Misc Nintendo 3DS News; Senran Kagura Burst, Code of Princess launch trailer and AKB48+Me

Just some news relating to some fairly unique 3DS games that have just recently been announced.  Most of these probably won’t be coming to the US or Europe unfortunately enough, but they’re still interesting enough titles regardless.

First of all, there’s the announcement and first pictures of Senran Kaguara Burst.  It’s a quite blatantly Japanese (and likely Japan only) video game with the usual anime inspired look and likely aimed at otaku.

It’s apparently a fighting game about ninjas, although with an obvious focus on ‘fan service’.  Especially considering one of the fan requests implemented was to ‘view the locker room’ (used to customise characters) in 3D and that there’s a poll or something to decide which girl to put on the game’s front cover.  Still, not exactly a bad deal as far as what’s included goes, you get a soundtrack CD, book and ‘drama’ CD included.

Screenshot below, to show what the actual gameplay of the game is like:

Another one is AKB48+Me.  Confusing enough name, but it’s a game about a Japanese band from a series that was once exclusive to the PSP.  As far as gameplay goes it seems to be your standard rhythm game with quite a lot of focus on the various activities musicians go through such as in game television appearances and meetings with fans, as well as things like the option to create your own stage or outfit.

I could almost see something like this game being a good direction for Rock Band or Guitar Hero to go in to be perfectly honest, well if that genre wasn’t near enoug dead in the water due to Activision and a constant flood of games to a declining market.  What better way to expand on the whole rhythm game genre than to actually let you live out virtual stardom?

It’s also interesting enough because the first two games about this group (which were dating simulators, weirdly enough) were PSP exclusive, indicating that the shift to the 3DS might be a sign that video game publishers are quickly losing faith in Sony’s handheld consoles.

You can see some pictures here:

There’s also a launch trailer for Code of Princess if anyone is interested.  It’s in Japanese only however.

Finally, there’s a commercial for Dynasty Warriors Vs, which can be seen below:

Well, that’s some more random 3DS game related news, and there’ll hopefully be more interesting stories coming tomorrow.

So what happened to Mega Man 2 3DS?

As well as the numerous other games that were supposedly in development for the 3DS way back at the E3 event where the console was shown for the first time?

It’s not as if it was purely a tech demo either, the game had various 3D effects added to it and Nintendo of America’s president confirmed it was going to be a full game at some point.

Unfortunately, that was back in 2010.  One 3DS console release and two years later, and we haven’t heard anything about this game or any non Game Boy Mega Man games being made for the 3D Classics/Virtual Console service.  Did Capcom cancel it without warning sometime between these dates?

Because it seems bizarre really given that many more people would probably want to buy Mega Man 2 as a 3D classic and with the same 3D effect additions as Kirby’s Adventure than buy some of the arguably thrown together Game Boy Mega Man spinoffs that seem to be popping up on the 3DS Virtual Console.

Why did Capcom potentially decide to cancel the 3DS port of this game?

Level 5 already working on Next Professor Layton game

In fact the company’s president Akihiro Hino has just hinted at a few things that’ll be in said game, although the information is vague enough not to really give much away.  On Twitter he said:


Which translates roughly to (according to Silicon Era and Google Translate):

The general framwork for the next Professor Layton game has been outlined but it’ll take a while until it can be officially announced.  The game has a long title (in Japanese)

The original tweet can be viewed at the link below:


It’s not much in regards to information about the game, but at least Level 5 are actually working on the next game in the series and presumably have the official announcement planned for a short while in the future. Not sure what to say about the comment about the title, but I guess it does make sense given that ‘Professor Layton and the Curious Village’ and ‘Professor Layton and the Unwound Future’ already have fairly lengthy titles in English, let alone Japanese.

Never the less, glad to know they’re working on the next Professor Layton game.  Maybe it’s the mystery sixth game the Wikipedia page for the series mentions?  Not to mention it’s most likely going to released on the 3DS, hence giving 3DS fans who like puzzle/adventure games something interesting to play in due time.

A ton of awesome Mario Kart 7 shortcuts (no Mushroom required)

Most are pretty minor, but they’re all useful enough regardless, and might help with your time trial records if you’re still playing Mario Kart 7.  The video can be seen below:


Thanks to TWD98/Trσγ for finding many of these and making the video, it was pretty useful.  He also made a few others that can be seen here (for Mario Circuit 2):

As well as seemingly found many of the glitches on Koopa Cape, Wario’s Galleon/Shipyard, Wuhu Mountain Loop, Bowser Castle 1 and Rosalina’s Ice World, so it should be useful enough, right?


1001 Ports

First there was Cave Story.

Then came La Mulana.

After that we got VVVVVV.

We’ll be getting NightSky soon enough.

And now Nicalis, publisher of all these rather good games is bringing us something new for the eShop. 1001 Spikes.

1001 Spikes is an enhanced port of the popular Xbox Live Arcade game, Aban Hawkins and the 1000 Spikes. Not only is this game going to be on the eShop, but also the Wii U digital store. The 3DS version boasts new graphics, music, and a multiplayer option. The Wii U version is expected to be pretty much the same, but exact details are unknown at the moment.

While this is great and all, don’t you think it’s about time Nicalis starts making their own games instead of improving on others? They clearly have the programming ability. Sometimes. Nonetheless, is anyone excited for this? Has anyone here even played the original? Leave comments and let me know!