Well Epic Mickey 2 the Power of Illusion looks nice

More interestingly, it seems like the first true ‘2D platformer’ we’ve had in a long time.  No 3D models here people, the game seems like it uses good old SNES/Genesis style sprites and tilesets.  Haven’t seen one of those types of games from a big budget developer in a while, have we?

It looks really good I think, brings me right back to the olden days of 2D platformers with games like Super Mario World, Sonic the Hedgehog, Wario Land 4, etc where instead of this generic ‘3d model’ style so many recent games use you have proper original artwork and what seems like more care put into the graphics.

I can almost see this kind of game running on a SNES now…

Admittedly for a 3DS game people might be put off a bit by the old school art style it uses and what not, but who cares?  If it revives sprite based 2D platformers at long last it’s well worth it. I’d love a new Mario game with a SNES/GBA level of technology and the use of sprites, wouldn’t anyone else?

What do you think?


Nintendo Creates Great Kid Icarus Uprising Weapon Infographic

Want a quick run down of all the weapons in Kid Icarus Uprising?  Well Nintendo’s got you covered with this fantastic infographic.  Not only does it look great, but it also describes the general characteristics of every weapon in the game in a nice easy to read format.  See it here:

So yes, should be useful if any of you Kid Icarus Uprising owners want a run down of every weapon every now and again.

What do you think of it?


Will Wario Land Super Mario Land 3 be coming to eShop soon?

Yes it’s already out in both Japan and Europe, but as of now I hear the game hasn’t been rereleased in the US.  However, this may be about to change.

You see, Nintendo Power has put up previews of their latest issue.  It mainly shows stuff like Epic Mickey 2, but it also talks about Wario Land according to the contents page.  Page 32 apparently (which seems to come as part of the ‘download’ section).  Some sources are therefore speculating the game’s being reviewed in this issue in advance of its coming release date.

A picture showing the mention can be seen below:

Hope this is true since while the game’s available for me due to living in the UK, it’d still be nice for it to be available to buy on the eShop for Americans.   Because as we all know, the game’s great in general and with the US having more of a market for video games in general, being available over there will mean a whole lot more people trying out the series for the first time.

Here’s hoping you Nintendo fans in the US get to play this Game Boy classic again!

Another Pokemon related announcement coming soon?

At least, that’s what Serebii.net is reporting.  Apparently the next Pokemon Smash show will have another announcement in some way related to the series and people are speculating it’ll be in some way about Pokemon Black and White 2 (like more information on how the games differ, how Kyurem’s forms work or when the game will be released).

But you’re going to have to take their word on that, since they don’t seem to give a source and ‘announcement’ in the context of Pokemon doesn’t always exactly mean there’ll be something big planned.

Still, what do you think the announcement will be about?



(at the current time see the news posted on Saturday).

Mystery New Game from Square Enix; Possibly Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles 3DS?

Long title but accurate none the less, Square have released a new video/trailer and a teaser site for a mystery new game coming in future.  You can see the video below if you want to see what they’ve shown:

There’s some fairly nice looking character art there and supposedly some key words mentioned like ‘crystal’ and ‘summons’, implying it could be a sequel to the Crystal Chronicles games which were fairly popular in the last generation.  Then again, considering how both those words mentioned could easily be applied to any JRPG of the last decade, it could be just about anything.

Masaki Hirooka and Yusuke Naora are credited with the artwork for this game.  Their previous works include games like Final Fantasy VI and VII as well as Chrono Trigger, one Romancing Saga game and Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia.  That’s a very diverse and rather interesting portfolio they have between them, with all evidence suggesting this game is probably going to be an extremely good RPG.

Oh and yes I don’t technically know it’s a 3DS game.  But come on, it seems as good a guess as any given that JRPGs in general tend to do better on handheld consoles and that the Playstation Vita probably doesn’t yet have the level of sales required to support a blockbuster title.

Still, what do you think of this game?  I think it looks like it could be interesting enough, and we can never happen too many good RPGs.