Why this year’s E3 looks to be the best yet

It’s got a lot to live up to considering how many great games are announced at E3, but it seems likely this year’s is going to be one of the best yet.  Here’s why.

1. New Super Mario Bros 3DS is most likely to be shown for the first time

We said it’d be shown at Nintendo Direct this year and wasn’t, and with the game due out this year E3 seems like the best time to formally announce it.

Still, can anyone truly not like the idea of a new 2D Mario game getting announced?  I can actually see what’s going to happen already.  This is probably how the announcement will go:

Nintendo: Here’s a trailer for a new game you’ve all been waiting for, New Super Mario World!

[trailer plays]

Fans: Was that the freaking Koopalings?  Hammer Suit?  Kuribo’s Shoe?  Must have this game!

Nintendo: Did we mention there’s co-op multiplayer and Yoshi?

Fans: [speechless]

Nintendo: New Super Mario World comes out this year!

Fans: OMG yeah this is awesome!

No kidding, that’s exactly what’s going to happen when E3 comes round. It’s going to be out within the year given that Nintendo themselves said it was due to be released this fiscal year (and common sense/logic dictates it’ll be released in the Christmas/holiday season).  It’ll bring back lots of retro elements simply because every new Mario game since Mario Sunshine has in some way (and based on the fact the last game had the Tanooki Suit, I think the Hammer Suit, Cape or Kuribo’s Shoe is the logical next step).  And Yoshi and co-op?  Practically guaranteed considering New Super Mario Bros Wii had both and this will probably be a sequel.

That’s already one really good reason to watch videos of E3 this year.

Donkey Kong 3D

Yes I know EB Games/GameStop denied it, but it seems somewhat plausible to me that they’re just trying to avoid being sued by Nintendo. You know, the usual ‘you broke the non-disclosure agreement please take down all advertising’ legal demand.

Above: They say this is fake, I say they’re trying to avoid being sued.

When you then add the DK barrels being part of the 3DS console announcement trailer way back then and the fact many more websites than just GameStop and co list the game as existing, it makes you think Nintendo are preparing such a game.

Then add that Donkey Kong Country Returns started development in 2008 and was also announced at E3 and it makes sense to assume this game might be Retro’s secret project they’ve been working on/hiring staff for.

And now the cats out of the bag, an announcement at this year’s E3 seems all too likely, with the release date planned for late 2013.

Epic Mickey 3DS

Epic Mickey 2 has just been announced for the Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3, so it seems the 3DS one will turn out to be a real upcoming game too.

Above: Epic Mickey 2’s already been announced, so it seems the 3DS spinoff might be next in line.

Think about it, what better time to now announce the 3DS game?  It’s obvious Epic Mickey 2 will have a new trailer released for it at E3, so it seems that same time might also be used to formally announce the 3DS tie in/spinoff game.

This is looking an awful lot like 2010’s E3 already isn’t it?  A new Mario game, Epic Mickey and Donkey Kong Country all being talked about at the same event…

Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Paper Mario 3DS

Both come out this year remember, and we haven’t had hardly any new information about either game for at least a whole year.

Heck, both come out in the summer of this year too, so E3’s literally about a month before their release dates.  As a result, expect some massive marketing blitz with trailers, screenshots and official websites for them getting launched at this year’s event.

Above: We know nothing about this game or King Boo’s role, so it seems plausible E3 will change this.

And what’s not to love about these games getting shown at E3 again?  We’ll finally know how King Boo factors in Luigi’s Mansion 2 and how the game will work structurally (aka why Luigi and Professor E Gadd are running around in haunted mansions again) as well as what the story is in Paper Mario 3DS (and presumably the first pictures of the main villain).

Many others besides

In addition to above, what of Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem?  Those are games that seem likely to be shown at this year’s E3 (on Nintendo’s event website due to lack of importance, but still).

Above: Will Animal Crossing be shown at E3?

Plus, we could have some surprise announcements.  How about that Legend of Zelda 3DS game planned or Super Smash Bros?  This is E3 I’m talking about remember, where games get announced a good year or two before their release date and major new titles get shown for the first time.  So while it’d be foolish to expect something like a new Zelda game in 2012, one being released in 2013 or 2014 doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch.

What of Pokémon Black and White 2?  Not a 3DS game but they’re definitely games I can see Nintendo talking about at events this year.  Aren’t they actually due to be released in 2012 as well?

Above: Pokemon Black and White 2 will probably be shown at E3.

That above is why this year’s E3 could be one of the best ones to date and why Nintendo fans should really be looking forward to it.  Because we all like seeing lots of new big name titles get announced and shown for the first time, right?

Do you agree?  Are you looking forward to E3?

Kid Icarus Uprising Videos; Trailer and Commercial

Just two new videos of Kid Icarus Uprising, one general overview trailer for the game and one Japanese commercial for it.  You can see them here:

They both share a huge amount of the game including both the flight and on foot sections, and some multiplayer footage as well, so check them out if you plan to buy Kid Icarus Uprising in the foreseeable future!

Fire Emblem Awakening; Introduction Trailer

A brand new expertly done trailer for Fire Emblem Awakening.  Doesn’t show actual gameplay footage this time, but it looks fantastic and shows the story aspect of the game perfectly complete with some voice acting and epic music.  Watch it here:

If this video doesn’t make you excited for the game, I don’t think anything will.

What are your thoughts on the trailer?

We Need Longer Games on 3DS

Really we do when you look back at the console’s history of ‘important’ games so far, since it seems like at least half of them can be beaten entirely within a single day.  Examples include the following:

Super Mario 3D Land

Extremely easy Mario platformer than can be beaten in just a few hours despite having 16 worlds to play through.  It’s a fantastic game, and I know it’s been intended as an introduction 3D Mario games for new players… but it really leaves fans of the older games like Super Mario 64 and Sunshine rather wanting as far as content goes.

Above: This battle was great, pity I got there and beat it in about three hours.

Think about it.  It has about 70 unique levels with only one objective, which even doubled isn’t really the same amount of content you’d find in any of the older 3D Mario games like Galaxy.

Mario Kart 7

Another great game which seems to have it’s replay value halved by the complete lack of a single mode with substance to it.

Or just a lack of options, since with no single player vs mode, mission mode, time trial leaderboards, competitions or anything else to keep people playing if they want to try stuff other than wifi races, it feels like a rather empty Mario Kart game.

Above: No Nintendo, making you get thousands of coins for stuff like this is padding, not content.

Which is a bit of a pity really, since the game had the best track selection of the series to date and so many reasons to want to replay it time and time again, but just got a bit dull quickly because you’d done everything too soon.

Most Nintendo 3DS launch games (especially Pilotwings and Steel Diver)

These apparently have only a few hours worth of content at best from what I heard, hardly the best value for money for anyone who bought the console at the launch date.

Tekken 3D

Supposedly feels more like a tech demo due to lacking an arcade (main single player) mode or character customisation, or even character specific endings.  Official Nintendo Magazine said it had an impressive game engine and not much else to it.

So that leaves us with considerably fewer options for 3DS games sold at retail that also have a significant amount of content in them.  Ocarina of Time 3D is a pretty good exception to this rule (you should know by now the game’s almost overflowing with side quests, mini games and bonus options to keep your interest) and it seems Kid Icarus Uprising looks to be another one (being made by Sakurai, the guy behind the Super Smash Bros and Kirby series helps here, he can’t seemingly make a single game without filling it with as much stuff as possible), but by and large it seems a lot of 3DS games that are out now tend to be quite short.

Above: At least Kid Icarus Uprising looks to have a decent amount of content in it.

On the bright side, the future looks to have a few 3DS games that’ll hopefully buck the trend and have a fair amount of content in them.  We’ve got the inevitable Super Smash Bros 3DS (we all know by now that the Smash Bros series has more content in one game than some other franchises do in their entire history), Paper Mario 3DS (Paper Mario games always offer at least eight long chapters minimum as well as at least one pit of 100 trials to keep the interest of fans) and New Super Mario Bros 3DS will most probably offer a fair amount of content as well (2D Mario games always offer a high amount of levels, and they’re usually longer than those in Mario 3D Land).  Not to mention Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, many RPGs and if it turns out to be real, Donkey Kong 3D (the Donkey Kong Country series is at least hard enough you won’t breeze through it in a day, and it usually comes with a lot of bonuses to collect as well).

Above: And if it turns out Donkey Kong 3D is a Donkey Kong 64 remake, that’s enough content to last a life time.

Still it would be nice to have some longer 3DS games soon, right?  Because I’m getting a little tired of the games that seem to be over and done with in a few hours and don’t give me a whole lot of incentive to go back and replay them.

Do you want 3DS games with a greater amount of content in them?

New Epic Mickey Game Coming to 3DS (Power of Illusion)

It won’t be the direct sequel to the original game that’s expected on the Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3, but a 3DS specific companion game.  Think of it like how the Donkey Kong Land titles were handheld compliment titles to their SNES originals.

Here’s what the original French magazine who posted the news on Twitter said:

La présentation d’Epic Mickey 2 aura lieu la semaine prochaine. Une version 3DS, Power of Illusion, plus “classique” en 2D est aussi prévue

For anyone too lazy to translate that for themselves, they’re saying that a presentation announcing/showing Epic Mickey 2 will be available next week, and a 2D companion game called ‘Epic Mickey Power of Illusion’ is also planned.

Is this accurate?  Hard to tell really since the source seems to be a French video games magazine posting about it on Twitter, and there have been an awful lot of unreliable rumours about new games posted in foreign language publications (see many Japanese magazines posting rumours about the 3DS without any evidence behind them).  But I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt since it seems increasingly clear that an actual Epic Mickey 2 is planned and a game like this would only seem logical.

It’s good news regardless, the 3DS would be able to run a pretty great Epic Mickey style game given how it’s about Gamecube power and the original was on the Wii.  The 2D part worries me though, there’s no real need for such on a console like the 3DS.

But what do you think?