Epic Mickey 2 3DS; More 2D Platforming Goodness!

Also from Nintendo Power, as the incredibly stupid captions should probably tell you.  None the less, this game was already looking like a great game from the first screen, and the next few don’t disappoint.

Indeed, this game seems to be going in a more Kingdom Hearts style ‘Disney Crossover’ direction than the first since the new screenshots show all kinds of well known Disney characters as allies and bosses.  For people who thought the characters in Epic Mickey 1 were a bit too obscure, these won’t disappoint.

Come on, I hope you know who this guy is.  Answer?  Well if you really need to be told the obvious, Captain Hook from Peter Pan.  Which was a pretty well known Disney movie.

While this I’m sure is the Beast from Beauty and the Beast.  Nintendo Power on the other hand… is either completely blind beyond belief or legitimately thinks he’s Peter Pan. Or perhaps the caption is shared across two pictures.  None the less, that’s two classic Disney movies the game references already.

Going from the castle to the pirate ship.  Have to say that’s a pretty abrupt change in scenery, going down about ten steps and suddenly ending up in the middle of the ocean. But it looks nice regardless.

I have no idea what’s going on with that hallway.  Looks like the whole things either imploded or been sucked into a black hole.  Will Mickey be able to interact with that background in any way, or is it just a neat effect?  Guess we’ll find out when the game’s released.

More castle.  Have to admit those enemies seem to really overused so far.  But it’s early days and maybe the developers haven’t designed many of the other bad guys yet.

All in all it looks like a great game and an excellent return to the classic 2D platformers that were so common on the SNES and Genesis.

Forms of Advertising

Hi everyone! Isnt this game fun? If you dont have it, I suggest you try it out. Funny thing, at first I did not want this game at all. People would not shut up about it, and for me, I dont like that kind of hype. What made me get this was the advertising that Nintendo did for it. Besides the ads and commercials, what did it for me was the Nintendo Channel. As much as I really dislike that app, that is what made me get this game. The shorts were something I really enjoyed, and im hoping Nintendo can make an actual anime out of this. Its funny how they got me this way. Clever advertising such as this really made me think how companies think outside of the box to get people to buy products. I also do like the AR feature, that although you need the game itself to use, adds to a feature for the system that was thought to of flopped. I do look foward to getting more cards as nintendo makes them available. Even the ones that were handed out in Comic con 2011 work on the game, and they are different pictures of the same character!

This practice is something that I hope Nintendo continues to do in the future, as it got a gamer like me(someone who did not want this game) to buy it.

Wario Land II also comes to eShop!

Well it’s only for people in Japan at the moment, but it’s great news regardless.  Wario Land II/2 (they use the roman numeral version on the box) is coming to the Nintendo 3DS eShop in a short while.  This indicates the entire Wario Land series is probably going to be available there sooner or later.

Given that the Wario Land series is a really fantastic series of games and that I’ve only heard good things about the second installment, fans of platformers and classic virtual console games should be extremely excited for this one.  Here are a few screenshots from the official page:

As well as a video of what the gameplay is like:

It was always a bit of a step back graphically from the first game, but hey it was an early Game Boy Color title.  And it introduced the familiar transformations and exploration based gameplay the series is sort of known for.



Well Epic Mickey 2 the Power of Illusion looks nice

More interestingly, it seems like the first true ‘2D platformer’ we’ve had in a long time.  No 3D models here people, the game seems like it uses good old SNES/Genesis style sprites and tilesets.  Haven’t seen one of those types of games from a big budget developer in a while, have we?

It looks really good I think, brings me right back to the olden days of 2D platformers with games like Super Mario World, Sonic the Hedgehog, Wario Land 4, etc where instead of this generic ‘3d model’ style so many recent games use you have proper original artwork and what seems like more care put into the graphics.

I can almost see this kind of game running on a SNES now…

Admittedly for a 3DS game people might be put off a bit by the old school art style it uses and what not, but who cares?  If it revives sprite based 2D platformers at long last it’s well worth it. I’d love a new Mario game with a SNES/GBA level of technology and the use of sprites, wouldn’t anyone else?

What do you think?


Nintendo Creates Great Kid Icarus Uprising Weapon Infographic

Want a quick run down of all the weapons in Kid Icarus Uprising?  Well Nintendo’s got you covered with this fantastic infographic.  Not only does it look great, but it also describes the general characteristics of every weapon in the game in a nice easy to read format.  See it here:

So yes, should be useful if any of you Kid Icarus Uprising owners want a run down of every weapon every now and again.

What do you think of it?