New Pokemon Black and White 2 Magazine Scans

So, these new scans of Coro Coro magazine (a Japanese video games magazine) have been recently uploaded to the internet, and they show us what the box art for the game will be in Japan.  They’re not of the best quality (presumably the person who uploaded them just photographed the magazine pages rather than actually scanning them), but they’re interesting enough regardless.

The Japanese box art is clear at the top left and bottom right of the picture, with the former being that for Pokemon Black version 2 and the latter Pokemon White version 2.  They seem to just be the same as the first game except with the new Kyurem forms on the box where Zekrom and Reshiram once were.

The second one has a bit more (currently unreadable) information about Pokemon Black and White 2, as well as information on the Keldeo event in gen 5 in general.  Seems interesting enough, although I have to admit Keldeo has never been an event Pokemon I’ve ever wanted to use in the games, and I’d probably have preferred them to reveal Genesect.

None the less, that’s the box art for the games in Japan (and knowing how similar the versions in other regions will be, we’ll just get the same design in English), as well as some other information about the games and a legendary Pokemon event.  What do you think of this news?

Get fat with Kid Icarus!

If you live in Japan, and you have a copy of Kid Icarus Uprising, Nintendo just made collecting AR cards a lot more fun. Nintendo released chocolates based off of Kid Icarus Uprising. With every bag contains an AR card, so Japanese gamers can eat chocolate while they scan their cards.

In the US, however, extra AR cards will only be given out at special events. Though you can always just scan the Japanese chocolate ones online, which is what I can see a lot of people doing. They sure are going all out for this game, aren’t they?

Is Kirby 3D on the way for 3DS as well?

Different site this time, and no evidence of the game being for pre order in shops, but it sounds interesting regardless.

Apparently now an Italian retailer has listed some other ‘unannounced’ games for the 3DS as well, such as Kirby 3D, Final Fantasy 3D and Dragonball 3D.

It’s not exactly evidence these games exist in any form, although I do find it interesting that they’re letting people pre order the titles and that the Kirby ‘game’ even has a five star rating on the same page.

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Fire Emblem Awakening; New Character Art and Magazine Scan

Not that I have a clue who any of these characters are due to their character bios being written in Japanese, but it’s a bunch of new artwork fans of the series will probably want to see anyway (and that fan sites will arguably want to archive):

Finally, we also have the magazine scan, which shows more pictures and screenshots of the game.  Probably more information too, but I can’t read any of it due to having absolutely no grasp of the Japanese language whatsoever.

Still, that’s some Fire Emblem stuff for you.  What do you think of this artwork and the magazine scan provided?

Should a 3D Mario Platformer with Co-op be released on 3DS?

With the rise in the number of 2D platformers with a multiplayer option (New Super Mario Bros Wii, Donkey Kong Country Returns and Kirby’s Return to Dreamland being key examples), I personally think now would be a good time to revisit this idea.

First though, here’s a quick history lesson.  You see, Nintendo have been working on trying to implement multiplayer in the 3D Mario platformers for a rather long time.  Indeed, right back in the 90s there was a plan to make a ‘Super Mario 64 2’ on the 64DD, and that was supposed to feature multiple playable characters and at least two player co-op as well.  While no real screens seemed to surface of the game (Nintendo only mentioned the features planned when confirming the game was cancelled), this was what people imagined it would work like:

This April Fool's Day joke illustrates what people imagined Mario 64 2's co-op to be

They then tried again those years later in Super Mario 64 DS (remember it was called Super Mario 64 x 4 at one point after all).  Yet alas, while we got cool screens like the one showing all four playable heroes flying around with the wing cap at once, the game itself was a strictly single player affair outside of a boring, limited multiplayer mode.

Isn't this what Mario fans once dreamed of?

But since then, Nintendo has never even tried to bring co-op into the 3D Mario games (outside the 2nd person being able to move a cursor around in the Mario Galaxy series).  However, here’s why I think a 3D Mario platformer with such a feature should be released on the 3DS at some point in the future.

1. The 3DS is the first handheld with new 3D Mario games, and it avoids camera issues

The first point being what makes such a game feasible (Super Mario 3D Land was the first ‘new’ handheld 3D Mario game after all), the second being what makes it possible.

So why is the camera such a problem usually?  Well, let me explain.  In a platformer which has co-op multiplayer, or any such game with the feature in general, you need to be able to keep all players on screen at the same time.  In a 2D game, this usually works by having the camera generally follow the player in the lead (or player 1 if such a designation exists) while sort of zooming out the camera to show everyone up to a certain point.  Then, if you’re too far away you’re either killed or warped to the group/first player.  Think of how New Super Mario Bros Wii, Super Smash Bros Brawl’s Subspace Emissary or Donkey Kong Country Returns does it.

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