Epic Mickey the Power of Illusion Screenshots show more classic Disney worlds

If you’re not excited for this awesome looking 2D platformer that harkens back to the days of Duck Tales and Capcom’s Mickey Mouse games on SNES/Genesis, then you don’t appreciate good platformers.  But just in are some amazing new screenshots that Disney have released of the game which show even more Disney themed worlds and classic characters.  They’re high quality too, given that they don’t come from a magazine scan.  So scroll down for the pictures!

The beast from Beauty and the Beast.  Possibly a boss battle, for whatever reason.  Also, here’s me spying deadly spikes to the left, indicating this level is going to be much tougher than it looks.

Peter Pan appears.  Don’t know why he’s just floating in mid air, looks kind of strange.  Also, what’s with the cannons on the touch screen, some kind of feature/mini game that’s required for the level?

More of the pirate ship level.  Looks pretty nice, although the lack of variation in the enemies found here is getting a little disappointing.

More interesting looking platforming on the pirate ship, and Peter Pan moves to the bottom screen.  Does anyone have any idea what the ranks on that screen are about though?  What exactly has been done perfect here?

Back to the castle, with that twisty turny corridor again.  Have to say the graphics here remind me an awful lot of another Mickey Mouse game back in the day, except the castle then belonged to Pete.


The foreground even seems to share much the same design and colour scheme.

Hey, is that Scrooge McDuck? That’s a pretty neat Duck Tales reference.  Which kind of reminds me, didn’t Warren Spector want to make a Duck Tales game after Epic Mickey?

More of the castle, and what looks like Pete’s face to the left.  It also looks a lot like a Pete styled Thwomp if you ask me.

Battling Captain Hook on the pirate ship’s deck.

Is this an Alice in Wonderland style level?  Because that looks like the Cheshire Cat sitting to the left and the style looks very much like that movie.  Still, consider me impressed in terms of how many different Disney movies this game seems to be trying to reference, it’s certainly a nostalgia trip.

Atlantis?  Looks like it’s based off ‘The Little Mermaid’.

More of a castle level.  This game looks fantastic for a 2D platformer.

And some of the pirate ship.  How come it seems the worlds in this game are quite literally right next door to each other?

Going from the castle to the pirate ship in what seems like the most abrupt level transition ever.

A castle hall.  Unfortunately I have no idea what movie this is based on, anyone got a clue?

Another screenshot of the castle area.  Love the level of detail in the graphics here, and how the levels never seem to get old/boring looking.

From what I’ve seen in the screenshots above, this game looks like a great 2D platformer and incredible looking throwback to the 2D platformers of the SNES generation.  Definitely seems like a game to consider buying.

Sonic the Hedgehog co creator Hirokazu Yasuhara joins Nintendo

No kidding either, he’s just joined Nintendo Software Technology (their American branch responsible for Mario vs Donkey Kong and Metroid Prime Hunters).  Interesting career choice to be perfectly honest, especially as after Sega he was working at Namco Bandai for a while before moving over to Nintendo.

None the less, first time I’ve ever heard of a key Sega employee deciding to move to Nintendo, that would have sounded almost like heresy if it’d happened in the 16 bit era!

Still, wish him the best of luck at Nintendo I guess.  Pity he decided to join the branch that does basically nothing in regards to making well known games (you can count their original work on one hand) rather than one of the Japanese branches or Retro Studios, but oh well.



Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure Launch Trailer

Because it’s coming out in only a few days in Europe, so we’ve now got an English language launch trailer to commemorate this:

It’s supposedly a pretty good game too (some magazines like ONM have said it reminds them of Professor Layton), so maybe it’s worth a buy if you feel like it.


DEAR NINTENDAN…N3DSC Members are not impressed

Recently, due to April Fool’s day, the forums of Nintendo 3DS Community were heavily  loaded with incredible inconveniences and annoyances. For example, when you load a webpage, various “cat puns” come up. Not only are they unfunny, they are unavoidable. And, in all posts, every letter “i” changes to “MEOW”, along with a few other letters/words.

This has rendered many posts essentially unreadable due to the sheer number of uses of the letter “I”, and how many times over the word “MEOW” is spread over in a post. We must ask, why did you do this? Seriously! I did a recent checking, and this affects GUESTS as well. Not only is this seriously annyoing many members, it’s also driving guests from the site. From unknown sources, I also found out that this had been planned for two weeks. TWO WEEKS. This had all been NintenDan’s idea as well.

So, why did you do this guys? It might have been funny for a few minutes, but this quickly deteriorated into a mucky mess. This is “April fools day, not annoy everyone day”! (SGE, shoutbox)!

Cat-astrophe at Nintendo 3DS Cat-munnity

After the recent outbreak of the Cat-virus, infecting the vast population of N3DSCM, the site has gone up in flames and into turmoil. Members cannot resist saying “PURR” or “MEOW” in their posts, and various cat-threads are popping up. To add to their troubles, all member are now cats. So, I must ask, who is resposible for this cat-astrophe? We interviewed several of the staff, and apparently, the heads of the community had planned to unleash the Cat1N1 virus on the 1st of the 4th, 2012. So far, the prime suspects are NintenCat and Nin3DCat. A full investigation by SB mods inc. is coming on it’s way.

The Cat-toll is currently in the hundreds, with many more cats being identified.

A full SB alert has been raised. Any talk of cats in the SB warrants an immediate ban. This is now known as the “Spotty” alert.