New Super Mario Bros 2 Famitsu Scan

Well, people wondered where the Famitsu coverage of the game was considering they gave it a 36/40 review, so here you go.  Here’s some of Famitsu’s review showing new images of the game and various such things:

There’s not much there that can be really classed as new (except maybe the Golden Bullet Bill artwork and about two screenshots), but it seems to only be the first two pages of an article that’s at least four pages long.

Pity we don’t know what the text says though, that could have been kind of interesting to read.

Still, there’s part of Famitsu’s article on New Super Mario Bros 2 for anyone who wants to see it, and it looks like there’s quite a lot of coverage of the game inside.


Nintendo opens official Youtube channel for Nintendo Direct

It’s by Nintendo of Japan from what I can tell, and they’re using it purely to host all the Nintendo Direct videos that they make in future.

So if you want to watch them on Youtube, subscribe to the channel linked below:

You can see the presentation for Onitore/Demon Training hosted there below as well:

All in all, that’s just another official Youtube channel to subscribe to.  And while you’re at it, why not check out on the one for this site as well?  You know,  It’s got all the latest Nintendo videos as well as announcements about Nintendo 3DS Daily and Community…

New Super Mario Bros 2 Commercials show more gameplay

There’s not that much here considering that recent Nintendo commercials mainly focus on the people playing the games, but what is there is interesting.  First of all, here’s a video showing both the commercials if you want to watch them through:

And here is some ‘analysis’ based on what happens in the commercials complete with screenshots of the game taken from them.

Here’s a picture of co-op showing both Gold Mario and Silver Luigi in the same area.  Apologies for the tilted camera, the 3DS was being held by the woman in the commercial and hence was held at an angle rather than being viewed straight on.

Mario does a funky looking jump across the snake blocks at sunset.  Call me slightly strange for thinking this, but am I the only one who thinks that his current pose does not at all look natural?  I suspect if you ever tried to jump like this it’d be painful as hell.

An enormous Boo is an enemy that chases you in one ghost house.  I’ve heard of Big Boo, Bigger Boo and Boolossus, but this is just crazy!  What’s with Nintendo and their love of enormous enemies nowadays?

Also, the Boo’s expression is priceless.

Mega Mario goes smashing blocks and innocent creatures.  Like you all do daily.

Mario and Luigi in a forest level. What’s funny though is what happens after this… Mario leaps straight on the box, hits the Wiggler and dies.  Apparently people who play video games for commercials are absolutely terrible at them and lived in a freaking cave for the last twenty years since making simple jumps is far beyond their capabilities.

Mario climbs up spiderwebs.

Mario charging out a cannon.  I like the hdma like effect in the background.  Also, does this look a bit like a Super Mario World switch palace tileset to anyone else?  I swear I’ve seen that diamond pattern before…

Mario sets fire to a fish underwater.  Illogical acts of random cruelty for the win?  Still, the picture looked humorous enough I had to save it.

Giant Thwomps return.  They also seem to be able to break special blocks.  In other news, fifty two percent of Mario games and fan games have Giant Thwomps in now, they’re all the rage!

Mario fights four Reznors.  If you need proof they can still breathe fire, here it is.  Also, got to love the dying Reznor’s facial expression here.

As you can see from the above, there’s not much in the way of new stuff shown in these commercials, but some new elements have indeed still been showcased like the enormous Boo chases and the four Reznor battles.  Does this make anyone who’s got no interest in New Super Mario Bros 2 want topick up the game?

New Super Mario Bros 2; New Official art includes Reznor and more!

Oh yes.  Do you want to see official art of absolutely every single minor thing in New Super Mario Bros 2?  Well with the latest official art released, Nintendo’s got you covered.

Have about four colours of warp pipe!  Yes, Nintendo felt like making official art of the different pipe colours in case people wanted to post pictures of them for whatever reason.

As well as this, they also made some art for various types of blocks found in New Super Mario Bros 2.  Vital?  I’m not so sure…

A Question Mark Block, always the sign of a good Mario game.

And a nice shiny ring that turns things into gold!

There’s also a nice big picture of a star coin.  You know, those shiny collectables you have to find three of in every level for whatever semi pointless prizes Nintendo feels free to offer you for them.

This is new though, red coins on parachutes.  Don’t know exactly why official art of this was drawn up, but I guess Nintendo’s marketing team really needs parachuting red coins in their advertising material.

Two regular characters get official art as well.  Which looks much the same as their official art in the last game and is probably taken straight from there anyway.

Mario in his small form.  Ah, doesn’t he look so happy?

Not like this Paratroopa though.  Better get the psychiatrist, he looks like he’s in shell shock!  Oh no, he saw his friends head smashed in by a rampaging plumber and he realises he’s next!

Watch out though, here’s a zombified Goomba looking as mean as ever!  Those glowing lights of undeath show this guy means business!

Here’s a Dry Piranha Plant.  Hang on a minute, when the freaking hell do plants have a skeleton?  Does that mean a Piranha Plant is more like an animal than a plant?

Here’s Bowser, because what’s a Mario game without him?  A bad one, that’s what!

Finally, here’s a Reznor.  Four of them in fact, showing that they can indeed breathe fire.  Pity the text seems to be gone from the wheel, but I guess that’s because Nintendo wants to make it so much easier on their translation teams.

All in all, some interesting New Super Mario Bros 2 artwork there, don’t you think?

New Kingdom Hearts 3D Trailer and Screenshots!

Just some new screenshots and a new trailer Square Enix released to show off more of Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance.  There’s not much to be said about both, so let’s begin.

First of all, here are the new screenshots of the game:

And here’s the latest trailer of Kingdom Hearts 3D:

What do you think of these new screens and the new trailer?  Are they interesting?  Do they make anyone want to buy Kingdom Hearts 3D more?