Epic Game Store has an epic year

Epic Game Store has an epic year

It’s been about a year now since the Steam ball busting competitor, Epic Game Store has launched. When it did the internet cried angrily and did not like it, now a year later did that anger and hate truly pan out or was it just a small pool of people? Well the info graph below shows there is more love than hate.

As outlined, Epic Game Store gain over 100 million customers, all of them spending more than 600 million dollars in the store and as a feature of the store, 73 free games were given away and so many game developers flock to the Epic store due to the fact they get more money back. There is issue of many of the planned games being on Steam only coming out on Epic Game store, but it just shows money can buy anything and get people to join its service.


Are you a proud or shameful fan of the Epic Game Store? Let us know below or on Gaming Latest forums.

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