Rhythm Hunter HarmoKnight; New Screenshots!

And if you didn’t realise the game was made by the creators of the Pokemon series, you’ll certainly have figured it out when you look some of these pictures.

Here are the screens:

Need more proof that the game is by Game Freak?  Take one look at this screenshot.

The stage select screen seems interesting, not least because the game also has an overworld map.  Does it work like in Super Mario Advance 2 where you unlock levels on a map first but can then quick travel between them via a menu?

The overworld map in question looks an awful lot like it could be in a Mario game.  It also looks a bit uncomfortably like the kind of gfx style most often found in your standard indie or flash game.

Just a picture of the gameplay itself.  As you may have figured out, the music theme in this game is extremely obvious and seeps into every element of the title including background scenery and names.

The obligatory ice/snow level, because it seems every platformer style game needs one.  However, I will give them props for the Christmas like atmosphere here, far too many platformers and action games try so hard to include Christmas themes in their ice levels but end up not quite nailing the look.

A cut scene showing the three or so playable characters in the game (counting them as three because the big guy and the rabbit thing apparently team up).

One of the bosses from the game.  Not sure what to say here, it looks like some kind of robot insect monstrosity and reminds me a bit of Genesect from Pokemon.

Part of a level set in the desert.  The idea of the main character riding a giant music note around is a decent one, and it makes me think certain levels will mix other genres with the rhythym based gameplay.

Shooting enemies with the bow as the second player character.

Riding a strange looking mine cart in what appears to be an on rails level.

This place however seems to be set into something resembling Atlantis, complete with crabs resembling musical instruments.  Looks fairly nice.

Yet another fairly traditional looking level with the standard grass theme.  Moving on.

Finally, we’ve got the game’s title screen.  As is the case with quite a few Nintendo games nowadays, it seems even the Japanese version doesn’t bother to translate the English logo, presumably because it’s easier to have one stylised design for all regions and add subtitles where necessary.

HarmoKnight in general seems like it’s shaping up to be a great new 3DS title, and hopefully it’ll do well enough that Game Freak get the opportunity to try more series than just Pokemon in the near future.

Code of Princess Trailer and Art Book Sample

Just newly released by Atlus themselves, there’s a new trailer for the game as well as a few pictures that act as a preview of an art book that’ll be available too.  Here’s the new trailer:

And here’s a very short sample of the art book, as officially uploaded by Atlus:

Game looks pretty good I’d say, and the art book probably looks quite decent for fans of the game’s artwork as well. What do you think about Code of Princess and the new trailer? Do you expect the art book part to be released outside of Japan in the future?

Wait, N Gamer shut down as well?

It’s a few days late, but it looks like Nintendo Power wasn’t the only gaming magazine on the chopping block.  Now it turns out Future Publishing has decide it’s the end for N Gamer as well, and has closed down the magazine for good.

Okay, that’s not entirely accurate. Apparently the online version or N Gamer.net will continue like it did before, but the magazine won’t be sold in shops any more or distributed in print format.

It really is a bleak few days for Nintendo fans isn’t it?  First was Nintendo Power, then N Gamer… only Official Nintendo Magazine is left as far as Nintendo magazines operating in the West, and I suspect their days are numbered as well.  All in it all, it looks like the old comments about gaming websites killing the print media have finally come true, and that in a few years time that the gaming print media world will be completely dead.

What do people here think of all this? Did any of you read N Gamer before it’s demise?



The Skies of World 5-6; One of New Super Mario Bros 2’s Unsolved Mysteries?

High in the skies of world 5-6 lurks a secret.  With 100% completion of New Super Mario Bros 2 commonplace, with all the secret exits accounted for and all the possible rewards shown off on Youtube, you’d think that was everything.  That every inch of New Super Mario Bros 2 had been explored to its full potential.

But you’d be wrong.  No, one level in New Super Mario Bros 2 seems to have a whole bunch of enticing, random platforms suspended hundreds of feet above the level.  There’s no reason for them to be there, the level doesn’t have a secret exit or any other route.

Basically, go right here, fly, and keep flying until you see the spikes and coins.

Source for image: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aqtmkyo-8-U

And there seems to be no purpose to any of these platforms or spikes.  I have just managed to reach it up there by flying across and using a Star carried over in my inventory to keep the Raccoon Mario form despite the spikes, but that just raises so many more questions.

Why is there a section of level seemingly only accessible via precision sequence breaking or use of the Invincibility Leaf?  Neither is something you can ever expect from the player, since someone bad enough to get the latter is unlikely to make it across and someone doing the former is entirely outside of the game’s ‘logic’.

But the more important question is why it’s there in the first place.  I’ve been all the away across this mysterious chain of spike platforms, and you get absolutely nothing for doing so.  No Star Coins (obviously), no bonus rooms, no pipes or doors, no P switches.  The only thing I can see resembling a reward is a trail of coins that leads down directly on top of the flag pole.  But why even have that?  Who in their right mind is going to go through all this hassle just to get a life/double their coins in Coin Rush when they could do just that from ground level?

In fact, I honestly think this route is some kind of beta content that was quickly left in the game afterwards due to how rushed the title was.  Not only were the necessary ‘safe’ platforms and enemies quickly removed from the area to make it ‘impossible’ to get to, but if you go far enough across you even encounter an invisible wall in the middle of nowhere, which can literally be walked into from the furthest spike platform.  The most logical explanation seems to be that at one point, Nintendo was planning on having a secret exit or bonus room there but took it out due to either lack of time or just redesigning the game.  But because the game was obviously rushed out to boost 3DS sales, removing the obstacles themselves would presumably take too much work for the tired development team, so they probably went ‘screw this’ and left it in anyway.

That’s my theory anyway.  What do you think?  Have you managed to reach the secret platforms to the right of 5-6, found miles high in the sky?  What purpose do you think they serve (or maybe served in the past)?

New Super Mario Bros 2; Secret Exit Guide

Finding secrets in Mario games can be pretty tough, remember those tricky ghost house secret exits in Super Mario World that relied on you finding an invisible door that was activated by a P Switch?  And in terms of hard to find secret exits, New Super Mario Bros 2 is even worse, the secrets are hidden in such a clever way that an unprepared gamer could be searching a ghost house for hours trying to find just one.

That’s where this guide comes in!  Now, you’ll be able to find any secret exit in the game perfectly easily, all the better considering there’s no mark on the map distinguishing places with secret exits!

Table of Contents/Quick Navigation

World 1 Tower

New to this game, the towers now mostly have secret exits!  Also new to this game, they’re an utter pain in the ass to find due to the fact the levels are so cramped and because the game designers had to find extremely tricky locations to put them!

And world 1 tower’s secret exit is one of the worst of the lot.

So to find it, do the following.  First of all, get to the midway point and go in the door just past it.  See that hole in the right wall all the block snakes are going into?

Go in and keep going right.  You’ll get sent to a room with a pipe, so exit and follow the path to find the red secret exit flag that opens up the world 1 cannon.

It’s a terrible secret to find considering how every other ‘hole’ in the wall in the entire level leads absolutely nowhere of interest and considering how most guides are incredibly vague about it.  But hopefully the above description should make it much easier.

World 2 Ghost House

Another extremely tricky exit to find, this one is found in the Boohemoth chase and requires finding an invisible block with a vine in it.

So continue on with the chase until you get to the second star coin (where the platform lowers to let you into a small alcove with the coin).  Just after it there’s a step and then a ghost house column to the right.  There’s also a tiny two block gap between them.

Fall down the gap, and jump up at the left side of the gap to make a hidden block with a vine appear, then climb it to reach a room with a door.  Go out the door and follow the path outside to a red secret exit flag.

World 3 Tower

This one requires more than a bit of courage to reach, since you have to reach the spike column room while Mini Mario and exit through a small pipe.

Go right at this part.

Basically, go up past the moving blocks and Fishbones at the start, and when the two blocks move up and away to let you past, quickly go right to find a Mini Mario only pipe.  Go in, and follow the (tricky and still filled with enemies and obstacles) path to the secret exit.

That mini pipe leads to the secret exit.

World 3-4

The poison pond level right after the tower also has a secret, but this one’s a lot easier to find and reach.  What you need to do is go all the way through the level until you reach the midway point and the rising poison water.  Now, go all the way right, and you’ll eventually see a red pipe blocked off by some brick blocks.

See that red pipe? Secret exit is through there.

Wait until the deadly water is low, break the bricks and exit through the red pipe to find the secret exit flag.  As you may have figured out, it’s best to bring a cape to this level if you want to get there easily, since timing a shell and quickly ducking under a smashed brick before the water kills you isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do.

World 3 Haunted House

Jeez, world 3 sure has a lot of secret exits!  Must be the Forest of Illusion influence creeping in…

None the less, the ghost house also has one, which only works as a shortcut leading to the castle.  And unlike most of the others, this one is obvious enough that some people may have even found it before the real exit!

Go into this passageway here.  It’s simple enough.

Still, what you have to do is go all the way through the level until the last room, the one with the two ghost held lifts that move upwards.  Stand on one of the two smaller ones to the left, and face away from the wall to lure out the Boo.  When you see a gap, go in and then break the brick blocks to reach a door.  Follow the path to the secret exit.

Then break the bricks to get in this door.

World 4 Haunted House

This one is a bit simpler.  What you need to do is go to the long room with the two moving ‘Boo walls’, and keep going until you see a red ring.  Now, wall jump up the two moving walls to a door, and enter it to reach the secret exit.  This isn’t the hardest secret in the game to find, you can likely see the door from the ground anyway.

You will probably find this secret for yourself.  Note the red ring, because that marks the spot.

World 4 Tower

This one however is probably going to be found due to sheer luck at best.  First things first, you have to get all the way to the midway point, and enter the second part of the level.

See that ! marked pipe where you shoot fireballs into it to?  Well the secret exit is a bit beyond this point.  So follow the elevator up to a ledge with a massive Dry Piranha Plant and you’ll see a blue pipe to the left.  Go in the blue pipe to find a secret room, then go up the pipe there to reach the secret exit.  It’s a very, very well hidden secret given that the only hint to this pipe leading anywhere is the blue colouration, and the fact that the ledge below this looked just about identical.

See the pipe Mario is standing just next to?  Go in there.

World 5-1

Did you know there was a ghost house in world 5?  Well there is, and this secret exit takes you there.

But finding it is insanely tricky.  What you need to do is play through the level til you reach the midway point, and keep going until you see a star coin under a rope.  See that Yellow Block and a rope suspended high in the air above it?  Jump under there, then jump upwards in the middle of the rope to make a secret block appear with a vine.  Climb up.

Oh, this is the star coin bonus area?  Err… sort of.

You see, the developers were really, really sneaky here. They hid the secret exit IN the bonus room!  No kidding.

So jump across the Paratroopas and you’ll reach a rope next to a high wall of multi coloured cubes/blocks.  Jump around on this rope to find a secret block with a vine near the middle of the rope.

Here’s where to find the secret within the secret room.

Go up the vine to find a ledge, and then drop down between two walls to reach the other side of the large wall you saw earlier.  There are lots of Paratroopas moving around here, so jump across their heads to reach the secret exit flag.

If you end up here, you’re going the right way to the secret exit.

World 5 Ghost House

Another tricky secret exit, with an alternate path needed that’s almost as long as the main one.  First of all, go to the pendulum in the first room.

When it swings to the right, jump around and you’ll find a secret block with a vine.  Climb up, then go up the stairs to the door.

This hidden block is usually a pain to find.

This takes you to another room, complete with more pendulum and ropes to swing on.  Cross the room (avoiding the Swoopers/bats as best you can), then when you reach the Big Boo hit the switch and exit through the door to the top right.

This will lead you outside, so climb the pole and swing on the rope towards the secret exit flag.

World 5A

And the secret level accessed from the last secret exit has it’s own secret exit?  Yep.

Here though, it’s much easier to ‘find’.  Just ride the airship all the way to the end, and then hit the blocks near the flag.  A vine will appear, so climb it up to a new area, then head right to reach the secret exit flag.

You can get high enough to reach the block with the vine by either bringing the springboard or just becoming Raccoon Mario and flying up.

World 6 Ghost House

This level is a hellish maze when you’re trying to find the real exit, and the secret exit is even worse.

So what you need to do is as follows:

Keep going until you reach the room with the Big Boo right next to the entrance.  Now, go right and go in the door as usual to end up near a switch.

Go back in this door.

However, don’t go left.  Instead, go back into the door you went in before to end up in the Big Boo room near the same switch you were at earlier. Go all the way right until the end of the room, where you’ll see another Big Boo.

Yes, this area is actually made of two seperate rooms, and going in the door above switches what room you’re in.

Here, lure it away and hit the switch that’s behind it to make part of the wall drop down and reveal a door.

This leads to a room with a switch and moving walls.  Hit it to make the walls move and go up to reach the third star coin, then keep wall jumping upwards to find a hidden door.

It’s hard enough to get here.  None the less, keep wall jumping past the star coin.

Go through it to end up outside, and go right to find the secret exit flag.

Mushroom 1

Much easier to find than many other exits, although still requires locating a hidden block.  What you need to do is the following:

Go right all the way past the midway point, until you reach two high columns of walkthrough blocks and a Koopa.  Bounce off the Koopa and get to the top of the right column, and jump while in the centre of it to make two hidden blocks appear, one of which has a vine.  Go up the vine and right to reach the secret exit flag.


Mushroom Ghost House

A simple secret exit this time around, proceed through the level as normal until you reach the ? switch that needs to be pressed to make a star coin appear.  Now, go right from there and into the door to find the secret exit.

This one’s easy.  The switch you need to press is only across that small gap.

Flower 1

The sunset level’s secret exit however is actually pretty ingeniusly hidden.  To find it, keep going through the level until you find a yellow pipe with two ? blocks floating above it. Hit the right side one and it becomes a winged block, so jump on top of it and ride it along.

Ride this winged block to the line of coins.

This will end up pulling Mario high into the sky, so in the area you end up just head over to the right across the snake blocks to find the secret exit.

Flower Haunted House

The final secret is easy to find.  Go to the top of the first room, and after you get the Star from the block, just hold right while falling to enter the passage to the right that’s halfway down.  Go through to reach the secret exit flag.

Where each secret exit leads

Finally, here’s a list of where each secret exit in the game will take you.

  • World 1 Tower -> World 1 Cannon
  • World 2 Ghost House -> World 2B
  • World 3 Tower -> World 3 Cannon
  • World 3-4 -> World 3B
  • World 3 Ghost House -> World 3 Castle
  • World 4 Ghost House -> World 4B
  • World 4 Tower -> World 4C
  • World 5-1 -> World 5 Ghost House
  • World 5 Ghost House -> World 5A
  • World 5A -> Green Mushroom House
  • World 6 Ghost House -> World 6A
  • Mushroom 1 -> Mushroom A
  • Mushroom Ghost House -> Mushroom B
  • Flower 1 -> Flower A
  • Flower Ghost House -> Flower B

That should be all the secret exits in the game, so I hope that answers everyone’s questions in regards to how to get all the secret exits.  If you’re still having trouble, either comment below or ask in the Nintendo 3DS Community forums where someone should eventually come and help you.

Images coming soon.