HMV Mistakenly advertises dual circle pad 3DS XL!

Wishful thinking perhaps? Or maybe just someone on their design team looking online and making the mistake of assuming fan made mockups were pictures of the real deal.

Above: The mistaken image.  Looks like they just found a random fake image on Google Images for this one…

Either way, it looks like someone at British retailer HMV is going to be in trouble or losing their job soon, since their instore advertising for the 3DS XL shows it as having two circle pads whereas the real device still only has one.

They can’t get out of it and keep the sign up either, it even clearly points out the second circle pad as a new feature of the 3DS XL!  In their own words:

‘Second circle pad; ideal for left handed players’

This a great example of why you need to do your research properly and check reliable sources rather than taking the first image you find off Google images.  In fact, I just did a search for the system right now and located the very image HMV printed off:


Looks like it comes from an old article by CNet asia, whic even credits the above ‘photo’ to Nintendo.  Seems like at least two well known companies couldn’t be bothered to do their research properly and fell for a fan mock up thinking it was the genuine article.

So yes, HMV screwed up, and it’s all the more funny for us all.  Here’s hoping no left handed Nintendo gamers went to buy one because of the misleading advertisement!


New iPhone game blatantly rips off Pokemon; Little Masters

Remember how a few months ago there was a lot of outcry about clones of Nintendo games making their way to the app store (like Mole Kart and those various New Super Mario Bros ripoffs)?  Well now it looks like we can add Pokemon to the list of franchises cloned for the iOS devices thanks to a new game called Little Masters! You can almost see the blatant similarities a mile off…

Wait, this isn’t Pokemon?

Looks just like either gen 3 or 4, doesn’t it?  Seriously, the art style just screams Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire or Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, with many of the background objects and decorations looking suspiciously like they’ve been ripped from the Pokemon series and merely edited/tweaked a bit to change their appearance ever so slightly.

And the similarities don’t seem to end there.  The game uses the exact same stats for the monsters as they do in Pokemon.  The monsters shown in the menu look like blatant ripoffs of Charmander and Mudkip and even things like the text seem to be near identical to that used in the actual Pokemon series.

It only gets worse when you see the layout of the battle screens:

Oh come on.  The life bars look like they’ve been ripped straight from a Pokemon game and recoloured, and they even have the same circles the monsters stand on and the same freaking types!  Call me a tad cynical, but are you really telling me it was a complete coincidence they came up with normal, dark and poison types, that the creatures stand on the same circle icons as in recent Pokemon battles and the lifebars look near enough identical?  Even the way the level number is given as ‘lv 17’ looks like a rip off.

And to those people saying how there’s nothing wrong with this and how Nintendo can’t do anything because many series like Digimon and Monster Rancher exist?  I think you’re being wilfully blind if you think this is different enough from Pokemon to avoid a lawsuit.  At least Digimon is massively different in various ways such as having the adventures take place in a virtual world in a computer system and having a very different style of combat, this is basically a Pokemon rom hack with the old characters switched out for suspiciously similar substitutes.  That didn’t work for Mole Kart, it didn’t work for that old Chinese copy of Super Mario Galaxy and it didn’t work for the Mario rip off starring a leprechaun.  It won’t work now, and I suspect if this game gets allowed on the app store Nintendo’s legal team will come down on it like a ton of bricks.

It also has the much maligned feature of many a ‘casual’ game where you can buy in game currency for real money.  Don’t know what else might use this feature, but I have to say I’m pretty glad Pokemon doesn’t do this.

Still, as I mentioned above, there is a sort of silver lining here, namely that the game hasn’t been accepted yet.  So there’s still a good chance Apple’s review team might take one look at it, notice all the similarities to Pokemon and decline the game for possible copyright/trademark infringement, but who knows.  Just let it be said that this game is far too close to Pokemon as of now to be seen as anything bar a rip off or poor man’s substitute.


Thanks to the former link for two of the images.

Thoughts on the VG Tribune Super Smash Bros Character Poll; Questionable Choices Abound!

Well, I think everyone now knows of VG Tribune’s poll where they asked what characters should be in Super Smash Bros, right?  Well here are my thoughts on all the characters listed and whether they should be in Super Smash Bros 4.  And not surprisingly, the answer to most of them is ‘no way in hell’.

Oh, and for those who are late to the party and haven’t voted, here’s the link:

It’s probably crashed for the two millionth time today due to all the people talking about it on Twitter and various 4chan users trying to send hundreds of automated votes for whatever random Nintendo character they feel should be winning this hour, so if the page doesn’t load come back in a few minutes and try again.

Let us begin.



He may have only appeared in spinoffs to date, but when has that ever stopped Sakurai from including someone in a Smash Bros game?  He could still either have plenty of attacks cribbed from the Mario sports games he stars in or even an entirely new moveset made up out of wholecloth.

And with Waluigi’s current status as both a fairly popular Mario character (partly thanks to Brawl in the Family) and his status as playable in nearly every spinoff known to man (except Mario Kart 7), he does have some chance of being a playable character in Super Smash Bros and I’d be entirely fine with his inclusion.

However, there is one thing I would like to mention here.  Do we need that many more Mario characters in Super Smash Bros?  Because let’s face it, we’ve already got most of the big name Mario characters playable already, and I’m not sure if adding more would be such a good idea when so many other series desperately need more representation in the Smash Bros series.

But Waluigi does have a chance as a playable character, although he’d hardly be the most interesting addition.



The main hero in the hit Wii game Xenoblade Chronicles, Shulk’s chances of being playable in Super Smash Bros 4 seem pretty good.

Now I do admit there are some problems that mean his chances are a bit lower than say Mega Man or King K Rool.  He’s supposedly not go much personality for one thing, and with own one appearance in video game history maybe he’s a bit new to be chosen as a fighter in a Super Smash Bros game.

But other than that, he does seem likely.  He’s got various moves he could use to fight with, like his sword the Monado.  Xenoblade also has a lot of possibilities for stages and music, with the latter not needing to be changed too much to be fitting in Super Smash Bros 4 due to its high quality.  And with the whole Project Rainfall thing, hype for him and his game is high enough that Nintendo might be consider his inclusion.

Because of this, I think Shulk’s chances of being a playable character in Super Smash Bros 4 are excellent.


You know, the guy from Pokemon Black and White and Pokemon Black and White 2 who wanted to ‘liberate’ all Pokemon by freeing them from their trainers.  The one who was supposedly the Team Plasma leader but turned out to be merely a pawn used by Ghetsis in his plan for world domination.

Well apparently some people want him as a playable character in Super Smash Bros.

Is this plausible?  Good question.  He’s a more plausible new Pokemon character than say Dunsparce, but he’s still only a character who appeared in one generation of six and hasn’t been shown to be a series regular yet.  On the other hand, he could have some interesting moves if he was treated like an alternate version of Pokemon Trainer, and having one of the legendary dragons as one of his Pokemon could make him an original character choice.

In all?  I think he’s got a chance.  Not much of one, but a chance anyway.

King K Rool

K Rool

Probably the most obvious choice for next Donkey Kong character in the Super Smash Bros series, it seems fair to say K Rool’s chances of being playable are extremely high.  He’s well loved in both Japan and the US, hence will rank high on most popularity polls ever made.  He’s got a vast variety of moves and attacks that could be carried over, and even three different disguises he could use if alternate costumes become more of a feature this time around.

Not to mention his boss battle music would work quite well for a stage, and that any of his final boss arenas could be made into a Smash Bros stage with very little effort.

With all that said, King K Rool looks pretty much like an incredibly likely character for a future Super Smash Bros game, and he probably should have been included in Brawl to be perfectly honest.



Oh yes, it’s the one off Zelda character everyone seems think should be a Smash Bros fighter!  Where on Earth have we heard this before?

*Thinks back to Brawl and the pre release hype*

Ah yes!  Remember when everyone was saying how awesome it would be if either Zant or Midna was a playable character?  Yeah, until the next Zelda game came along and their ten minutes of fame abruptly ended.

This happens with every Zelda game.  There’s always an ‘ensemble darkhorse’ who people want to see more of.  Wind Waker?  Tetra.  Phantom Hourglass?  Linebeck.  Spirit Tracks?  Byrne. Majora’s Mask?  Skullki…

*Looks down the list*

Oh wait.

But the point still stands.  Super Smash Bros 4 will be a good few years away.  In that time, a new Zelda game could easily be released (especially a handheld one), and there’ll be a new fan favourite everyone will want in Super Smash Bros 4, with Ghirahim forgotten as a distant memory.

Because of this, I doubt Ghirahim will be playable simply because his popularity is fleeting, the whole character is kind of a fad that’ll pass before Super Smash Bros 4 is out.  If the game was coming in a year or two, then yes Ghirahim might have a shot due to relevance, but at the moment his chances look slim.



Well, he was inevitably going to be on the list, people have wanted Ridley as playable in Super Smash Bros since at least Melee.

But would he have a chance at making in?  Well honestly, I think he might.  So what if he’s massive in the original Metroid games?  Bowser’s always generally been huge in the Mario series, yet they manage to tone him down for Smash Bros and Mario Kart just fine.  And Olimar and Kirby are only a few inches tall in their original games, but it doesn’t stop them being made the size of the rest of the cast for their appearances in Super Smash Bros.

In addition to this, he’s also arguably the most important character in the series after Samus herself, hence if Nintendo is going to include absolutely anyone else from the franchise it’s most likely going to be him.  So yes, Ridley does have a pretty decent chance of being made a playable character in Super Smash Bros 4.


Yes, the goddess who Pit serves in the Kid Icarus Uprising series has been suggested as a new playable character in the Super Smash Bros series. And to be honest, I think she does have some sort of chance.  She’s the second or third most known/important character in the Kid Icarus series, and that series has been revived by Sakurai’s own studio Sora Inc with Kid Icarus Uprising on the 3DS.

Because of this, it does seem quite likely a new character from the series might be in Super Smash Bros 4, and Palutena does seem like a possible character choice.

So yes, her chances are okay.

Professor Layton

Will the good professor from the eponymous puzzle game series be a new playable character in a future Smash Bros game?  Well to be honest, I think his chances are decent enough.

On the one hand, he’s from a rather well known series that has sold many millions of consoles and I’m almost certain someone from Level 5 said him being in Super Smash Bros would be something they’d be fine with.  And while his games usually don’t involve that much fighting, he has fought in the past and apparently does show some skill in fencing, which could be useful if he was made a fighter in Super Smash Bros 4.

However, I’m not sure whether him being in a game like Super Smash Bros would be that much in character, and the concept of him suddenly happily beating the heck out of everyone might seem a tad jarring to people who actually played his games.

Still, I think he might well be a playable character in the next Smash Bros games, and the fact his creators think this could be a decent idea can only help, right?

Travis Touchdown

Say what? The guy from No More Heroes as a playable character in Super Smash Bros 4.

Sorry, I doubt it’ll happen.  Not only is the series he’s from rated quite high age rating wise (rated M), it’s also not a particularly popular one and also not made by Nintendo.  With those factors stacked against him, I really doubt Nintendo is going to decide to include him in any Smash Bros games from here on out.



Ah Geno.  God people seem to be obsessed with this guy despite the fact he hasn’t been relevant in about twenty years and has appeared in only one game with an important role.

Somehow, I kind of doubt he’d be a plausible choice of new character for Super Smash Bros 4.  He’s owned by Square Enix and hence a third party character, so Nintendo couldn’t just revive him and bring him back to please his fans without quite a bit of legal work, and if Square Enix was going to have anyone to represent them in Super Smash Bros there are a million and one possible characters that seem more likely (any Final Fantasy character, Slime from Dragon Quest, Chrono from Chrono Trigger…)  His chances are slim to none at this point.

Also, before you go petitioning Nintendo to add him and get the rights for the character for Super Smash Bros 4, please keep in mind that to do so would pretty much mean screwing Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana and the World Ends with You out of any form of representation.  Is that a risk you’re willing to take?



Aka the main star of the first Golden Sun game, as well as a playable character met halfway into the story in the next two.

Is Isaac a likely inclusion?  Possibly.  On the one hand he was already an assist trophy in Brawl and the Golden Sun series has been successful enough that it could do with being referenced more in Super Smash Bros.

But on the other hand, I heard Dark Dawn didn’t do too well sales wise and the series has lost quite a bit of popularity over the years, hence his chances are not quite as good as some other characters listed on the poll.

Still, he has somewhat of a chance, and if Golden Sun does get a playable character there’s at least a 99.99% chance he’ll be it.

Tom Nook

Err, something tells me he’s an unlikely choice for a new character. That’s not because Animal Crossing isn’t an important series, it’s just that he doesn’t seem much like a fighter not seem to have much to make a moveset based on.

In addition to this, there were some quotes from Sakurai and co that they didn’t see Animal Crossing as a violent series and hence didn’t put an Animal Crossing character as a fighter in Super Smash Bros 4.  This would probably apply double to this guy.

His chances?  Better than Dunsparce, but still fairly low regardless.  I suspect Animal Crossing will just get a stage and trophies in Smash Bros 4.

Mega Man

Mega Man

Obvious choice for next third party character here, since Mega Man matches the style and gameplay of Super Smash Bros perfectly.  He’s an easily character to design a moveset for due to all his weapons and abilities in at least 11 games (maybe more like 20, he had various Game Boy games and spinoffs too), almost any level or boss’ music could be remixed and reused as background music in a Mega Man stage and would work perfectly for a battle theme, and Wily just desperately screams ‘boss to be added in Smash Bros 4’s adventure mode!’

Everything about Mega Man suggests a character and franchise just perfect for Super Smash Bros, and I’d honestly say he’s the most likely new third party character at this point in time.

Little Mac

Little Mac

Another fairly likely new character for Super Smash Bros, Little Mac would be the ideal representative for the Punch Out series.  Not to mention that given how Punch Out is already a fighting games and series and Little Mac is already a pro boxer, he seems like he’d be absolutely perfect for the role of playable character in Super Smash Bros 4.

Everything else works to his advantage too.  His arena could be the boxing ring, the music from Punch Out on the NES, SNES and Wii could be the stage music and his final smash could easily be Giga Mac from the Wii installment.

Yeah, Little Mac’s chances of being a playable character in Super Smash Bros 4 are extremely good, and with the talk of a new ‘retro’ character being included, he seems like a fairly obvious choice.


Aka one of the most popular characters from Mother 3, the sequel game to Earthbound.  He’s the cowboy one, aka the father of Lucas and the playable character in the intro of sorts.  Seems to be pretty popular among the fandom too.

So how likely is he in Super Smash Bros 4?  Well for a Mother/Earthbound character, he’s arguably one of the more popular and likely ones, but I’m not sure that any new characters from said series will ever be added given how the series has come to an end and how most of the games (including Flint’s only game) never left Japan (at least officially).

His chances are hence kind of low, but if they do decide to add another character to represent said series he is probably a fairly likely one.

Skull Kid

Wait, the character from Majora’s Mask is still relevant?  Oh wait, we’re not even talking Majora, we’re talking the Skull Kid who got possessed by the evil mask and wished the moon would fall on Termina.

Still, I don’t see him as likely in a future Smash Bros game.  Skull Kid the character is near enough entirely irrelevant and has appeared just once in the entire series, making him a character of the moment like Ghirahim or Midna. Skull Kid the species is just a generic grunt species seen rarely in three games.  Neither seems likely as the next Zelda character in Super Smash Bros 4.


In case you don’t know who this is, he’s a character from Fire Emblem.  Presumably as the next replacement for Ike, just like how Ike replaced Roy from Melee.

I can’t say much about likely he is, but I’m going to guess fairly, they’ve replaced the second Fire Emblem character once a game so far and I think it’s possible they could replace Roy for the next game.


No seriously.  They do mean Dunsparce the snake like Pokemon from Pokemon Gold and Silver/generation 2, the one you had to search for ages in Dark Cave to find and which has absolutely no use in the meta game whatsoever.

I’m not sure what to say here.  Does he have a chance at being included in Super Smash Bros 4?  You must be joking, of course he doesn’t.  And the very fact he’s in the poll kind of devalues the whole thing and makes it look like a big joke.  I really hope Sakurai doesn’t actually think this creature has a real fandom and decides to throw him in anyway, since he’s pretty much the least notable Pokemon in existance and not at all a good representative of the series.

Oh, and it reminds me way too much of how the L Shaped Tetris block won a GameFAQs character contest all those years ago due to how sick everyone was getting of either Link or Cloud being the winners year after year.

Wario Land 2 Coming to the eShop in Europe!

Right this week too, so if you liked the first Wario Land game and want to try the next one without hunting around for a Game Boy Color, now’s your chance!  If you’re wondering, no the US hasn’t even got the first game on eShop yet, so Nintendo of Europe is at least sticking a bit more closely to the Japanese release schedule.

Here’s what the official press release had to say on the matter:

The retro Game Boy Color title Wario Land II hits the Nintendo eShop this week. Mario’s nemesis Wario will need all the help he can get in recovering his treasure which the ominous Black Sugar Gang have stolen from him. Take control of Wario as he attempts to track his spoils down and claim what is rightfully his in a comical platforming adventure. It is up to you to solve puzzles, play mini-games and look for hidden exits that will lead you to more treasure, different game endings, and even see Wario transformed into a variety of strange guises, such as Zombie Wario, when hit by an enemies attack.

It pretty much sums up much of the game.  You should also be somewhat interested to know that Wario Land II is a pretty unique game in the Wario series in that it’s the only direct sequel ever made.  Yeah, it has many of the same characters and bosses, some remixed music and Captain Syrup as the main villain again, all things that you’ll never find in the rest of the franchise.

But back to the point, if you like platformers and want to try your hand at one of the best ones ever released on the Game Boy, go out and buy Wario Land II when it’s released later this week.  You won’t regret it, and you’ll soon wish Wario Land 3 and 4 could be available to buy as well.


Is Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney being released in December 2012?

Seems like it could be very possible if the listings for the games on various French retailer websites are concerned.  You see, the retailers Cdiscount and Fnac have added the titles with a release date of December 2012 and even Amazon France has amended their listing for the game to say it’s coming soon.

Is this accurate?  Well it’s hard to say at the moment.  Again, it seems unlikely that a video game selling website is going to just put up an incorrect listing due to various potential legal issues, but we have had quite a spate of incorrect website listings for non existant games (remember Donkey Kong 3D anyone?).  Still, if it’s really coming out in Europe late this year, it gives us quite a lot of hope that the game will be getting a US release not long beforehand.

Do you think Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney is being released in Europe in December 2012?