How about a Zelda version of Super Mario All Stars for 3DS?

No, not Link exploring the Mushroom Kingdom, I mean a sort of compilation of the first few games in the Legend of Zelda series with new graphics, music, better save system and various additional features like the ones added by the Super Mario Advance series to Mario games.

We’ve had it a ton with the Mario series (Super Mario All Stars, Super Mario Bros DX, Super Mario Advance series and Super Mario 64 DS).  We’ve had it a few times with the Kirby series (Nightmare in Dream Land and Super Star Ultra) and with the Pokemon series (Fire Red/Leaf Green and Heart Gold/Soul Silver), but we’ve never really a proper Legend of Zelda version.  Sure there was the Link to the Past rerelease for GBA which added a dungeon and Four Swords, but that’s a seperate game being included free and the general structure of the original being left intact.  There was Ocarina of Time 3D and its improvements (only one game) and those Japan only BS Legend of Zelda games:

Unfortunately, because the Satellaview was pretty much a complete failure, the games never left Japan and most of the interesting features are now lost to the ages due to the satellite thing being shut down.  Not to mention, it had a few awkward changes that probably shouldn’t be included in a Zelda remake (not being able to save mid session being one of them).

So what kind of features should be included?  Well first and foremost, they should entirely update/redo the graphics for them.  Link to the Past looks okay (although it could be made to look even better nowadays), but the original two games really are dying for a proper makeover, since they’ve dated to the point a lot of the atmosphere they had in the NES days isn’t really there any more, especially for younger gamers.

Above: A fantastic game, but imagine how awesome a 3DS or even downloadable remake would be with the graphics brought up to modern standards!

So ideally, I’d like to see the games remade to look like they would if they were made for the 3DS today.  Still top down with the same general gameplay and world design, just with graphics of an even better quality than the Minish Cap and DS Zelda titles.  I mean, it worked wonders for Mario:

It’d be really interesting to see a modern take on Zelda 2 as well, since that game never even got a remake on the Satellaview as far as I recall, and has never been remade with modern looking graphics and music.

The music could also be improved like it was in Super Mario All Stars and the various other Nintendo remakes.  Does the music in the later versions sound better or have the charm of the originals?  Up for debate apparently, but you have to admit the remixed music does often sound pretty cool.




Of course, all the music above comes from GBA era games, imagine how awesome it’d be if a Zelda version of Mario All Stars actually orchestrated the music from the original Legend of Zelda games!  Remember this remix of the original game’s title screen music from Super Smash Bros Brawl?

Imagine if they redone the entire soundtrack to that quality.  Then did the same for Zelda 2 and Link to the Past, and maybe various other games.

But nowadays, a remake of purely the graphics and music isn’t exactly the greatest idea ever.  However, imagine if as well as redoing the graphics and music, they also added various other features and additions like they did the Super Mario Advance series and Kirby Supr Star Ultra!

We could have the additional events and gimmicks from the Satellaview games.

Perhaps even some difficult additional dungeons like the ones in the Four Swords Anniversary Edition game.  You know how we had the Hero’s Trial and how it was the most difficult dungeon in much of Legend of Zelda history?  Imagine if the other games had something like this as well to really test people who’ve mastered the original. Link to the Past could get the Palace of the Four Sword found in the GBA version (and perhaps have it unlocked only if you’ve beaten the free anniversary edition of Four Swords available on the eShop).  Maybe the others could get things like a boss rush too like in Ocarina of Time 3D and Skyward Sword complete with records and it saving your best time.

There would also be the usual bug fixes and things to remove any places where you can get stuck forever due to using items in the wrong order or the game messing up.  Like what they did with Link’s Awakening DX and the Super Mario All Stars series to avoid you get trapped due to opening the wrong door with a certain key.

Obviously some 3D would be used, albeit tastefully in a way similar to how its used in the 3D classics series.

Heck, maybe even throw it a second quest/Master Quest for the second and third games, since only the original had one.  Of course, since it’s always been annoying how the original sent you straight to the second quest after the final boss, hopefully Nintendo would change this so you choose what save file is used for it. So if you want your first quest data on file 1 and your second quest data on file 2, that should be possible.  Just like how it worked once you beat the Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker.

They can then bring back some of the minor changes from Master Quest, like having enemies do double damage.

So yeah, forget a Link to the Past remake or Majora’s Mask 3D, I’d ideally want a Super Mario All Stars style remake/compilation of the first few games in the Zelda series with various additions and remade graphics and music on 3DS.  It’d be a great introduction to the NES era games for the people who grew up playing Ocarina of Time or onwards as well, don’t you think?

Does anyone else think this is a good idea?

Epic Mickey the Power of Illusion; More Screenshots!

They show more Disney characters featured in the game too, like Jiminy Cricket (from Pinocchio) and Tinkerbell (from Peter Pan), as well as the ‘no not Malecifent honest’ character Mizrabel, who was the villain in the original Castle of Illusion game.  Have a look:

Why does the main villain in this series always seem to take the appearance of a random well known female Disney villain?

Wondered what a Pinocchio, Mickey Mouse and Beauty and the Beast crossover would look like? Well here’s your answer. Interesting, Mr Cricket doesn’t seem to even show up on the top screen, and it looks a bit odd if you ask me.

Another screenshot. Seems to be of a haunted house/castle level, and helps confirm that those weird Mushroom creatures seem to be enemies.

Travelling across the rooftops.  I’m going to assume this level is based on Peter Pan, the short part of the story before they reached Neverland.  More Mushroom enemies too, and they look really out of place in this location.

Mickey talks to Goofy on the pirate ship.  Of interest are the Pete shaped Thwomp like creatures, there’s definitely some inspiration taken from the Mario series in this area!

So yeah, there are some new screenshots of Epic Mickey the Power of Illusion.  It really does look like a neat 2D platformer, with a fantastic art style and a level of charm almost unheard of  in today’s 2D platformers.  And hey, it’s even a crossover without all the angst and drama of the Kingdom Hearts series, which is nice to see!

Want another Golden Sun game? Make yourself heard!

You know how people were thinking Golden Sun Dark Dawn was the end of the series and how the fans still want more games?  Well Camelot’s response to that is quite interesting, it’s that if enough people request one, they’ll presumably make a sequel.

From an interview about Mario Tennis Open (because the same company made that game and Golden Sun), they said this:

A big reason for us making RPGs comes from the requests from all the people who have enjoyed our RPGs in the past. Perhaps if there are enough Nintendo users asking for another game in the Golden Sun series, then this will naturally lead to the development of such a game.


But of course, if there are enough people saying that we really must create another game, then we may just have to listen to them. Still, you would need to give me a bit of time to work on ideas for the story before we could release a fourth game in the series.

You know what this means!  Want another Golden Sun game?  Go begging Camelot for one and start your petitions now!  As they said themselves, if enough people request one, Camelot might have to give in and make one!


Animal Crossing 3DS still in development

Good news Animal Crossing fans!  Despite the game being a complete no show at this year’s E3 and all the fears about what happened to the game (understandable given how nothing has been said about it for a few months), Nintendo of America/Reggie can at least confirm the game is still in development.

As they said:

Animal Crossing is a game that is in development.

So look on the bright side everyone, it’s now confirmed the game isn’t cancelled, just being worked on and presumably delayed a bit longer.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate; More News (possible release date confirmed)

Two main things to see here.  First of all, here’s another piece of artwork that goes with the game, presumably one which Konami have officially released quite recently:

The next and more interesting bit of news however is a bit more interesting, at least to the people who visit this site.  Apparently, it’s rumoured it’ll be released on September 30th of this year.

Considering it’s a Spanish gaming site, it’s best to presume that this date would be the one used for the PAL version’s release, aka the release date in the UK/France/Spain/Germany/anywhere else in the general region. It seems like quite a plausible release date too, given that most new 3DS games shown at this year’s E3 seem to be coming out sometime during September, and it’d make quite a bit of sense in general for this title to come out just a month before halloween.

So what do other people here think of the latest artwork released?  And is September 30th a likely release date for Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate?