Let’s Look at… Paper Mario: The Origami King Leaks!

Let’s Look at… Paper Mario: The Origami King Leaks!

Earlier this week, Paper Mario: The Origami King leaked online. Presumably thanks to either shops selling the game early or a reviewer dumping the ROM for the game online, the ROM ended up available all over the internet, with info about the game being shared left, right and centre as a result.

And this information included a lot more than you’d have imagined. From boss identities to locations, music to villain motivations, all and sundry was made available on the internet, complete with all the heated discussions and commentary you could ever imagine.

So in this artice, we’re gonna looking at all of it, and see just what wonders are in store for anyone who plays Paper Mario: The Origami King!

Though perhaps wonders aren’t the best descriptor here.

Since Paper Mario: The Origami King isn’t anywhere near as lighthearted as the ads make it out to be. Oh no, the game is downright horrifying in places, and it’s content verges more on a Mario horror game than Yoshi’s Crafted World.

It’s seriously shocking stuff in places, and the kind that fans would have been downright horrified by had it appeared in any of the earlier Paper Mario games or the Mario & Luigi series. From horrifying deaths to creepy shadow monsters, deranged villains to attempted genocide, the game feels like something out of a creepypasta at times, with all the shock moments you’d expect out of such a thing.

So it’s time to see it all for ourselves! If you’re not ready for spoilers, turn back now!


As expected, there are a variety of bosses in the game. Six are based on stationery and called the Legion of Stationery, 4 are giant elemental gods called Vellumentals, and a few others are just… miscellaneous opponents you encounter on your journey. Let’s look at it.


  • Earth Vellumental: A giant turtle that attacks with the power of earth. You’ll need to flip it over to do serious damage, since its hard shell blocks most normal attacks.
  • Fire Vellumental: A fiery phoenix that harnesses the power of fire.
  • Water Vellumental: As expected, a watery dragon that uses the power of water to take down its foes
  • Ice Vellumental: An icy polar bear that utilises its cold inducing powers against its enemies. You’ll need to break its ice to do damage, since your jump attacks slip right off it in that form.

Legion of Stationery

  1. Coloured Pencils, The Missile Maestro – A military style rocket specialist that floods the arena with pencil missiles. Closing its lid will cause its attacks to fail, knocking it out in the process.
  2. Rubber Band, The Elastic Entertainer – That mummy like creature made of rubber bands seen in trailers. While it’s initial attacks aren’t too bad, its final ones do way more damage than anything before it…
  3. Hole Punch, The Disco Devil – A hole punch that tore out the faces of a city’s Toad population, then took out the sun to create a never ending disco. If he hits Mario, his face will be torn out, causing his max HP to drop in half until he gets it back.
  4. Tape, the Shifty Sticker – A roll of tape, that acts/speaks like a mafia boss. After breaking his holder, he’ll stick the rings of the arena together, limiting what you can do to rearrange them.
  5. Scissors, the Dual Bladed Duelist – As you’d expect, he’s a pair of scissors that tries to slice up everything (and everyone) in his way. Also perhaps the most sadistic and dangerous boss in the entire game, since he not only uses the bodies of his victims to create a mini boss for Mario to face, but also has the ability to one hit kill Mario by slicing him in half.
  6. Stapler, the Two Fanged Fastener – Finally, there’s a stapler that acts like a guard dog for King Olly. He doesn’t say much, but his attacks can pin Mario to the ground, giving him to get multiple turns in a row against our plucky plumber.
  7. Miscellaneous


    This creature is pure nightmare fuel

    1. Paper Mistake Buzzy Beetle – A horrifying monstrosity made from the faces and bodies of Koopa Troop enemies mutilated by the Scissors. Can also send floating Dry Bones skulls after Mario in the same way as Gleeock in the original Legend of Zelda.
    2. Handaconda – A giant hand/arm that acts like a snake, and that you fight in Bowser’s Castle. Is initially responsible for abducting Kamek and Olivia, and eventually gets battled in the manner of a Rock, Paper, Scissors game.

    King Olly

    • Phase 1– In phase 1, King Olly transforms into two of the Vellumentals you fought earlier in the game, and you need to use their corresponding weakness to take them down. So you’d need to say, use the Ice Vellumental against the Earth one, or the Earth one against the Water one.
    • Phase 2 – Next, King Olly becomes a giant Bowser like monster. Fortunately, the real Bowser is also transformed into a giant too, and you’ll need to help him defeat Olly by pounding the ground and knocking Olly back off the platform.
    • Phase 3 – Finallly, King Olly becomes a giant (in much the same way as Bowser in Sticker Star), and you need to rearrange a giant Magic Circle to set up the special hammer ability needed to take him down. In between this, you’ll need to quickly and accurately dodge terrifying origami attacks with Quick Time Events.

    New Enemies

    While most enemies in this game are returnees from past Mario games, there are a few new ones included nonetheless. Most notably, the two Cutout Soldier enemies. These are shadowy humanoid silhouettes you fight in Bowser’s Castle, which seems to minions of the Handaconda boss mentioned above.

    Big Cutout Soldier

    These look a lot like those shadowy figures from Mario Galaxy 2…

    There’s not much to say about them attack pattern wise, but they’re an interesting inclusion, and one which reminds us of the days when new enemy species were a regular thing in the Paper Mario series.


    Regardless, let’s talk partners now. As shown in various previews and trailers for the game, Mario gets help from different partner characters throughout the game, which follow him around and help in battle. Here’s a list of them:

    1. Olivia – Your main partner, and the only one who helps throughout the entire game. Doesn’t directly fight in battle, but can transform into Vellumentals there to help with powerful attacks, and can give hints in both battles and on the overworld.
    2. Bobby – A fuseless Bob-omb that helps Mario early on. He fights him battle by slamming into his foes.
    3. Professor Toad – A Toad professor of ancient history that explores the desert with Mario. Can dig up items in the overword, and will attack by throwing coins at enemies.
    4. Captain T Ode – The legendary captain of the Marino. Doesn’t fight in battle, but helps steer your boat across the Great Sea.
    5. Spike – A Spike that joins you as a partner at one point. Uses spike balls to attack
    6. Bone Goomba – A Bone Goomba that joins you. Uses an old Paper Mario style headbonk attack in battle.
    7. Kamek – Bowser’s right hand man, and one of your partners in Shangri-Spa. As expected, uses magic in battle.
    8. Bowser Jr – Bowser’s son, and another partner in Shangri-Spa. Doesn’t fight early on, but apparently fights in battle with a tantrum after you restore colour to him later in the game.
    9. Bowser – The proud King of the Koopas, who backs up you in King Olly’s Castle. His fire breath attacks are some of the most powerful in the game.

    You also join forces with Luigi, but only in Toad Town and Peach’s Castle, and he never gets into a battle as far as I know.

    However, these partners will generally not join you in boss battles (either due to cowardice or being ‘indisposed’ due to the actions of said boss), nor will they leave the main area they’re found in. If you do leave, they’ll wait at the entrance/whatever pipe you use as a shortcut until you return.


    Meanwhile, here are all the interesting items from the game.


    Note that all of these except your standard boots and hammer have durability, and will break when used too much.

    • Boots – Standard boots. Great for jumping on basic enemies.
      • Shiny Boots – Stronger than Iron Boots, but can’t stomp spiked enemies.
      • Flashy Boots – Stronger than Shiny Boots, but can’t stomp spiked enemies.
      • Legendary Boots – The strongest boots of all. Still cannot stomp spiked enemies.
      • Gold Boots – Wear these to stomp a few coins out of your enemies!
    • Hammer – A classic. Mario’s trusty hammer, great for hitting basic foes.
      • Shiny Hammer – Stronger and shinier than your regular, everyday hammer.
      • Flashy Hammer – An extremely strong and fancy hammer. Deals big damage!
      • Legendary Hammer – The strongest and fanciest hammer in the game.
      • Gold Hammer – Use this to knock coins out of your enemies’ pockets.
    • Iron Boots – Stronger than regular boots—and they can stomp spiked enemies!
      • Shiny Iron Boots – Stronger and shinier than your regular Iron Boots.
      • Flashy Iron Boots – Stronger and fancier than regular Iron Boots. They can deal huge damage!
      • Legendary Iron Boots – The strongest type of Iron Boots. Crush your spiked foes!
    • Hurlhammer – A hammer that you can throw for long- range attacks.
      • Shiny Hurlhammer – A stronger option for long-range hammer attacks.
    • Fire Hammer – A hammer that blazes with flames when whacking an enemy.
    • Ice Hammer – A hammer that crackles with ice when whacking foes.

    Other Items

    • Mushroom – A useful item that can restore Mario’s health anytime.
      • Shiny Mushroom – A shiny Mushroom that restores even more health.
      • Flashy Mushroom – A dazzling Mushroom that restores a huge amount of health.
    • Fire Flower – Use this to throw fireballs at enemies in a straight line.
      • Shiny Fire Flower – Throws stronger fireballs at enemies in a straight line.
    • Ice Flower – Use this to throw ice balls at enemies in a straight line.
      • Shiny Ice Flower – Throws stronger ice balls at enemies in a straight line.
    • Tail – Equip this to spin and flick your tail at nearby enemies.
      • Shiny Tail – A stronger Tail attack good for stronger enemies.
    • POW Block – Shakes the ground, dealing damage to all enemies.
    • 1-Up Mushroom – Automatically revives Mario if he falls in a battle.
    • Hidden Block Unhider – Helps you find nearby hidden blocks.
    • Toad Radar – Helps you find nearby Toads in trouble.
    • Lamination Suit – Put this on to make yourself harder for enemies to see!
    • Boot Whistle – Summons your trusty Boot Car Type B when you’re in the desert.


    These are equippable, not used in individual battles. Regardless, here’s the list:

    • Heart Plus – Raises your HP a little bit during battle.
    • Silver Heart Plus – Raises your HP a lot during battle.
    • Gold Heart Plus – Raises your HP a ton during battle.
    • Guard Plus – Reduces the amount of damage you take in battle a little bit.
    • Silver Guard Plus – Reduces the amount of damage you take in battle by a lot.
    • Gold Guard Plus – Reduces the amount of damage you take in battle by a ton.
    • Time Plus – Gives you extra time to arrange enemies once battle starts.
    • Silver Time Plus – Gives you even more time to arrange enemies in battle.
    • Gold Time Plus – Gives you a ton of extra time to arrange enemies in battle.
    • Toad Alert – Makes a sound when a Toad near you is in trouble.
    • Treasure Alert – Makes a sound when a chest or Collectible Treasure is nearby.
    • Hidden Block Alert – Makes a sound when you’re near a hidden block.
    • Membership Card – Gives you a 20% discount on weapons and items in shops.
    • Silver Membership Card – Gives you a 30% discount on weapons and items in shops.
    • Gold Membership Card – Gives you a 50% discount on weapons and items in shops.
    • Confetti Vacuum – Allows you to pick up confetti from farther away.
    • Ally Tambourine – Raises attack power for all of your allies for a little bit.
    • Coin Step Counter – Walk 10,000 steps to win a prize!
    • Petal Bag – Turns your confetti into cherry blossom petals.
    • Retro Soundbox – Changes hammering, jumping, and walking sounds for Mario.


    We also have a list of all the game’s locations. Brace yourselves people, this is going to be quite a long one…

    (Thanks to MondoMega from ResetEra for compiling it)


    No enemies, bosses or similar mechanics in this prologue. Just a trek to Peach’s Castle, then various scenes with Origami Peach and King Olly.

    Peach’s Castle

    Chapter 1 (Red Streamer)

    Area 1

    Coloured Pencils is the boss, with the Earth Vellumental as a mini boss. A Paper Macho Goomba is also fought early on.

    • Whispering Woods
      • Sweet Sap Loggins
      • Toad’s BBQ Foodeatery

    • Toad Town
      • Toad Town Port
      • Musée Champignon
      • Battle Lab
    • Graffiti Underground
    • Picnic Road
      • Earth Vellumental Temple
    • Overlook Mountain
      • Overlook Tower

    Chapter 2 (Blue Streamer)

    Area 2

    Rubber Band is the boss here, and the Water Vellumental is a mini boss.

    • Autumn Mountain
      • Chestnut Valley
      • Water Vellumental Shrine
      • Eddy River
    • Shogun Studios
      • Tranquil Pipes Teahouse
      • Ninja Attraction
      • Shuriken Dojo
      • Big Sho’ Theater

    Chapter 3 (Purple Streamer)

    Area 3

    Hole Punch is the boss here, fought in the Temple of Shrooms. A Paper Macho Pokey is a mini boss, as is the Fire Vellumental.

      Sweetpaper Valley
    • Breezy Tunnel
    • Scorching Sandpaper Desert
      • Scorching Sandpaper Minor
      • Scorching Sandpaper West
      • Scorching Sandpaper East
      • Scorching Sandpaper Far West
      • Scorching Sandpaper Far East
    • Snif City
      • Snif City Royal Hotel
    • Fire Vellumental Cave
    • Temple of Shrooms

    Chapter 4 (Purple Streamer)

    Area 4

    The boss here is Tape, and you encounter Paper Macho Gooper Blooper and the Ice Vellumental as mini bosses.

    • The Princess Peach
    • The Great Sea
      • Bonehead Island
      • Mushroom Island
      • Crescent Moon Island
      • Full Moon Island
      • Hammer Island
      • Club Island
      • Heart Island
      • Spade Island
      • ? Island
      • Scuffle Island
        • Origami Workshop
      • Diamond Island
        • Ice Vellumental Mountain
        • Hall of Trials
      • Sea Tower

      Chapter 5 (Green Streamer)

      Area 5

      Scissors is the boss here, with Boss Sumo Bro, the Handaconda and the Paper Mistake Buzzy Beetle as mini bosses.

      • Shangri-Spa
        • Spring of Purification
        • Spring of Jungle Mist
      • Shy Guys Finish Last
      • Bowser’s Castle
      • Bowser’s Airship

      Chapter 6 (Origami Castle)

      Finally, this is the last area, where you fight the Stapler and King Olly.

      • Hotfoot Crater
      • Origami Castle
        • King Olly’s Throne Room

        Interesting (and Shocking) Story Moments

        Never the less, enough with the lists for a bit. Let’s look at some interesting story reveals, that may entirely change the way you look at the game.


        Not afraid of spoilers?

        If so, keep reading. If not, leave now. You have be warned.

        First, partner circumstances. As you may have heard online, Bobby doesn’t make it through this adventure in one piece. Quite literally too, he ends up blowing himself up to save Olivia from a boulder tossed at her by King Olly. Given his ghost ends up appearing to Mario later in the adventure, we can now confirm this is the first ever example of a ‘standard’ partner dying in the Paper Mario series.

        Of course, horrible circumstances and fates aren’t exactly rare for this game. As you know, Bowser gets folded up into a floor sign for about 90% of the game, and Bowser Jr doesn’t fare much better.

        But the latter’s situation is worse than it appears. Why? Because not only does it turn out he’s been folded up, but it turns out he’s like that because the Scissors boss literally sliced him to pieces.

        All Cut Up

        And he doesn’t get out of things much better late on either; late in the game both him and Kamek end up sacrificing themselves to stop an army of Folded Soldiers. They don’t die, but they sure do seemingly get overwhelmed and appear dead nonetheless.

        Meanwhile Captain T Ode spends a few hundred years frozen in ice before the party saves him. Apparently he’s from an ancient civilisation, which may or may not be the universe from the original two-three games.

        Then there’s King Olly. Oh god this guy is a nutcase.

        First he turns on his own creator and seals him away, then seals away his own sister (apparently after trying to get the Stapler to kill her) when she doesn’t go along with his world domination plans after being created. He then takes over the kingdom, sends his lieutenants (converted stationery used by his ex master) to do things like cut out the sun or bombard towns with missiles, tries to kill the party a few more times (which resulting in Bobby’s heroic sacrifice), merges Peach’s body into the back wall of his throne room, then attempts genocide against the Toads because he hates all of them.

        He’s a rather horrifying antagonist for a game like this one, and a threat that’s surprisingly creepy all things considered. Honestly, he reminds me of Dimentio from Super Paper Mario, except as the upfront main antagonist rather than the man behind the man.

        His lines are amazing too. Like, he basically represents every classic Paper Mario fan in the world in his pre battle speech:

        Seen One Toad Seen ThemAll

        He’s really not a fan of Sticker Star or Color Splash

        Into Pieces Of Blank Paper

        Yeah, he’s definitely an old school Paper Mario fan

        And acts like a better Game Freak CEO than any of the real ones in this speech:

        Too Easy

        Implement Changes

        How difficulty in video games should work

        Definitely one of the highlights of the game.


        We’ve also seen a few people post the soundtrack online too, and as expected, it’s amazing.

        The theme for the final dungeon (Origami Castle) is just incredible. Like, what an awesome final level theme:

        YouTube player

        While the final boss theme is good in itself. The following video only has phase 1, but all three phases have amazing music all the same:

        YouTube player

        Concept Art

        Finally, all of the game’s museum artwork was datamined from the game too. We’re not going post all of it, but here are some of the highlights:

        Which as you may have noticed, all represent things included in the final game. Yeah, it’s no Color Splash this one. There are basically no unused designs to speak of here, and it’s clear Nintendo used all their best ideas in the final game.

        So yeah, that’s all the information we have about Paper Mario: The Origami King. Thanks to tahtnipu for doing a playthrough of the entire game so quickly, to Nikki and all others on Twitter for datamining the game in general, and for folks like Noah Mamet for posting the music on their YouTube channels.

        And thanks to Nintendo for making the game, even if your marketing strategy was questionable and made a somewhat serious game look like a complete joke. If you wanted to make a last hurrah for the Sticker Star lineage of games before changing the series formula once more, this is pretty mucb the best you could possibly do.

        Still, what did you think about the leaks? Were you happy to see them? What interesting areas and bosses can’t you wait to see when the game launches this Thursday?

        Tell us your thoughts in the comments below, or on our new Discord server today!


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