Fire Emblem Awakening; New Screenshots and Music!

Yes, music, here’s the theme from the trailer and official site:

But after you’re done listening to that, check out some of the fantastic screenshots and art pieces from the official website, which just launched yesterday.  There’s a lot of neat stuff here:

Character menu.  Probably customisation.

This seems to be from a cut scene.  Don’t get too attached to any characters though, since from what I recall anyone bar the main protagonist is dead for good when killed unless you’re playing on the easiest difficulty.

In a battle.  As you can probably guess, the bar shows the enemy’s health and the number how much damage you’re giving to them.  Not sure what the red cloud like effects are though.

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Etrian Oddysey IV Screenshots and Artwork

Well, you already probably saw the trailer yesterday at the Nintendo Direct event, but here are the first few screenshots and bits of art of the game.  It looks pretty nice too.

Is this in game?  Because if so, it looks really nice if I do say so myself.

A forest.  This is some very nice artwork, definitely a nice view.

A battle in the game.  The menu interface here looks nice, although to be perfectly honest the enemies really look a bit goofy for my tastes.  They’re still probably tough to defeat though.

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Is a Xenoblade sequel coming to the 3DS?

Because believe it or not, the developers Monolith Software are recruiting staff for development for a game which sounds awfully like a new action RPG.  They’re after effect designers to work on map and battle scenes and motion designers for character and monster movement.

Sounds a lot like it could possibly be a future Xenoblade sequel, does it not?  And would you buy such a game if it was to be released on the 3DS?

We’d just better hope we don’t need a 3DS version of Operation Rainfall to get it released in the US this time around…


One Concern with Kid Icarus Uprising; How is the game going to be balanced?

Because let’s face it, Nintendo’s never been a company that’s been very good at balance in competitive games, and Mario Kart, Smash Bros and Pokemon have ended up so broken as to be nearly ridiculous. And with Kid Icarus Uprising seemingly aiming to be a Super Smash Bros level free for all fighting/shooting/online multiplayer focused game, I have to wonder how it’s going to avoid these two problems:

1. One weapon/item/character being so overpowered as to be near enough impossible to counter

With the hundreds of the possible weapon combinations due to being able to unlock different types, plus the many ways you can fuse them, I have to wonder how Nintendo plans to make sure no one combination is overpowered to the point of making all others redundant.

Pokemon fell straight into this problem (see Garchomp in Diamond and Peal, Wobbuffet in earlier gens and dream world abilities in Black and White), and Super Smash Bros Brawl’s tier list is well known (and what do you know, Meta Knight turned out to be so good he ended up in his own tier and banned from some tournaments).

I just really worry that we’ll see someone find some ‘best’ combination of weapons to fuse together and end up with everyone using the same stuff, limiting the variety of the game.  Like how in Mario Kart Wii, it ended up being more like ‘Funky Bowser Bike Wii’ given how little variety there was online.

2. The game falling prey to tons of glitches due to all the weird things the items can do

Anyone who’s played Mario Kart online or ever checked out Metroid Prime Hunters should know exactly what I mean by this.  Complicated games with a ton of content and game mechanics are practically impossible to thoroughly playtest prior to the game’s release, and all the titles mentioned have near enough been rendered unplayable due to glitch abuse.

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Kid Icarus Uprising Videos from Nintendo Direct plus other information

Well, there were enough of them that I think they deserved their own post to be honest, along with some analysis of the game’s various features.  First of all, here’s the original Japanese trailer/footage of the game:

Next, the English trailers.  Bizarrely, it seems Nintendo of Europe/America/whoever split the above footage in multiple videos, so we’ve got one with the interview, one about the weapons and one about the multiplayer:

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