Wait, Kid Icarus Uprising news on Nintendo Direct?

Considering the game is already out in most/all regions, I have to wonder exactly what Nintendo is going to be saying about it at Nintendo Direct.  Because you see, Masahiro Sakurai said there’d be some news related to Kid Icarus Uprising on Twitter.  He said:

Nintendo Direct、『新・パルテナ』ネタもやります。お楽しみに! #NintendoDirect

Or ‘News about Kid Icarus Uprising to be announced at Nintendo Direct’, if you loosely figure it out from Google Translate.

But with the game already released, what is there to say about the game? My guess, something akin to one of these things:

  1. There’s downloadable content planned
  2. There’s a sequel planned for the Wii U some time in the future
  3. The game is going to get released in Korea/China/somewhere else (unlikely, it’s referring to the Japanese version of Nintendo Direct, and the Japanese don’t particularly care about video games from those countries)

Still, it’s an interesting situation, you don’t generally have ‘news’ or ‘information’ about already available Nintendo games shared at these events, do you? It’d be like if Nintendo said the conference was going to be about Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7, people would wonder the what hell there is to discuss.

But what do you think will be mentioned regarding Kid Icarus Uprising at the conference/presentation tomorrow?

Why exactly do people think selling fan products is acceptable now?

Did I miss something recently about copyright and trademark law?  Because I distinctly recall a lot of unfortunate cases where fans either got sued or sent cease and desist orders for less than this a good while ago.  Remember what happened to both those Chrono Trigger fan games?  The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 2D edition or quite a few Zelda and Pokemon MMORPGs?  Or those cases where people tried to sell fan fiction of Star Wars and Twilight as actual novels and the lawyers of George Lucas and Stephanie Meyer weren’t having any of it?

Yet now I’ve seen quite a few examples of fan works being sold for real money listed on sites like GoNintendo and I have to wonder why the hell the creators of it somehow think they’re going to get away with it.  Or why so few people are willing to say that this could be kind of dodgy from a legal perspective…

The most recent example is this map:

It’s a nice fan made map of the Mushroom Kingdom, and it’d be pretty awesome if it was just on someone’s Deviant Art gallery or available for free online.  But the maker is selling it for nearly FIFTY dollars.  I’m sorry, but are they out of their mind?  There’s a whole host of potential trademark and copyright issues in this thing (if Nintendo were bothered to sue for it, they’d probably win) and it’s basically selling deriative works for somewhat huge profit.

Now I’m not a lawyer, but surely this kind of thing doesn’t so much ‘skirt’ the line between copyright infringement and free use as much as charge over it all guns blazing.  Really, every single attempt to sell fan work for money has ended in tears as far as I can recall.  Why do so many people seem to think they can get away with it?

I also find the double standard online kind of interesting, how as soon as a company steals the work of another everyone talks about them as if they’re the anti christ, yet the minute an individual does it (even if they sell their work at retail) they’re somehow perfectly okay with it.

Admittedly I doubt (or hope) Nintendo is going to anything about it, so many examples of arguably blatant copyright infringement seem to slip through the net that they seem to given up going after them all (look at how many Nintendo fan games are on the app store or sold online).  But it’s still depressing how no one seems to realise that selling fan made stuff is very likely illegal and possibly also morally questionable. Maybe they’re just a bunch of anarchists who seem to think copyright and trademark laws shouldn’t exist and people should do whatever the hell they like.

New Nintendo Direct this Saturday!

That’s been how many this year again?  But seriously, Nintendo of Europe have announced a Nintendo Direct presentation this time, and it takes place.. April 21st/tomorrow.

Not trying to be cynical here, but part of me is a tad suspicious about how many conferences and Nintendo Direct presentations Nintendo is holding recently.  It’s almost as if they’re desperate to keep the 3DS selling at high levels at all costs and don’t particularly trust the console’s line up of games to do the job.  But oh well.

Either that or someone presumably realised ‘oh crap, Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Paper Mario are planned to come out fairly soon and we haven’t shown new footage for about 6 months’… Makes me wonder whether it’d be better if they had less presentations but made them far longer and contain far more information instead. But that’s just a thought I had.

Still Nintendo sent out the letters about it and it seems like there could be a few interesting things shown tomorrow.  Here’s hoping for actual information on either Luigi’s Mansion 2 or Paper Mario, since they haven’t been talked about for so long people have probably forgotten they actually exist.

What do you want to see at Nintendo Direct tomorrow?

Official Breath of Fire Pushmo Puzzles!

Released on Capcom’s Capcom Unity site by community manager and Games Radar reporter Brelston, these give you some pretty neat puzzles for Pushmo based on sprites from the classic RPG series Breath of Fire!

So if you like Breath of Fire or Pushmo (or even better, both), scan the codes below and you can try out these puzzles on your 3DS.  Have fun!

Note: If they’re too blurry, click the image and try again.  If that fails, see the versions in the source link.

Originally from here:

Edit: According to the comments, the puzzles were actually made by a user called ‘NukaCola’, and merely posted by Brelston.


Fire Emblem Awakening Screenshots

Since the official website for the game is now open, Nintendo have uploaded a ton of new screens of the game.  They can be seen below, and they look pretty nice I suppose.

All in all, the game looks pretty nice if I do so myself, a definite step above the earlier Fire Emblem games in graphics quality.  Also, riding dragons looks like a pretty neat thing to have in the game, although the giant birds in the other shots remind me way too much of the Chocobos from Final Fantasy…

Do you want to play Fire Emblem Awakening more after having seen those screenshots?