moment, the original game didn’t have that much variety itself. It had about seven or eight normal ghosts you saw all the time, a few weak random monsters like bats and mice you encountered in the corridors, Boos and the [number] portrait ghosts. Most areas had you face the same ghosts over and over.

In theory Luigi’s Mansion 3 is much better there, since the normal ghost variety is at 7 normal ghosts, plus minor/mega versions as well as various others we haven’t seen. As well as the Boos and portrait ghosts.

Yet it doesn’t feel that way, and we suspect it’s probably the size of the building that’s to blame. The mansion was fairly small all things considered, and you’d never go far between portrait ghost battles while playing. So variety was always around the corner there.

On the other hand, the Last Resort is absolutely massive, and each ‘floor’ has about 20 rooms in it. That means you have to play for far longer to reach the next ‘boss ghost’, and the enemy variety doesn’t quite fill out the rooms in between enough to compensate.

Either way, enough rambling, the video’s over now. Onto the rest of the website.

Where we get a few more glimpses of the game’s storyline. For instance, that female ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ esque ghost we got artwork for back at E3 is actually the main villain of the game, and the one who freed King Boo to begin with.

This is indicated by her being shown alongside King Boo on the top floor of the hotel on the map, as well as recent Famitsu scans posted online (which apparently give her name as ‘Paudanesu Kona’).

Luigis Mansion 3 Scan

And the official website adds a few tantalising details there too. For instance, she’s apparently the owner of the hotel, and the person who invited Luigi and friends to the Last Resort to begin with.

Additionally, she’s also described as someone who’s purpose and identity are encapsulated in mystery too, implying that there’s more to her character than initially meets the eye. Why is this ghost trying to trap Luigi and friends despite having seemingly never met them before or been affected by their actions?

There’s something going on here, and it’s likely the main story of the game is partly dedicated to figuring out just what that is.

Either way, that’s hardly all this part of the site shows. It also shows the restaurant area of the hotel too, where our evil chef ghost friend seems to be the boss:

Ever wondered where this place from the trailers was? It’s from the restaurant area apparently

Ghosts eating in the restaurant

And this is the scene where Luigi gets ganged up on by ghosts in the restaurant

Fighting the chef

Which all ends with a battle against the chef shown earlier

As well as the reception:

Luigi at the counter

Looks like this place was left in a hurry

Another reception battle

You apparently battle your first ghosts in the hotel reception

Plus the basement area where we fight the bellhop ghost boss (who’s named by the site as ‘Gatley’):

The garage basement

The basement garage, complete with red car

E Gadd's Lab entrance

The entrance to E Gadd’s Lab in the basement

Luigi vs bellhop ghost

Luigi fights the bellhop ghost in the basement. Not sure why he’s fought here rather than in the reception area though…

These two seem to be two of the first floors we visit in game, and these pictures give a little more of indication of what they’re about.

Yet the screenshots don’t stop there. No, there are quite a few neat ones here, many of which give more glimpses at previously seen areas like the Tomb Suites, Castle McFright and the Spectral Catch. Have a look:

Tomb Suites Puzzle

Wonder how that wall painting factors into this puzzle?

A mummy approaches

Isn’t it interesting how Simon’s Smash Bros Ultimate trailer also had Luigi facing mummies?

Spectral Catch Room

Probably the most normal room in the Spectral Catch area

Spectral Catch Cave

A gigantic skull shaped cave in the Spectral Catch area. How does the budget cover this?

Spectral Catch Dock

The ship docking area in the Spectral Catch. Apparently there’s a whole ocean on this floor

Castle McFright Spikes

This place looks like an insurance nightmare.

Castle McFright Axe

As does this one. Watch out for the swinging axe Luigi!

The main dance hall

The main dance hall in the floor of the same name. The disc jockey in the background seems to be the boss

Luigi gets elevator button in Dance Hall

Luigi beats the Dance Hall boss and gets the elevator/lift key

Dance Hall 2

Another room in the Dance Hall.

Dance Hall 3

A puzzle in the Dance Hall where you need to spin the turntables to open a door

There’s not a lot that’s too ‘exciting’ as far as ghosts or characters are concerned, but there are definitely rooms we haven’t been shown in the demos included there none the less.

We also get a few others in pages about Gooigi’s abilities too. Like this one, indicating E Gadd runs some sort of training area at the start of the game:

E Gadd Training Area

Either E Gadd is training the player how to use Gooigi, or he wants Luigi dead. You decide which one to believe

Or these ones, showing Gooigi collecting the lift button in reception. Hmm, wonder if this implies there’s no boss here?

Regardless, those are all the new details we found there. Onto some new artwork now!

As well as one last zoom in of the Last Resort itself:

So yeah, that’s everything from the Luigi’s Mansion 3 website, including tons of new footage, official artwork and screenshots. Hopefully it’s got you even more excited for the title when it launches this Halloween.

And hopefully it’s also given you a lot to say about the game in the comments below and on the Gaming Latest forums too! So head over there, and tell us your thoughts on Luigi’s Mansion 3 so far!

Thanks for reading!


Luigi’s Mansion 3 Official Site (Japanese)

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