Nintendo announces what glitches are being fixed in Mario Kart 7

Yeah, there’s a notice here about it:

Apparently Wuhu Mountain Loop, Wuhu Island Loop and Bowser Castle 1 are being fixed and the shortcuts patched out of them.  Glad to see they’ve realised more than just Maka Wuhu have game breaking bugs, don’t you agree?

So to recap, these three will be fixed:

However, there’s still a minor issue, namely that these two won’t be fixed (the shortcuts in Koopa Cape and DK Jungle):

Now DK Jungle’s glitch I see basically being useless online given how it’s right near the end of the track, but I do fear that if someone can consistently pull off the Koopa Cape one, it could easily be the next major exploit.  That’d be terrible really, considering how ridiculously imprecise and how annoyingly hard the glitch is to get working.

Also interestingly, it says in online multiplayer these glitches will be eliminated, not offline.  So presumably you can still use them in time trials or gp mode, just not against other players?

Still, it’s better than I thought it’d be, since Nintendo is at least removing three major glitches rather than just the most well known one.  This way we at least won’t end up with Wuhu Island Loop or Bowser Castle 1 spammed online in place on Wuhu Mountain Loop, right?

Congrats to Nintendo on fixing these glitches and seemingly not doing a half assed job of it.

Dev resigns from N3DS Daily Staff

Yes, I’m sorry. Unfortunately, I cannot deliver the daily N3DSC news due to
A) Too little time
B) Nin sucking it all up like a high-speed vacuum cleaner
So yeah. Just a little notification of my resignation from N3DSC Daily. So remove my privelidges and whatnot. I had a great time posting next to nothing 😛

Capcom bringing another Resident Evil title to 3DS this year?

Liked The Mercenaries and Resident Evil Revelations and want a sequel?  Well it looks like you may be in luck if the rumours of a sequel turn out to be true.

Yes, it’s rumoured that Capcom is working on a third Resident Evil game which will be coming out for the 3DS this year.  It’d be called Resident Evil Downfall, it’d take place between the fifth and sixth games of the standard series and contain two movies in 3D. And have something to do with the downfall of humanity due to the zombies/mutants or whatever.

Be aware however that this is just a rumour, there’s no current evidence for the game’s existance and that apparently the source that mentioned this mystery game was in Polish, hence may have been mistranslated.  None the less, if a new Resident Evil game was coming out on the 3DS, would you be excited for it?  Because I have to say myself that yet another one would certainly be proof the 3DS is getting some fantastic games even at this early point in its lifespan.


Someone’s making a browser based MMORPG for the 3DS?

Of all the types of fan projects to try and make, this seems like one of the crazier (but much cooler) ones.  These guys are trying to make a MMORPG type game for the 3DS, which means without use of flash or java.

It looks basic as of now (then again, it’s pretty much an indie game project, you can’t expect them to have professional artists on staff trying to get their game to match the look of World of Warcraft), but it’s an impressive concept regardless.

You can find their project website here:

You’ll need a 3DS Plaza account or whatever to play it, so if you intend to go testing it out you may as well make an account while you’re using a standard web browser rather than trying to do so through the 3DS.

It’s an impressive project, what do you think of it?

Mario Tennis Open; New Screenshots

Well, they’re not really new, I just forgot to upload them a few days ago.  But here they are anyway:

The Mii customisation options.  No idea what any of this means since the menu is entirely in Japanese, but I presume the pie charts to the right show their stats or something.

A match on the Peach’s Castle court.  Apparently this place is designed so the ball bounces really fast but not particularly high, making it a tough court to win on.

The ice court.  Looks nice enough, although we’ve seen this same court in enough screenshots that there’s not much to comment on.

Although apparently the ball bounces highest here for whatever reason.

The Mushroom Valley court, in the midst of a standard tennis game.

Showing a Mii playing alongside Mario and co.

Donkey Kong’s jungle court again. Apparently, there’s absolutely nothing special about this place, it just acts like the standard tennis court does.

Well, hope the screenshots were interesting enough, and this site should hopefully have a review of the game some time in the future.