Luigi’s Mansion 3 Has Now Been Leaked Online

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Has Now Been Leaked Online

For good or bad, it’s been a trend for Nintendo games to get leaked online prior to their release. It happens to Pokemon, with almost every generation’s games being leaked and datamined weeks in advance. It happens to Mario and Zelda, with most major instalments in those franchises hitting the internet long before their intended release.

And now it’s happened to Luigi’s Mansion 3 too. Just like his brother’s Odyssey, Luigi’s upcoming ghostly adventure has also seen its ROM posted online in advance. This means that now spoilers for the game are now everyone on YouTube and Twitch, YouTubers and streamers looking for their ten minutes of fan are trying to blast through it as quickly as possible, and the entire soundtrack can now be found online. Including the final boss theme, ending theme and all necessary cutscenes.

Here’s the GBAtemp post proving it:

Luigi's Mansion 3 Leak Image (via GBAtemp)

As well as a quick screenshot of the leaked game to prove it:

Basement 2 Screenshot

Don’t worry, we deliberately chose this one to avoid showing any new ghosts or content

The Last Resort certainly has some interesting secrets hidden on its later floors!

But we’ll save those for a later post. For now, just be warned okay? The game’s ROM and soundtrack is out, and spoilers are gonna be everywhere very soon (if they aren’t already).

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


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