New 3DS Game Trailers (eShop games)!

Just some pretty neat trailers for minor 3DS games and various eShop specific ones that have just been uploaded on our Youtube channel.

Vampire Life

Here are two trailers (in one video) for the game Vampire Life.

Smash Heroes

A trailer for the eShop game Smash Heroes (nothing to do with Smash Bros, despite the name):

Arc Style Free Cell

Obviously, it’s a virtual card game.  Hooray.

Spy Hunter Debut Trailer

For some reason only the publisher knows, they’re rebooting an arcade classic as a 3DS game.  You might recognise it from the site’s arcade.

Finally, here’s an ominous sounding but extremely short teaser trailer for Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate and Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2:

Did these various trailers interest you?  Most aren’t for well known games, but here’s hoping some of the titles shown turn out to be at least half decent cult classics, even if likely not the next Mario.

New Kingdom Hearts 3D Trailer (for E3)!

Supposedly, this is a leaked trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3D that wasn’t supposed to be available online yet, but I re-uploaded it anyway.  It looks pretty good I’d say (the game), although I’ll be the first to admit Kingdom Hearts has never really interested me too much as a series.

Here’s the trailer:

What do you think of this Kingdom Hearts 3D trailer?

Rabbids Rumble; Screenshots, Box art and more

That Rabbids game Ubisoft said they were making for the 3DS?  Well it seems like it’s real, since they’ve just recently released new screenshots and artwork of it online, showing all kinds of mini game related stuff.

And yes, it’s more mini games I think, not an action game like Rabbids go home was (wasn’t that supposed to be the last damn Rabbids game?)

Here are some screens:

So yeah, more mini games and stuff I suppose.  Not a game I plan to buy, but I guess the series does have some fans for new games to still be in development even for the 3DS, right?

Anyone want this game?

So Zelda 2 is coming to eShop… who cares?

I sure don’t, because its presence in the eShop shows the two biggest mistakes Nintendo are making with this whole virtual console lark.  They are:

1. Selling the same game on every possible system and not letting you transfer them

People, we already bought Zelda 2 on the Virtual Console on the Wii, and many of us probably also own it on that old bonus disc you got in the Gamecube era.  We don’t want to buy yet another copy of the same game we already own just to play it on our 3DS.  Instead, we want to be able to save the game to an SD card, then just slot the card into every new Nintendo console from here on out and be able to immediately start playing for ‘free’.

Is this that difficult a concept to understand?  Or is Nintendo so obsessed with money and driven by greed they want everyone to own about fifty copies of every NES era game under the sun?

2. The effort used to rerelease NES games could be used to rerelease Game Boy games like the Oracle series

Come on, Nintendo’s already been releasing some Game Boy games, but that’s hardly all the good ones.  Instead of wasting more time and effort on releasing a bunch of NES games people own on numerous other consoles, they should start making available all the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance era classics that people want to rebuy/replay but can’t.

So instead of wasting time and effort on yet more copies of NES Zelda games, why not release Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons and Minish Cap?  Then just let people transfer the NES games from the Wii’s Virtual Console, and I can guarantee Zelda fans would be extremely grateful for it.

Still, it’s coming out some time soon, so here are some screenshots from the official game page on the Nintendo of Japan website:

So yes, another NES era Zelda game’s available on the 3DS eShop, even if a million more worthy games could have been released instead.

Shin Megami Tensei IV Confirmed, Artwork and Screenshots Inside

Yes, another Shin Megami Tensei game has been announced, this time for the 3DS.  It’s technically not the fourth game in the series despite the name (a DS spinoff was released at one point, as was a MMORPG based on the series with the same franchise name), but I guess it’s counted as ‘true’ sequel by Atlus.

The official teaser site can be seen here:

I have no idea about the series or what the gameplay of any of these games are like, although I do recall hearing they have some fantastic music.

Still, it seems like an interesting enough new 3DS game, here’s hoping we hear a bit more about it this E3.