Sakurai Hints at Mega Man and co in Smash Bros 4?

Well technically, someone on Nsider supposedly sent him a message on Twitter asking for Geno, Mega Man and Isaac (Golden Sun) as playable characters in Smash Bros 4, and Sakurai said something which could be translated as ‘2 out of 3’.

Does this mean 2 of these characters could be in Smash Bros 4?  Part of me suspects they’d choose Mega Man and Isaac if this turns out to be accurate, Geno’s not been relevant for so many years that getting him licensed would probably be trouble than it’s worth.


Picture of what was supposedly said along with a translation:

So what do you think?  Is Sakurai just trolling in regards to this, or did he seriously leak some of the new characters planned for the next Super Smash Bros game?

Edit: Apparently this was faked:


Count Down to E3 has now started!

As you can see to the right of this post, about halfway down the navbar, I’ve just added a little javascript counter counting down the days/hours/minutes/seconds until E3 begins.  It’s not perfect, and is an extremely simple script I simply found top of Google’s search results, but it counts down right until the moment Nintendo’s E3 conference/presentation begins.

That way, you can know exactly when all the exciting Nintendo related news will be starting up!   If it reaches zero, go to the website below and start watching Nintendo’s presentation via their official live stream:

The wait is on!

Voice to text technology on 3DS?

Well, here’s an interesting new bit of technology a German company is rumoured to be working on.  Apparently, Mobile Technologies are working on a voice to text app for the 3DS. Or perhaps something the other way around, kind of like Microsoft Sam/Windows text to speech or those annoying robotically voiced cartoons people seem to be uploading on Youtube.

It’s an interesting development, although uses seem pretty difficult to come up with.  Some kind of free translation app Nintendo is helping them make for the 3DS (why the 3DS needs one though is a good question)?  Subtitling/transcription system for videos and eShop games made by companies/individuals who can’t afford to hire anyone to do it, or to let people from outside Japan play Japanese games clearly without needing to localise them?

Something gimmicky WarioWare 3DS will turn into a toy?  I can almost see some kind of text to speech option based on Nintendo character voices being the exact kind of quirky gimmick Intelligent Systems would shove into a WarioWare title…

Well, I guess there are possibilities for the feature.  What do you think this speech to text/text to speech/voice translation thing could be about?  And how could it potentially be used for more interesting 3DS games?


Here, have some QR codes for coloured Yoshis in Mario Tennis Open!

Well, we all knew this would be coming, that someone online would decide to upload all the QR codes as they’re released to let us unfortunate souls not living near one of Nintendo’s HQs actually get the different coloured Yoshis as playable ‘characters’.  So here are some QR codes.

First up, the codes for Black Yoshi and White Yoshi, for the PAL version of the game.  Just scan these in and you should be set:

White Yoshi:

Black Yoshi:

And for those of us in the US, here’s the code to unlock Pink Yoshi, thanks to GameExplain and their new video.  Just scan it from the video:

And yes, fear the worst everyone, Nintendo has freaking region locked the QR code unlockables!  So do you want to unlock a certain costume or character?  Better hope Nintendo have made an event where it’s being released, and someone has decided to go to the event, photograph the codes and upload them to the internet, since the codes for other regions won’t work on your copy of the game…

But these codes above should save a bit of aggravation, and mean you won’t have to go to some crappy Nintendo event at a store miles away from where you live in the foreseeable future.  Guess that’s one good thing about the whole system, you can at least scan the code someone else uploaded online.

Oh, and I bet you people anything that Nintendo uses exactly this system for the sixth generation of Pokemon and the various event only legendaries/alternate formes.

Still, enjoy the QR codes everyone!

Oh God, in game advertisements now?

Thankfully it’s not Nintendo that are deciding to put these blasted things in their future games, at least as far as I can tell, but if you ever need another really good reason never to support Sony and the Playstation ever again, here it is.  They’ve got a patent for… well, the most annoying type of in game ads ever:

A method for use in advertising includes initiating playing of interactive content, suspending playing go the interactive content, displaying an advertisement, and resuming playing of the interactive content.

Oh yes, basically, it’s like the halfway through a TV show commercials various television channels use.  Or how every time you get to about halfway through a Nostalgia Critic video, it pauses the stuff you actually came to watch and show as an annoying, pointless advert about something or another.

It also mentions (according to Games that it:

could be initiated by a server signal to make sure all players see it simultaneously

So wait, multiplayer games with forced commercial breaks?  Oh what fun!  Can you imagine how absolutely thrilled everyone would be if midway through a Mario Kart 7 race or a Kid Icarus Uprising match the game called a commercial break and suddenly you ended up seeing an ad for Mario Party 10?  And I’m going to guess all players could mean anything between a whole match’s worth of players being interrupted or literally everyone playing online at the same time being rudely interrupted. Can you imagine how many people would want to literally kill the video game publishing company if their game stopped just so they could watch some stupid, completely irrelevant commercial?  Oh wait, it doesn’t even mention this has to be multiplayer games does it?

So we’re just about to fight Bowser in Super Mario Galaxy 3!

Oh wait, now for some car insurance ads!

You know what?  For now I’m kind of glad Sony’s the one with the patent on it, given how it means Nintendo and Microsoft probably won’t be paying them to implement the thing.  But if it ever turns out that games end up like TV shows with commercials at random points throughout gameplay, I am never playing a video game again.  Period.  Heck, if anyone here has a Playstation Vita and Sony tries to put commercials in the middle of your multiplayer games or anything, boycott them.  Ask for a refund for the game console and show them that no, players aren’t going to just shut up and deal with this stupid idea.

And for the video game websites out there that like covering these types of controversies, you really need to run a story about this new gimmick.