CoroCoro holds competition to win Special 3DS

Obviously it’s going to be difficult to enter this unless you’re Japanese, but for the 35th anniversary of the magazine’s launch they’ve decided to team up with Nintendo and give one lucky contest winner a special 3DS.

Above: A very nice special edition 3DS for fans of CoroCoro Magazine.

As you can see in the picture, the 3DS is decorated with icons and decals relating to the magazine’s 35th anniversary and it looks pretty nice to boot.  Wish Nintendo magazines in other countries did this, can you imagine how cool it’d be if Official Nintendo Magazine or Nintendo Power or N Gamer did something like this?

You’ll be able to find out how to enter the contest in the next issue available April 14th.

Here’s hoping someone wins the console and good luck to anyone entering the contest.


Sakurai teases Kid Icarus Uprising AR Code Pack for Europe

He’s just posted this picture of some AR codes for the game on his Twitter account, and mentions something about Nintendo of Europe in the description:

Here’s what he says about the picture in Japanese:

Nintendo of Europeから、パルテナARカードのヨーロッパ版サンプルをもらった。名前が5ヶ国語で書いてあったり、それに伴いカードが少し大きかったりする。

Apparently he got these from Nintendo of Europe for reasons unknown and said that the cards were a little larger and written in five languages, or something similar.

I’m not sure what he means here, the cards all have descriptions in all possible languages?  For a video game that makes sense, but for AR cards?  Something seems like it’s been lost in translation here.

Still, what d you think of the cards, and what he’s saying about them?


Mass effect 3 branded as a sham

A war game made by bioware, Mass effect 3 was branded a sham when it was found that several details about the game were, in fact, fabricated by the developers. Apparently there were 17 diffrent endings; there were only 3. Apparently whatever you did in the game would affect the outcome of the endings. They don’t. As a result, Mass effect 3 and Bioware are being heavily critisied for the lack of honesty displayed before the game’s launch. Source:

Bit Trip Runner 2 coming to Wii U?

Bit Trip Runner 2, having recently pushed back to a November release, has been subject to the possibility of a Wii U port. This is not a definite confirmation, but definitely a possibility.

Gaijin Games artist Mike Roush says:

(A Wii U version is) definitely something we’re thinking about. My guess is we will always be with Nintendo. Everyone at Gaijin Games is a Nintendo fanboy, so we will most likely continue that relationship in the future. We’ll make one game and cross-platform it to the best of our ability. When we made these decisions we never knew about Wii U. So rather than us ‘leaving Nintendo’, it’s that these decisions were made a year ago. We would never leave Nintendo, we love them to death.

I personally never got into the Bit Trip series, but this is good news for anyone who is a fan of said series.

More Mario Kart 7 Glitches

Not so much shortcuts, in fact one of these is the very definition of an ‘anti shortcut’ in some way.

First of all, a glider speed trick at Toad Circuit:

Apparently you gain speed and shoot down and forward when the kart gets out of the ‘stuck’ state.  You can also end up inside the ground if it goes wrong, which is interesting.

But that’s not the only interesting new Mario Kart glitch around…

This trick at Maple Treeway is kind of hilarious:

Above: One cool glitch with some interesting uses.

Yes you saw that happen, he jumped from the last part with the houses and glider ramp all the way BACK to where you land afterthe barrel cannon.  Even better, it’s a real glitch, I did it just now and ended up back at the exact same place.  Even Lakitu accepts you’re going the right way once you land.

But seeing as you end all the way near the start of the level and effectively wasted a third of a lap, you really do not want to do this in any setting outside of time trials.  Nice glitch though.

One cunning Japanese hoaxer did find a use for the above glitch though, to fake a new ultimate shortcut in the same track.  You see, you can also find this video on Youtube as well which supposedly shows a massive glitch that can break Maple Treeway.  Initially I assume people will panic and assume the worst:

Above: If this was in English, everyone would be in panic mode by now.

But note a few factors.  Like how his time is suspiciously high for so early in the lap (I assume he’s on lap 2 or something, but still).  Or how if you try and jump off the track in this exact same spot you’ll either get put back right before the Wigglers (98% of the time) or the middle of the turn before (2% of the time).

So I then rewatched the first video and thought ‘maybe he used this glitch to set up the ‘shortcut’.  And then I used the same glitch, got back to the spot and jumped off again…

Voila, now Metal Mario was placed on the bridge below.  Pretty cunning way to fake a Mario Kart 7 shortcut, don’t you think?  Race round most of the track, glitch back to an earlier section then fall off with the correct timing.

What breaks the illusion even more is that one you end up ‘back’ on the earlier section of track, the game thinks you’re still by the bridge/glider ramp.  So you don’t need to fall at any one particular point, just by falling off the track ANYWHERE you end up in that exact same spot on the exact same bridge. To prove this I even raced past the Wiggler filled mud section and following boost pads and then fell off the track there, and I still ended up at the same spot from the video.

This guy demonstrates what I mean:

Above: Taking apart fraudulent Mario Kart shortcuts like Mystery Inc take down fake ghosts.

With that all said, two more interesting glitches in Mario Kart 7.  Nothing game breaking yet, but give it time, since it took months for Mario Kart Wii’s latest glitch shortcuts to be found (they only found the later Mario Circuit and Coconut Mall ones after people generally stopped playing the game).

Above: Very few people probably cared about this one now, the hackers got to the game before the glitch could be used to break online.

Still, what do you think of these new glitches?  And more interesting, what track do you see as being next to have an ‘ultra shortcut’ found for it?