3DS Update released today (25th April 2012)

It’s not got the update for Mario Kart 7 included (so unfortunately the Wuhu Mountain Loop glitch still works as of the time of writing), but it does have various other new features which are of interest.

For example the eShop has been redesigned quite a bit.  Instead of just one long row of menu options along the middle of the screen it’s been split into a small grid with various new categories listed along the bottom.  Now you can choose eShop download titles, Virtual Console titles and DSiWare titles specifically in addition to the option to choose by series or whatever other arbitary category Nintendo had set up previously.

Software search features have also been improved (you can filter your search by various addition criteria such as game price), view best selling titles and do various other things.

However the main addition seems to be the new menu system for the 3DS home menu.  You can make your own folders and shove various things in them I think.  Haven’t really been using the feature much, don’t own enough eShop and Virtual Console games and apps to really make the idea of categorising them by folder viable.  But hey, whatever works I suppose.

Nintendaan1/NC/whatever made a video showing the features here:


But it doesn’t really matter, everyone’ll know what’s different when they finally bother to update their 3DS.

Now Wario Land 3 comes to the eShop!

In Japan.  In the US and Europe on the other hand, we don’t even have the second game there yet. What the hell Nintendo?

None the less it’s obviously going to be a great game, and it’s also one that unfortunately very few people ever played the first time around (it was the lowest selling of the entire series).  But if you want another good platformer, or want an experience which is as close to Metroid or Castlevania as you can get without losing the concept of seperate levels, buy this game when it comes out.

It also has everyone’s favourite credits theme, one of the best pieces of Nintendo music composed at the time and which nicely caps off the enjoyable adventure. Listen to it below:


Or see some screenshots from the Japanese eShop game page:

The map screen looks really nice for a Game Boy Color game and is full of colour and detail.  There are four sections of the world that you see like this and after getting a new treasure some change will be made to the map screen as well as the environment of any nearby levels.  This allows you to get more treasure and find more exits and bosses.

Wario’s different transformations play a much bigger role in this game than in most others in the series.  This was the one game which had the most of them as well as designed them to be used to solve puzzles.

Frozen Wario’s first appearance was in this game I think.

Mini games like Wario Golf were playable in Wario Land 3.  I hear they were pretty fun too.

All in all Wario Land 3 was a great game, and with its upcoming release on the 3DS eShop, people who haven’t played it back on the Game Boy Color should give it a try.



Is the Next Nintendo Power ‘exclusive’ Call of Duty Black Ops 2?

Okay, this is very much not what people would consider 3DS news, but with everyone wondering what that mystery image in Nintendo Power is referring to, could it be about the next Call of Duty game?

Because look at this image again:

Doesn’t that look a whole lot like a picture of Russia to anyone else?  In fact Zelda Informer’s article kind of inspired me here, it was only after they mentioned they mentioned the similarity that I even considered it could be a Call of Duty game.

But it makes a lot of sense.  Call of Duty Black Ops 2 images are springing up all over the internet, the announcement for a new Call of Duty game is set to be within the coming month and I’m pretty sure the original Black Ops was set during the Cold War.

Obviously a game set in Russia during the Cold War would be a complete no brainer for the Call of Duty series and Activision, right?

However there’s one thing about all this that makes me wonder even more, and that’s why Nintendo Power might be referring to Call of Duty in the first place.  It’s never been a series that Nintendo fans have cared about and the Wii was never the priority for the last four games as far as what version the most effort was put into.  But we haven’t seen a new Call of Duty game on 3DS yet.

So perhaps thats what Nintendo Power is all excited for.  A Call of Duty game on 3DS would be a pretty big step up from the ones released in the DS era, don’t you think?  Given the 3DS is much better in regards to its technical power, I’d even go as far as saying it could possibly run a Call of Duty game that looked and played not too much differently from the Playstation 2 and Wii versions. That’d be a potential reason why a Nintendo owned magazine would cover this news, it’d be a major franchise available on Nintendo’s latest handheld and would likely leave the Vita with no plausible way to compete in the Western world.

If it was a few months earlier it could potentially have been referring to Metal Gear Solid 3D which has a very similar setting, although the February 2012 release date for the game makes any news about it extremely unlikely.

But maybe I’m just grasping at straws in regards to this.  Maybe it turns out the announcement is covering some no name eShop title or somehow either Fire Emblem or Advance Wars has suddenly ended up set in Russia.   It’s all possible.  None the less I hope you people can see how I came to this conclusion and why the possibility of this mystery game being Call of Duty Black Ops 2 seems extremely likely.

Hang on, Cave Story is coming to the eShop Now?

Okay, it’s already available as a download game on both WiiWare and the DSi equivalent to the eShop, but this seems like a bit of a rip off considering that the game has..

I don’t know, been sold as a full price retail game on the exact same console.  I repeat, they’re selling a game which is on sale at $40 in shops on the eShop for about 10 dollars.  It’s not the same as the full price 3DS version in some sense though, it’s got the same graphics style and features as the versions on many other consoles, but it seems just a little bit unfair to release such a game that arguably directly competes with your other version on the same console.  It comes with features such as a Boss Rush, Curly Story, Hell Time Attack, Wind Fortress, Nemesis Challenge, widescreen and 3D support though, which sounds good.

Looks like it’ll obviously be a good game, it’s just that I can see this seeming a bit unfair to anyone who bothered to buy the 3DS remake.

It’ll also supposedly cause the DSiware one to be removed from the 3DS eShop altogether, so you’d better get that one while you still can if you want it so badly.



A Look At A Kid Icarus Gathering


        I was able to attend the gatherings that Nintendo hosts for promoting Kid Icarus Uprising. It’s really hard to attend these places because they are very far from where I live, but this time I managed to get to the Best Buy gathering in Mira Mesa, roughly around 3:30pm. I was expecting some kind of Nintendo van (they usually make a tent of whatever they are promoting) but this was inside the store. It was nothing more than a small table where a lady had set up a couple of cards, some fluffy bags to take up space and 2 3DSes with medieval chains welded on. I walked up and greeted myself. She did as well and began to show me what she had to offer.

            She asked if I was familiar with the game. I said I did and we got to the meat of things. Surprisingly she knew what she was talking about. She asked what I liked about the game, and what was hard to do. I asked her questions that only people who play extensively would know. She showed me the weapons she had, the AR cards she has collected (she had 50+ cards!) and the intensity she was currently playing on. She even complained that for some reason the REPs at Nintendo did not give her a stand for the game, which makes it hard for her to play the game and show people. I think she left it in her office or something. It’s understandable too, since she has to make a good first impression for the title, and excessive stress on your left hand is a bad one for this game. She told me “How do they expect me to do my work if I couldn’t have the chance to get my stand” In my head I said to myself: “OMG I wish I had your job, I’m practically playing and showing games for free!!!”


            So then after this chat she busted out her AR cards. I scanned all the ones I didn’t have with her. We would ask each other which characters we liked. After all the scanning was done I received a pack of cards, and I shared the ones she didn’t have. I also got a souflee! It is my fav, but then again who doesn’t like that monster? She mentioned that if I had arrived earlier I would have met 2 other employees who were there specifically to streetpass with customers. Again, another job that I am doing for free. Just then another customer has appeared. She went through the same process with him and all 3 of us began chatting about the game. It was a really good experience, and a very welcoming atmosphere. She asked any final questions we might have had. Naturally mine was if there was a way Nintendo planned on selling the huge AR cards she had on the table. Unfortunately they are not being sold or distributed via Club Nintendo in any way as of now. Here’s hoping! She then packed everything up and we were off to our separate destinations; mine being home.

            I urge everyone to go to these events. You can check your locations out at the official webpage of Kid Icarus Uprising. I plan on going to the next one which is a little less farther than the one I have attended. The people are friendly and it’s a good way to gather some players for local multiplayer and GEM tags. This is definitely something that should catch on for other companies. Business practices like this is what’s putting Nintendo on top. The cards alone are something that is a craze already. If you look for the cards on eBay you will see that the prices are ridiculous; it shows just how valuable they are to people right now. With 400+ cards to collect, Uprising is sure to sell really well all the way to the 3DS’s life cycle, which will be for a very long time. If there is a Kid Icarus gathering in a store near your location, or if you are able to make it via public transportation, do it! You won’t regret it; it is a great little event Nintendo has made. I hope this can happen in the future for tournaments, it would bring that much more people.