GAME won’t stock Kid Icarus Uprising; Bad News for UK 3DS Owners

Well, it’s now gone from bad to worse.  If you think it was bad enough for us UK gamers that GAME wasn’t stocking Mario Party 9, now they’ve announced Kid Icarus Uprising also won’t be sold in their stores.

So if you want to buy Kid Icarus Uprising and live in the UK (and trust me, it seems you’ll want to get the game, it looks amazing), you’re going to have to go looking around.  As for GAME, the writings on the wall for them, the company can’t sell any of the major releases coming out this year and they’re losing money at a rate that indicates they may not be around by summer.  On the bright side it seems HMV will sell the game.

Is anyone else in the UK worried about this?

New Fire Emblem Awakening Trailer; Marth Returns!

Yes, both of those points mentioned in the title are true, there’s a new trailer that’s been released for Fire Emblem Awakening and Marth makes a reappearance for whatever reason.  See the trailer below:

Looks pretty good, don’t you think?  The inclusion of Marth is likely a good move by Nintendo too, makes this game more accessible to people who’s only prior experience of Fire Emblem is the characters being playable in Super Smash Bros.

Donkey Kong 3D; What I’d Hope to See

Yes I know the game isn’t likely to exist at the moment and that GameStop have mentioned that them having the box art/display up was a mistake on their part, but if there is a Donkey Kong Country 3DS game being revealed at E3, this is what I’d hope would be in it.

1. Kremlings and K Rool as villains

As decent as the tikis were as villains, they’re just nothing compared to good old King K Rool and the Kremlings.  Not one spot of personality to the tikis, nor much in the way of interesting character design.

Hence in the inevitable 3DS game, Retro Studios should just accept the tikis weren’t that well received and move on. Bring back the Kremlings, stop trying to introduce characters based purely on ‘gameplay’ and just have it so people’s favourite Donkey Kong Country enemies are back.

This bunch are better than the tikis any day of the week

Not that they should be the only returning bad guys, I think those Zingers (bees/wasps) would be a good choice to bring back as well. Especially as that with the exception of Jungle Beat, they had a perfect attendance record before Donkey Kong Country Returns came out.  Besides, killer wasps make spiky tikis look average in comparison, don’t you think?

Everything’s definitely worse with bees.  Well, if you’re a Kong.

2. Not a port/Donkey Kong Land version of Donkey Kong Country Returns

Not that anything was wrong with either the Donkey Kong Land series or Donkey Kong Country Returns, it’s just I don’t want another Donkey Kong game with the exact same themes, level concepts, enemies and characters.  Because as we all know, the chances are that if they just made a Donkey Kong Land Returns, we’d end up with more freaking tikis instead of Kremlings and the same massive TWO animal buddies Returns has for a second game running.

Not what we want.

3. More playable Kongs (perhaps four player multiplayer)

True, Donkey Kong Country Returns worked well enough with just two characters, but with Rare gone and modern Nintendo seemingly unlikely to make a Donkey Kong game where Donkey Kong himself isn’t playable, this seems like the only plausible way to get Dixie Kong in another game.

Dixie Kong would be a neat third playable character.

As well as literally the only method possible of ever seeing Kiddy Kong again.

Besides, New Super Mario Bros Wii, Kirby’s Return to Dreamland and Rayman Origins is proof a four player platformer can work well, so why not make Donkey Kong 3D another successful example?

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Large List Of Release Dates Revealed

A few days ago IGN revealed a big list of which games will be released soon. Most of the titles mentioned there are for PC, PS3 and Xbox. These games will be released soon for the 3DS and the Wii:

March 2012
03/06 – MLB 2K12 (360, PS3, Wii)
03/11 – Mario Party 9 (Wii)
03/23 – Kid Icarus: Uprising (3DS)

April 2012
04/06 – Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii)
04/13 – Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir (3DS)

May 2012
05/20 – Mario Tennis Open (3DS)

TBA 2012
Q1 2012 – Crush 3D (3DS)
Q1 2012 – Rayman Origins (3DS)
(The rest isn’t revealed)
Find full list here

PRetty interesting to see the release date of Kid Icarus, and Mario Tennis Open there.. I don’t know if these release dates are for America, Japan, Europe or Australia, but most titles will probably be released around the same time. What do you think of the dates revealed?


Donkey Kong 3D Just a rumour, boxes taken down

Well, there’s still some hope left since Nintendo are being their standard old incredibly vague selves and not commenting on any of this, but GameStop/EB Games have said they don’t know of any such game and that the displays have been taken down.  Here’s what they said:

The displays were not supplied by Nintendo and have been taken down. It’s definitely not in the system in the U.S. I’m sure it’s not elsewhere, either, but I can’t confirm that.

However, this does still leave us with some questions which haven’t been answered.  How did boxes for games that are supposedly not confirmed end up on store shelves and as available to pre order in the first place?  Seems like something deeper might be at play here.  Perhaps the store got hoaxed by some idiot messing around, or the staff were doing the same.

There’s no end to the possible reasons behind this really.  How do we know the store wasn’t deliberately trying to con people and took them down only when people reported the matter?  That wouldn’t be the first time a retail store has done something similar (although it’d be the first time GameStop/EB Games did).  Maybe Nintendo hit them with a no disclosure agreement/breach of contact type message and asked for the displays to be removed because they reflect a game to be announced at E3.

Also, GameStop weren’t the only company stocking these games, that other games website was selling not only Donkey Kong 3D but Kirby, Final Fantasy and Dragonball 3D.  What made them decide to list all those ‘unannounced’ games?

Still, it’s best to assume GameStop and co are being honest here and that this was just a mistake, so we now know there’s no evidence of a Donkey Kong 3D in development for or about to be released for the Nintendo 3DS.  Sorry if that disappointed some people, it was certainly a let down for me.