New Kid Icarus Uprising Videos and Screenshots

Again, I admit there seem to be a lot of screens and videos of this game being posted here recently, but it’s just plain insane not to cover such an important 3DS game whenever any more news about it is revealed.  So here are some new trailers and screenshots from today:

And the screenshots:

First up, what seems to be some combat in a castle like setting, perhaps the on shown in yesterday’s screens of this game.

Some weapon stats.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any idea whatsoever what stats are being boosted by +1 and +2 respectively, nor what the star ratings to the left show.

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Japan Gets New 3DS Bundles; Mario 3D Land Editions Included

As well as a new Cobalt Blue 3DS for anyone who happens to like the colour blue and wants their 3DS to be an interesting colour.  First of all, here’s the 3DS model in question:

Not exactly my favourite 3DS colour.  Really prefer my current black one to it I’m afraid.

But that’s not all.  Nintendo have also announced various new 3DS bundles, including two new ones based around Super Mario 3D Land:

The white one looks pretty nice, and goes fantastically with Super Mario 3D Land.  Not so much the pink one, but what can you do.  They also seem to include a copy of Super Mario Bros (the eShop one) that’s already been downloaded to the console for free.

Bit disappointing in that respect though, the original Super Mario Bros 1 has been rereleased constantly on practically every Nintendo platform known to man, and I honestly think it’d make more sense to include Super Mario Land 1 and 2 to show people what Super Mario 3D Land is meant to be a sort of sequel to.  But that’s just my opinion.

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Even More Fantastic Kid Icarus Uprising Screenshots

Yes, the amount of posts dedicated to these is probably getting a bit ridiculous by now, but it seems Nintendo is releasing new screens of the game every day.  Plus, there’s a sort of 3DS news drought going on at the moment, so anything we can get that relates to the 3DS and its games is definitely welcome.

Two screens here in one picture for some reason.  In the top one, I have to wonder exactly what Pit’s wearing on his hand.  Really, it looks like some kind of demonic boxing glove, is it a new weapon or something?

And as for the bottom screen… it reminds me of Kirby.  All those multi coloured stars just make me think too much of Kirby’s Adventure/Nightmare in Dreamland and Mt Dedede from Kirby Super Star. This music too:

Pit fights… some kind of floating spiky looking clam?  No, I don’t know either, nor do I know why it seems energy balls are flying everywhere and Pit looks like he’s been electrocuted.

Pit dodges the portal of doom in the town central square.  Really though, what the hell is going on with that portal thing, it looks a bit ridiculous.  Also, call me stupid for not paying attention before, but I guess you do lock onto enemies when you attack.

More multiplayer.  Have to say, this game is certainly doing its utmost best to avoid the ‘real is brown’ problem that so many current video games fall victim too.  I mean, there’s an awful lot of sparkling lights, bright purple colour schemes and an overall shiny look that really does show me what a video game could look like if it stopped trying to portray dull post apocalyptic battlefield settings and actually showed a proper living world.  Damn this game will look good in 3D.

So those are some more Kid Icarus Uprising screenshots, and they look as fantastic as they ever did.

Could a back to basics ‘New Legend of Zelda’ really work?

In the way New Super Mario Bros seemed to revitalise the Mario series again and sell millions of copies on a dime?  While some individuals such as Sean Malstrom argue such a game would be successful in this day and age, and there have been some argue such a game would fix the problems found in the Zelda series as stated in that controversial Kotaku article, I’m not so sure.  Here’s why:

1. Action Adventure Games have moved on drastically, platformers haven’t

This is probably the key issue here.  While platformers like Mario have stayed pretty much the same the last ten or so years, 2D ones even more so, action adventure games really haven’t.  Keep in mind for instance that New Super Mario Bros, for all the lack of effort Nintendo supposedly put into it, is pretty much up to the current level of quality expected from a game in that genre. People still like and hence still buy 2D platformers.

But that’s not really the same for action adventures.  When the hell was the last successful 2D one?  For good examples of an action adventure title now, people look to Zelda, or The Elder Scrolls or such like, 3D games with vast worlds and almost insanely huge amounts of content.  They don’t seem to have that great an interest in those old games with top down views, no real story and no map.

And releasing such a Zelda game now would be an extremely risky proposition to boot, there’s no indication past Zelda games sold that many more copies than recent ones and the game would literally be the only (at least, only retail) game in its genre on the market.  No one knows how well the game would do, and I honestly don’t think it’d convince many people used to stuff like Skyrim.

Not to mention some of the types of design decisions found in the older Zelda games would be received extremely poorly in this day and age, like randomly having to bomb walls and burn bushes to find secrets and even the actual dungeons you need to explore to advance the plot, or the fake walls, or just how arbitary and confusing most of the ways you need to advance are.

To make this even worse, most recent attempts to bring back the style but tone down the confusing crap you need to figure out haven’t really done too well, Four Swords Adventures is the current worst selling game in the entire Zelda series, and even the Minish Cap didn’t do that well sales wise.  So for starters, it seems like demand for such a game might not be too high and the odds are against it doing well.

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New Kid Icarus Uprising Screenshots (about 50 included)

Wow, they sure do like releasing screens of this game in large numbers, don’t they?  Well here’s another batch of screenshots, showing all kinds of levels and items, and with the usual fancy lighting effects that every other picture of the game seems to have focused on. So for imagery like the moon hanging low over a city or some greek looking symbol on fire or Medusa ominously overlooking Pit from the background, keep reading!

Here’s one of them.  Looks nice.

And another.  Have to admit, the world map looks really nice from here, and I just love the colours and effects of the sky.

Seriously, what’s with that frog enemy?  Sorry, it’s facial expression just really, really bugs me.

Nice view.  Although why is Pit glowing like that?

Pit fights enemies in the sky… with magic!  Really, this looks awesome.

I’m not sure what’s going on here, but man does it look fantastic.

Okay, is it me or does this look like one hell of a difficult boss fight?  I mean, if those are the projectiles he’s using to try and kill Pit… then wow that looks hard.

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