Should a 3D Mario Platformer with Co-op be released on 3DS?

With the rise in the number of 2D platformers with a multiplayer option (New Super Mario Bros Wii, Donkey Kong Country Returns and Kirby’s Return to Dreamland being key examples), I personally think now would be a good time to revisit this idea.

First though, here’s a quick history lesson.  You see, Nintendo have been working on trying to implement multiplayer in the 3D Mario platformers for a rather long time.  Indeed, right back in the 90s there was a plan to make a ‘Super Mario 64 2’ on the 64DD, and that was supposed to feature multiple playable characters and at least two player co-op as well.  While no real screens seemed to surface of the game (Nintendo only mentioned the features planned when confirming the game was cancelled), this was what people imagined it would work like:

This April Fool's Day joke illustrates what people imagined Mario 64 2's co-op to be

They then tried again those years later in Super Mario 64 DS (remember it was called Super Mario 64 x 4 at one point after all).  Yet alas, while we got cool screens like the one showing all four playable heroes flying around with the wing cap at once, the game itself was a strictly single player affair outside of a boring, limited multiplayer mode.

Isn't this what Mario fans once dreamed of?

But since then, Nintendo has never even tried to bring co-op into the 3D Mario games (outside the 2nd person being able to move a cursor around in the Mario Galaxy series).  However, here’s why I think a 3D Mario platformer with such a feature should be released on the 3DS at some point in the future.

1. The 3DS is the first handheld with new 3D Mario games, and it avoids camera issues

The first point being what makes such a game feasible (Super Mario 3D Land was the first ‘new’ handheld 3D Mario game after all), the second being what makes it possible.

So why is the camera such a problem usually?  Well, let me explain.  In a platformer which has co-op multiplayer, or any such game with the feature in general, you need to be able to keep all players on screen at the same time.  In a 2D game, this usually works by having the camera generally follow the player in the lead (or player 1 if such a designation exists) while sort of zooming out the camera to show everyone up to a certain point.  Then, if you’re too far away you’re either killed or warped to the group/first player.  Think of how New Super Mario Bros Wii, Super Smash Bros Brawl’s Subspace Emissary or Donkey Kong Country Returns does it.

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Is Donkey Kong 3D on the way?

Because according to a certain member at a well known Donkey Kong discussion forum, EB Games is advertising such a game as available to pre order.

It’s not a faked photo either, the member who posted it, Scraps69, took the photograph of the game on the shelf himself at a recent visit to said store.  Here’s the picture in question (I hope the site doesn’t mind me using it, especially given how I link back to the topic below):

As you can see, that’s clearly a Donkey Kong 3D box on the shelf.  And while I do call the reliability of the shop into doubt a bit based on the fact they’ve got the 3DS Smash Bros to pre order and stock artwork representing it, keep in mind all other games on the above shelf have either been released or confirmed by Nintendo.  Which sort of implies someone has told the store management such a game is due to be released in the foreseeable future.

None the less, there’s some ‘evidence’ a new Donkey Kong game for 3DS could be on the way.  Would it be a new Donkey Kong Country title by Retro Studios?  Quite possible if the stock artwork used reflects the general style of the game.  How about a Donkey Kong 64 remake?  Again it’s possible, although you’d think they’d still have the ’64’ in the title (note how both Super Mario 64 DS and Star Fox 64 3D both retained their original titles despite being released on a new console).  Finally, there’s the depressing possibility it could just be a spinoff game like the ones made by Paon.

Still, seems like possible evidence of a new Donkey Kong game coming to 3DS soon, and its backed up by a fairly reliable source.  Just take it as a rumour for now based on the fact the box art seems to be just stock images and that only one shop/franchise seems to be accepting pre orders for it.

Edit: Not just the one store. Gamespot apparently has a page for the game (see under source, second link).  As does GameFAQs, since it’s tied to Gamespot.  And so does Metacritic.


Will Monster Hunter Tri G be released this Summer?

It’s only a rumour as of now, but numerous Spanish retailers seem to be saying the game will be released either this July or alternatively September this year.  That’s what Revogamers is reporting at least:

You can get the general gist of what they’re saying if you use Google Translate to read the page in English.  That version is linked above.

Now keep in mind it’s only a rumour and the multiple sources given don’t seem to have any one single idea about when the game will come out (one said July, one said in summer and one said September), but it seems like the game could well be released around that time.

Still, do you think Monster Hunter Tri G is being released this summer?

Come Say Hello!

Hey guys

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I’ll be posting any news that i find interesting or, that has not already been posted, aswell as reviews for older games, such as Super mario Sunshine; My Favourite game of all time. Well, I hope to seeya round.



MapleStory coming to 3DS!

Not that the game is 100% likely to be released outside the Japan considering how an earlier DS port never left the country either, but it’s interesting news.  Especially as the 3DS is now coming to South Korea with a better launch line up than in anywhere else in the world (with Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7 and Ocarina of Time 3D being available immediately)

Still, Nexon (the creators of the game/series) are now developing 3DS software and are planning to make MapleStory 3DS for Korea and presumably Japan, so it’s all good news.  And we can’t hate any situation that results in more successful games for the 3DS, right?

What do you think of this news?  Does anyone reading this site want to play MapleStory on 3DS?