Use Colored Ink in Nintendo Letterbox!

Yes, Nintendo have released an update for the program today which lets you use coloured text for your notes if you press left or right on the D Pad.  There are various colours to choose from, but unfortunately it seems like you can only use one of them per note for whatever reason.

Still, it’s nice they updated the program, and the updates entirely free to get from the eShop, so go and download the update now!

Cave Story 3D Has new characters in the Japanese version?

I hope they bring some of these over as free downloadable content or something to anyone who already owns the game, the idea of multiple playable characters in Cave Story is pretty interesting and I’m sure people would otherwise feel a bit jipped they got a worse product than Japanese buyers did.

These new characters are the main character from an arcade game called Crazy Climber, one of the farmers from Sunsoft’s Famicom game Ikki and the protagonist from Falcom’s game Dragon Slayer.

You can see some screenshots showing these characters in action below.

So what do you think?  Is it neat that the Japanese version of Cave Story 3D has more playable characters, or do you think these should have been included in the English release as well?  Is there a chance they could be made available as DLC or something?

Some Fantastic Monster Hunter 4 Concept Art!

Capcom have just released some really nice pieces of concept art for Monster Hunter 4, which can be seen below.

I have to say, I love how all this artwork looks, how vibrant and full of colour and detail everything is, etc.  Really is a good look for the Monster Hunter series, don’t you think?  Pity the actual game probably won’t look quite as cool as the artwork…

What do you think of this new Monster Hunter 4 concept art?

Camelot President wants a Donkey Kong 64 sequel?

Remember Camelot, the company who made the Mario Golf and Tennis games?  Well apparently, when asked what franchises they’d love to work on, their top choice turned out to be the Donkey Kong series and the thing they wanted to make a sequel too was Donkey Kong 64!

Apparently (according to the latest issue of N Gamer), Hiroyuki Takahashi (the president of Camelot) wanted to work on the Donkey Kong series because it ‘would prove really interesting’ since the games are supposedly ‘full of surprises’.

He said in regards to Donkey Kong 64 that he’d ‘love to make a sequel to it’.

Well, I’m all for it.  Donkey Kong 64 wasn’t that bad a game and I think a new 3D platformer of some nature in the Banjo Kazooie style is well overdue in this day and age.  Maybe Grant Kirkhope might be able to get a job over there now he was turned down by Retro Studios, the music was always a really good element of the Nintendo 64 title.  Can anyone say this wasn’t somewhat neat music?

So here’s hoping Donkey Kong 64 gets a 3DS or Wii U sequel with Camelot at the helm!  It doesn’t mean we wouldn’t get a Donkey Kong Country game as well, and hey, maybe we’d get the Kremlings and K Rool back this time round as well!  What do you think?


GameStop Pre Order Bonus for New Super Mario Bros 2; Gold Mario Pin

Seems GameStop are also offering a bonus gift to anyone who pre orders New Super Mario Bros 2, this time a pin depicting Gold Mario.  No, the picture doesn’t give much away, they just posted some official art and said that’s what the gift will look like, but I guess it’s at least something.  Here’s a picture:

It’s not particularly much, and whether it competes with the pendant offered by GAME in the UK is very much debatable.  Still, it’s free when you pre order, so I guess the thought counts in some way.

What do you think?  Are you inclined to pre order the game from GameStop to get your hands on this exclusive bonus pin item?