Now they’re ripping off Pushmo!

And surprisingly enough, this blatant clone isn’t on the iPhone/iPad’s app store, but on the Android version!  Either way, it’s called ‘BlockShift’ (why does it seem most clones have the most unoriginal names in history?) and copies Pushmo down to every minor feature.

It reminds me of those games you find in the pound store that pretend to be like mainstream ones!

It’s all here.  The art style?  Total rip off of the one used in Pushmo.  Level designer?  Included.  Hell, they even have a feature where you can share your levels via QR codes!

Well, someone likes Nintendo…

However, it does have at least one difference that might just stop the game being hit too hard by Nintendo’s legal team, namely that it’s completely free.  Doesn’t excuse the blatant copyright infringement going on or how the game is merely trying to ride along on Pushmo’s existing popularity, but it could at least make it not worth the lawyer team’s time to take to court.  Either way, I bet it probably gets removed from the list of Android apps whenever Google or whoever get round to looking at all the complaints about it.

The game can be (currently) found here:


Just two weeks until New Super Mario Bros 2 in Europe!

I plan to have a full review of the game available around that time, since my ‘role’ in running this site kind of requires me to buy most major Nintendo games that people might want to search for information about online as part of my ‘job’ as a staff member here.

None the less, while it may be the least exciting and most dull looking mainstream Mario game in years, it’s still a new Mario game!  It should at least be somewhat fun gameplay wise, and it’ll probably inspire a whole bunch more people to buy a 3DS and check out the site and forums too!

Who’s interested in buying New Super Mario Bros 2 or reading a decent review of it when it comes out?

The Last Ranger; possible future Nintendo game/series?

Apparently this was ‘revealed’ by a Japanese trademark filed back in March (at the same time as they filed for the trademark for Oni Training/Demon Training).  But now they’ve filed a European trademark for something going by that name.

Does this possibly imply a new game or series is in the works with a fantasy or western theme?  Guess the only thing to do is wait and see…

Mega Man 2 hits 3DS eShop

It’s a game that’s obviously available on an awful lot of different video game platforms and that most people have likely already played by now, but I suppose if you want to play it on the move it’s coming to the Japanese eShop next week.

Not much to say here, the game’s a classic and will probably be just as good on 3DS, and it’s currently unknown whether it’ll be released on the system over here (by the looks of things, Capcom is rereleasing all their NES Mega Man games on the eShop one by one, so probably in a month or so).

Here are some likely completely pointless screenshots:

Everyone probably knows what stages/parts of the game the above screens depict, right?

Still, Mega Man 2 is coming to the eShop in Japan next week (next Wednesday, 8th August), and it’ll be coming to the US and European versions sometime in future.  It’s a good game, and I assume people will buy it.

Congratulations to our DrawU Week Winners!

Howdy all, NintenDan here. Probably my second post here on this site.

ANYHOOS! So we had a DrawU Week at Nintendo 3DS Community (the forums, simply put) where members had to draw their Mii alongside a Nintendo character, or dressed up as one! It was a goal that was very flexible and open to interpretation, as you will see below at the gallery of entrants.

Of course, no competition is good without some winners. This one had a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, all of whom will receive a fancy pants award/badge/thingy! Fun!

Without further ado, the winners are, in order of first to third place:

  1. Link Mii, by HDeity
  2. Girl vs Ghirahim, by Din, and
  3. Mii + Shy Guy, by NintenDan (wait, that’s me!)

So congratulations! Check out these three winners below, and then look at the rest of the submissions! A huge thanks to everyone who entered, it really is appreciated!