Let’s Liveblog… Today’s Nintendo Direct!

Let’s Liveblog… Today’s Nintendo Direct!

Well, it’s finally here. After months of rumours and speculation, Nintendo have finally announced a new Nintendo Direct is coming today at 3pm. Here’s the tweet from the company themselves confirming it:

As you can see, it’s a fairly low key one this time around. It’s going to cover mostly announced games, and those games are likely only from Nintendo’s partners rather than Nintendo themselves, indicating it’ll be mostly second and third party deals rather than Nintendo’s own system sellers.

What’s more, given the Japanese tweet about the Direct implies it’ll only be around 10 minutes long, it’s likely said presentations won’t be too detailed either. So less lengthy 2017 Switch Presentation esque deals, more short 2-3 minute ones.

Still, now it’s here, let’s look at it shall we? We’ll embed the presentation here when it’s finally available online (since it’s not being streamed live):

YouTube player

And we’ll post a liveblog in this article too. Interested? If so, it’s time to watch that Direct!


Nintendo UK’s Nintendo Direct Announcement (Twitter)

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