Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2 Include Exclusive Mini Games in Switch Version!

As you may know, Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2 are being remade for the Nintendo Switch. They’re getting improved graphics, extra control options, and all the usual things you’d expect from such titles.

But it seems that’s not all there is to it. Oh no, there are two other additions to the remade games that are rather interesting indeed.

Namely, new mini games! Yep, the two Resident Evil Revelations remakes now both have new retro styled mini games in them, with players who do well there being able to unlock things for the main game.

And while the first of these (Ghost Ship Panic) is a bit crap (it’s literally just an Atari era game where you shoot zombies walking down a poorly pixelated background), the second one is actually rather interesting. Why?

Because it’s a Resident Evil version of Ghosts ‘n Goblins! Yes really. Capcom redid all the graphics in the NES Ghosts ‘n Goblins game to have a Resident Evil theme, complete with eight-bit sprites for the monsters and protagonists. Here’s a video if you want to see it in action:

As you can tell, it works pretty well all things considered. And given how the full game seems like it could be included here, it’s quite an impressive bonus for a title like this one.

So yeah, congrats Capcom. You actually came up with an interesting extra for your Switch compilation game, and managed to add a bit more than just the usual HD upscaling found in every other port in existence.

Nice to see Nintendo fans are getting something interesting for their patience here!

YouTuber Finds Out What Happens if You Run Out of Lives in Super Mario Odyssey

As announced a few weeks back, there are no lives in Super Mario Odyssey. Instead, every time Mario dies he merely loses a few coins and respawns back in the level shortly afterwards. It’s an interesting system, and one that’s sort of a halfway house between the traditional Mario games and the Wario Land series.

However, the announcement also raised a few questions too.

Most notably… What happens if you don’t have any money? Is there actually a game over screen in Super Mario Odyssey?

Well as it turns out, no there isn’t. As YouTuber Mister Awesome found out, you merely respawn in the kingdom no worse for wear. Here’s a video if you want to see it for yourself:

So yeah, hope that answers everyone’s questions about the mechanic. You don’t see a game over screen or lose progress, you merely respawn back in the level if you die with no money.

There really are no long-term consequences for failure in this game.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon: New Trailer!

Another day, another round of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon news! This time, we’ve got an all new trailer showing off some of the changes in the game’s story, courtesy of the official YouTube channel:

And this one has some interesting hints towards the new storyline. For instance, there are now comments about Necrozma stealing light. So it’s motivation is revealed here.

Along with Lusamine’s new role. Previously she was the villain, now she’s been attacked.

Finally, there are new scenes of Necrozma battling the old legendaries. This implies it attacks you midway through the game, with your legendary trying to stop it. Interesting to know. Especially given Necrozma somehow wins the ensuing battle.

So check out the trailer if you haven’t already seen it. It’s not long, but it gives some neat hints towards the plot none the less.

Then once you’re done… Tell us your thoughts here in the comments below!

The Spice Girls ARG Hidden Inside a Super Mario World ROM Hack

Over the years we’ve been playing Super Mario World mods, we’ve seen some interesting stuff. There was that creepypasta game called MARIO, which tried to tell the story of a messed-up video game ROM hack with an actual ROM hack that readers could download and play. There was Xkas Shack, which promised a gimmick heavy mod written in pure machine code and provided something else entirely (we’ll let you experience that one for yourself).

As well as various attempts at gimmicky ASM showcases and crossovers from unknown Japanese ROM hackers. Like Brutal Mario, Super Mario LD and the Scarlet Devil Mario series.

But one thing we’ve never seen is an ARG based around a mod of the game.

Until now. Because as the title suggests, a new Super Mario World ROM hack is actually part of an ARG (alternate reality game) about the Spice Girls!

Seriously. Named Super Spice World, the hack starts out pretending to be your bog standard, celebrity focused fan game. You’ve got the main characters replaced by members of the band. Some of their lyrics are used in the game in message boxes. And well, even their songs have been ported over to the SMW engine.

At first glance, it seems like your typical fanboy hack. The kind of mediocre hack you constantly find in SMW Central’s submission queue.

However, it then turns out there’s much more to this than meets the eye. For example, in level 1 there’s a series of raised platforms with coins on them.

Platforms Puzzle

Seems normal, right? Yeah, that’s what I’d have thought.

But that’s not the case. Instead, the height and order of said platforms isn’t actually a coincidence. It’s a coded message!

Indeed, if you assign each platform a number between 0 and 9 (with the higher platforms getting lower numbers), then consider the coins two levels above zero as modifiers (like in an IMB punch card system), then this translates to:

69 6d 67 76 41 30 6c 6d 66 34, or “imgvA0lmf4’

Which in turn provides the following Imgur link:

That turns out to be part of a QR code with the characters ‘1/6’ at the lower right corner.

And that’s basically the meta game here. Solve the puzzles, find the QR links, piece it all together.

It’s a setup that continues throughout the whole game. There’s a cave with an actual in-game code QR code:

In-Game QR Code

A castle where coloured coins are part of a code. Seriously:

Coloured Coins Puzzle

Heck, there’s even a ghost house with tons of turn blocks that turn out to either be spinning blocks or coin blocks. Reading those from the top left to bottom right ends up giving you a code in binary which can be decoded into a QR code link:

Blocks Puzzle

All in all, it’s a fascinating experience. Like MARIO for a modern audience.

So, check it out if you’re a puzzle fan (or perhaps a die-hard fan of the Spice Girls in general) and tell us what you think. It’s certainly a very creative way of using a Super Mario World ROM hack as part of a larger story, and very reminiscent of Petscop and Ben Drowned.


Super Spice World Analysis Article (Human Souls ARG)

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: First DLC Pack Released!

Back in August 2017, it was announced that Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was going to be getting a season pass, with this pass letting players get two DLC packs that’d be released later that year. One of them would be in Autumn, with new solo challenges and co-op maps, whereas the other would be in 2018 with ‘unexpected story content’.

All pretty standard stuff for a game like this, except for two things:

  1. We had no idea what was in said DLC packs
  2. Nor any information about their actual release dates

So, while we knew that DLC was coming, we didn’t really know anything too concrete about it.

Until now. Because just a few days ago, Ubisoft released the first DLC pack for the game! Titled the ‘Ultra Challenge Pack’, this pack contains some extremely difficult levels for the very best Mario + Rabbids fans. Like the ones shown in the following trailer:

So, if you’re a fan of the original game and want more of it, it’s definitely something to try out. It’s certainly more of a challenge than the original game was.

As for the second DLC pack?

Well, no official release date has been announced for that one. However, receipts for the game (and many media reports) indicate it’s coming on January 16th 2018. What’s more, that’s likely all but confirmed now, given how the first pack’s release date was first seen on the same receipts before being proven correct by the surprise launch.

This means that any Mario + Rabbids fans bored of the first DLC (or just wanting the more substantial one) won’t be waiting long for it. Good news all round then. Especially given how it puts the game’s DLC release cycle on par with Zelda Breath of the Wild.

But what do you think about it all? Are you likely to try out the new Mario + Rabbids DLC now it’s been released?

Or are you waiting for the second, likely more substantial DLC pack instead?

Post your thoughts in the comments or on social media today!