A Game Changing New Breath of the Wild Glitch One Shots Ganon, Any Boss in the Game

A Game Changing New Breath of the Wild Glitch One Shots Ganon, Any Boss in the Game

It’s been a while since we posted about Breath of the Wild glitches here on Gaming Reinvented. Indeed, with the likes of Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Super Smash Bros Ultimate taking up our time, we’ve generally moved away from the game in the last few weeks or so, and our coverage has shifted accordingly.

But we’re returning to it today, since a rather game breaking new discovery has been found in the game. In fact, it’s such a game breaker that it actually lets you defeat the final boss in one hit!

So how does it work? What sort of absurdity lets Link one shot Calamity Ganon in the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild?

Well, damage during cutscenes of course! Since for whatever reason, Nintendo made a fatal mistake when programming in boss hitboxes in this game. Namely, they forgot to stop characters taking damage during cutscenes!

Which in turn means that by shooting an Ancient Arrow at just the right spot before the Calamity Ganon cutscene in the Sanctum, it’ll continuously hurt Ganon while Link’s watching the cinematic. This means a battle that’s supposed to take half an hour or more can now be won in seconds, without any real skill or preparation.

And it doesn’t just stop with Ganon either. No, as you may expect, this trick works for ANY boss in the game. The Blights fought in Divine Beasts or the Sanctum, Divine Beasts themselves, Master Kohga… in theory, anything you can attack before triggering could be damaged or defeated before the battle even begins.

Hell, it may not even be limited to enemies either. No, as one poor soul on Discord found out, Link himself can potentially get affected by this bug, with that one Bomb Arrow he accidentally got hit by taking out his entire health bar + Mipha’s Grace + fairies in seconds. So it’s a huge discovery, and one that can change the entire way the game is played.

So check out our video showing it taking out Ganon below:

YouTube player

Plus another one showing it ripping through Windblight Ganon like it’s made of paper:

Then tell us your thoughts on the glitch and its speedrunning applications in the comments below!

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