A New Brain Age Game Has Been Revealed for the Nintendo Switch

A New Brain Age Game Has Been Revealed for the Nintendo Switch

Named Brain Age: Nintendo Switch Training in Japan, the title is due to be released on December 27th this year, and brings the stylings and mechanics of the DS and 3DS titles over to Switch. Here are some trailers showing it in action:

YouTube player
YouTube player

As you can tell, it’s about what you’d expect such a game to be. The standard counting, maths and lateral thinking mini games return, Dr. Kawashima returns to comment on your progress and the base controls are identical to those seen before.

However, there are still a few neat additions and quality of life changes none the less. For instance, the IR sensor/camera is integrated in a big way for this title, with players being able to hold their fingers up in front of the screen to play counting games or rock, paper, scissors. There’s also a bit more of a competitive side too, with multiplayer games and online leaderboards being included as well.

So if you’re interested in, check out the videos shown above:

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