New Super Mario Bros U; New Screenshots show Returning Enemies

Including Torpedo Teds, interestingly enough. But here’s the full gallery of new screenshots of the game, all from Game Informer:

First of all, here’s an underwater castle/fortress level with Torpedo Teds.  That’s sort of different, the last time these enemies appeared in 2D in a mainstream Mario platformer was all the way back in Super Mario World.

And here’s a castle level with climbing nets and Rocket Engines.  Is it me or is this a bit like New Super Mario Bros 2?  Because I swear at least one level in that game had a similar setup to this.

Next is a colourful cave level.  I assume those large squares of different colours move at different times, kind of like the Valley of Bowser levels in Super Mario World?

Running on top of what seems to be a geyser in New Super Mario Bros U.  The Cheep Cheeps seem to be jumping into the water then swimming around, a rather interesting touch.

A dark underground area with lots of Piranha Plants and coins.  Supposedly a Yellow Baby Yoshis ability can defeat enemies as well, so it seems likely that this room is much easier than it looks.

Monty Moles are enemies in the game again, and jump out of holes in the ground like in Super Mario World.

Talking of Super Mario World, does this area look a bit like Yoshi’s Island 2 to some people?

Another cave level.  Not much to see here.

And here’s the end of a level complete with the assist mode thing in action.  Unfortunately, it seems like Nintendo is still freaking obsessed with those damn flags, despite every single Mario game between SMB 1 and NSMB using something different to end the level.  Also, what’s the red bar to the left, under the coin counter?

Finally, here’s another picture showing a cave level, possibly the same one shown earlier.  Also, is it me or is that POW block absolutely massive?  Because it looks far bigger than the ones in NSMB 2, implying that there are now super sized ones with different effects to the standard types.

So there are some new screenshots of New Super Mario Bros U.  As you can tell, it seems to bringing an awful lot back from Super Mario World, down to many of the same enemies and level ideas, and could almost be said to be a HD successor to the SNES classic.

What do you think about New Super Mario Bros U?


North America is getting a Monster Hunter Game

What Monster Hunter game on the other hand, that’s something Capcom doesn’t seem to know.  Here’s what they said in regards to the series and games being localised:

Yes, I understand the frustration. But your request is simple enough: Yes, it’s been confirmed that we are getting a game. “What it is” and “when we’ll know more” are the parts I can’t share.

Honestly though, I suspect it’ll turn out that Monster Hunter 4’s the game that’s being localised and released outside of Japan, with Monster Hunter Tri G being left as Japan exclusive due to likely current lack of interest (and the fact more people would want a new title than what’s basically another 3DS remake).

What new Monster Hunter game do you think Capcom is teasing?


Ace Attorney 5 Screenshots

A few days late on posting these, but they’re good enough to post on the site anyway.  Here are the screenshots:

So far from the screens, it all looks fairly normal for an Ace Attorney game.  But don’t let that mislead you, since it seems like the game has somewhat of a darker side to it…

Looks like some sort of bomb related attack hit the court room and pretty much destroyed everything.  Will this potentially be the end for some of the characters?  Will one of the last cases be even more over the top than half the murders already seen in the series?

Heck, the wiki pages for the game already mention that Phoenix has to defend a young girl framed for a bomb attack on a court room, so what else could be going on in the story of this game?

But for now, there are screenshots of the game.  Do they make you want to buy it even if you’re not already a fan of the series?  Does the darker storyline appeal to you more?  What do you think?

Genesect available in US by Pokemon Black and White 2 Launch!

So if you want the mysterious genetically engineered prehistoric monster Pokemon, then from about October 7th you’ll get your wish because it’s being distributed over Wi-Fi. Here’s the poster advertising the event, from a GameStop advertisement (please note that the event will not be taking place at GameStop):

Above: Genesect is soon to be available in Pokemon.

That’s the last event only legendary in gen 5, right?  Makes me wonder what exactly Nintendo and Game Freak are planning next, it’s been all too soon to get most of this gen out the way. Maybe there’s some stuff we don’t know about Black and White 2?