Is a new Donkey Kong Country game being shown at E3 this year?

As in, a possible sequel to Donkey Kong Country Returns?  Because that seems to be one possibility as to the game a certain Eurogamer staff member is hinting to on Twitter, saying the internet will go bananas when its shown.

And for obvious reasons, what franchise does the word ‘bananas’ immediately bring to mind?  In the same way people have considered Aonuma’s Zelda swapnote message a hint to a ‘New Legend of Zelda’ game due to the capitalising of the New in the message, it seems to be commonly thought that the use of the word bananas was a deliberate reference to the mystery game.

If it is a Donkey Kong Country game, then you can expect it to be a really good one, the tweets suggest it’s an amazing game which will make a ton of people online extremely happy.  Maybe the return of Kremlings, animal buddies and other Kongs or something?  Because a new game shown with say, K Rool shown as the villain would definitely cause people online to freak out, would it not?

Here are the tweets in question:

And even if its not a Donkey Kong Country game, some of the ideas suggested would be impressive announcements.  Some say its Halo 4 or the next Unreal Engine, heck, I bet some people call Smash Bros or Call of Duty or Pokemon Grey.  Either way, that’s one awesome game reveal to look forward to soon.

What game do you think this Johnny Minkley is hinting at?

Mario Tennis Open Screenshots

Some more screenshots of Mario Tennis Open have been released by Nintendo recently, and here they are.

Oh, and for Mario fans who liked how well the spinoff games paid tribute to the Mario series in general and how many references to older games there were in them (Camelot’s Mario spinoffs were excellent in this respect), you won’t be disappointed in this game either.

First of all, we see this game’s Bowser themed court.  Got to love the Mechakoopas standing on the sidelines here, we don’t see enough of these guys in recent Mario games!

Another screenshot of Bowser’s court.  Is it me or does that look a lot like a Mecha Bowser statue in the background?  Then again, it could also be the castle, which would imply this court is suspended in mid air in front of his castle from Mario Kart Wii.

A court set in Princess Peach’s Castle.  Interestingly, this looks like the version of the castle from Mario and Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story, prior to when Fawful took over and changed the design.  Those windows, that floor and those steps look pretty much identical to something from that game.

Peach about to play Daisy in a match.   I still can’t figure out what that is behind Daisy, a cruise ship railing?

A match on a generic grass court.  Oh well.  Looks decent I suppose.

Finally, here’s the box art for Mario Tennis Open.  Which looks pretty good:

Mario Tennis Open looks a great game, and a fantastic revival of the type of Mario spinoffs that seemed to have died out after the Gamecube era.  Definitely seems like one for Mario fans to check out.

Fire Emblem Awakening; New Screenshots and Music!

Yes, music, here’s the theme from the trailer and official site:

But after you’re done listening to that, check out some of the fantastic screenshots and art pieces from the official website, which just launched yesterday.  There’s a lot of neat stuff here:

Character menu.  Probably customisation.

This seems to be from a cut scene.  Don’t get too attached to any characters though, since from what I recall anyone bar the main protagonist is dead for good when killed unless you’re playing on the easiest difficulty.

In a battle.  As you can probably guess, the bar shows the enemy’s health and the number how much damage you’re giving to them.  Not sure what the red cloud like effects are though.

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Etrian Oddysey IV Screenshots and Artwork

Well, you already probably saw the trailer yesterday at the Nintendo Direct event, but here are the first few screenshots and bits of art of the game.  It looks pretty nice too.

Is this in game?  Because if so, it looks really nice if I do say so myself.

A forest.  This is some very nice artwork, definitely a nice view.

A battle in the game.  The menu interface here looks nice, although to be perfectly honest the enemies really look a bit goofy for my tastes.  They’re still probably tough to defeat though.

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Is a Xenoblade sequel coming to the 3DS?

Because believe it or not, the developers Monolith Software are recruiting staff for development for a game which sounds awfully like a new action RPG.  They’re after effect designers to work on map and battle scenes and motion designers for character and monster movement.

Sounds a lot like it could possibly be a future Xenoblade sequel, does it not?  And would you buy such a game if it was to be released on the 3DS?

We’d just better hope we don’t need a 3DS version of Operation Rainfall to get it released in the US this time around…