Super Mario 3D Land up for awards; wins some already!

Yes, it’s up for the video game BAFTAS in the UK for one thing.  Here are the relevant awards where 3DS games like Super Mario 3D Land have been nominated:

Best Design
Batman: Arkham City
L.A. Noire
LittleBigPlanet 2
Portal 2
Super Mario 3D Land
The Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim

Best Family Game
Dance Central 2
Kinect Sports 2
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean
LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars
LittleBigPlanet 2
Mario Kart 7

Mobile & Handheld
Dead Space iOS
Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint
Super Mario 3D Land
The Nightjar

It’s not particularly much unfortunately, but hey, you should definitely vote Mario Kart 7 for best family game. And Super Mario 3D Land for best mobile game, although to be perfectly honest, Mario Kart 7 should have been the one nominated for that instead.  But that’s just my thoughts.

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Rhythm Thief and the Emperors Treasure; New Screenshots

Another game where it’s seemingly been a while since new screenshots have been released of it, we now have a few more showing the game. So if you were interested in this game before, keep reading to see some more images of the game that are brand new and quite difficult to find elsewhere!

Screenshot 1 shows more of the actual game.  And presumably whoever’s playing it as of this point is doing pretty well too, gathering a ‘perfect’ ranked combo.  Then again, it seems like their high score is the same, which implies that matching or beating your record is what gets you this ‘perfect’ ratings.

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Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland; A Ton of New Screenshots

Yes, it’s another game which seems to have dropped off everyone’s radar recently, but we now have an absolutely massive collection of new screenshots and images of it.  Looks like a decent RPG gameplay wise, but I’ll be honest, the graphics in it could really do with some work.

Still, here are the new screenshots:

So, anyone excited for this game based on the screenshots?  It’s probably not going to be as good as a traditional Dragon Quest game, but it at least looks okay.

Could Dillon’s Rolling Western be available in Europe next week?

Remember this game, the one that had a cowboy armadillo defend his home town in a mix of Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog and a shooting game, the one everything thinks could have its protagonist in the next Super Smash Bros?

Well, according to rumour, it could be available in Europe NEXT WEEK.  No joke, next week.

Yes, the game could be available next Thursday. If this is for real, this is awesome news, and you should definitely be excited for this Nintendo published eShop game!