Project X Zone; More Screenshots!

And by more, I don’t mean a lot more, just a few miscellaneous ones found on a Japanese gaming news site.  But they do seem to be pretty new, and Project X Zone does look to be one of the better new 3DS games coming in the future (outside of the various Nintendo made titles), so the screens are here anyway.

One of the few screens that show any of the non battle gameplay there.  Always does seem strange when you realise this is some kind of tactical RPG game and not a fighting game like Super Smash Bros.

Oh, and most of the screens seem to show cut scenes with various characters talking to one another for whatever reason.  Have to say, the way these are set up looks a tad repetitive, although the script itself could be fairly interesting to read.

So there you have it, more screenshots of Project X Zone.  It looks to be a pretty unique new 3DS game, here’s hoping they can sort out any potential legal issues in time to release it outside of Japan!

Freakyforms 1 being removed from the eShop

In a pretty smart (albeit harsh) way to make gamers buy the sequel, Nintendo have announced that they plan to permanently remove the original Freakyforms game from the 3DS eShop next week.  Here’s their reasoning/message on why:


The following software will no longer be available for purchase after 16/08/2012:

– Freakyforms™

The software will contrinue to be available for re-download if you have already purchased it.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

Nintendo eShop Team

Not much of an explanation is it?  Still, I assume it’s meant to be a ‘buy Freakyforms Deluxe or buy nothing at all’ thing, they don’t want people to skip out on buying the sequel to buy the first game for a cheaper price, so they’re removing the original for good.

Still, something seems a bit short sighted about this… is removing the original game from sale really a good idea?  Unless the sequel contains all the levels and elements from the first, wouldn’t that be making a lot of content unavailable and annoying anyone who wanted to try out the original title first?


Inazuma Eleven Compilation announced for 3DS!

It’s a compilation of the first three games in the series, all which were originally released on DS.  Well, sort of, there are actually six games total, but these are apparently just different versions of the same titles, which were originally available on the 3DS seperately.

The game is meant to be a celebration of the 5th anniversary of the series, and will be released on November 15th 2012, at least in Japan.

All in all, this should be great news for fans of the DS games and series in general, who should be desperately hoping for the game’s localisation in other regions (especially if they’re based in the US).  What do you think about this Inazuma Eleven compilation game?

Another look at the Big Mac 3DS Puzzle

Remember how a few days ago I mentioned McDonald’s helped with a new StreetPass Puzzle Swap puzzle, one showing a Big Mac on a plate?  Well it’s now definitely confirmed as real, here’s a video showing it being completed and the finished picture:

The puzzle looks pretty nice (and the burger itself looks tasty), but it doesn’t look like there’s much of a 3D effect to the whole thing.

Here’s hoping this puzzle is released in the US and Europe soon.