New Mod Adds Playable Princess Zelda to Zelda Breath of the Wild

Back when Breath of the Wild was in development, there were a few people asking about a female Link. Or at least, the possibility of playing as a female character in general.

Now, this obviously didn’t happen in the actual game. There, not only can Link not be customised in any (real) way, but no other characters like Zelda are unlockable either. It’s not a bad thing, but it’s disappointed a few people none the less.

However, it seems these folks may finally have just the mod for them! Why? Because an all new project in development does exactly what it says on the tin. It replaces Link with Zelda.

Here’s a video showing this mod in action:

As you can obviously see, it’s pretty early in its development. Indeed, it’s so in fact that we don’t actually get to see Zelda do much of anything in the video. Just walk forward in a straight line, as proof the mod has been inserted into the game.

But hey, just because it’s in the early stages doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea. It’s got the perfect model for Zelda (the one used in the cutscenes in the game itself), and it’s been implemented in a way that looks absolutely perfect so far.

So, if you’re interested in playing Breath of the Wild with Zelda as a main character, check it out. It may not be official (or released yet), but it’ll be a neat option for anyone wanting to play the game with someone new none the less.

New Mod Adds Time Trial Mode into Super Mario 64!

Ever since Last Impact’s release in late 2016, Kaze Emanuar has been on a serious roll when it comes to Mario 64 mod making.

He’s translated the Capture mechanics from Super Mario Odyssey into the game via a mod called Super Mario Odyssey 64. He’s made a full-blown 3D Mario Maker mod that lets players build Mario 64 levels in game.

Heck, he’s even managed to add online multiplayer to the game via Super Mario 64 Online! Complete with numerous extra characters with special abilities and powers. His modding skills are almost unmatched in the entire scene.

Which continues with his latest project. Why? Because it’s an expansive time trial system for Super Mario 64, complete with ghosts to race and leaderboards! Seriously, watch the video if you don’t believe us:

It really is amazing to see, and something that’s going to be a real boon for speedrunners all over the internet.

There’s the whole race aspect with timer, Shadow Mario from Sunshine being the ‘ghost’ you race against, the leaderboards themselves… Everything just feels so polished. It’s not a simple timer or external program. It’s an in-game feature so well developed that it almost feels like Nintendo themselves could have made it.

And it really makes us wonder what would happen if this mod was mixed with others the guy had previously created. Can you imagine online Super Mario 64 with this feature? Or perhaps online Mario 64 with time trial ghosts and Mario Maker style level building?

It’d immediately become the best Mario platformer ever made. No, scratch that. The best platformer ever made at all. Forget Mario Odyssey, this would be the epitome of 3D platformers right there.

So that needs to happen somewhere down the line. A big old collection of all of Kaze Emanuar’s mods, applied at the same time.

As for now though? Well I guess we’ll just enjoy this great time trial system instead. Cause whether you’re a speedrunner or bored Mario 64 veterans, it’s a great addition that’s going to add tons of replay value to the game.

So, go and download it now. You won’t regret it!

Japanese Super Mario Odyssey Commercials Reveal More Game Content

Over the last few months, there’s been a lot of footage for Super Mario Odyssey released. It’s been shown at E3 and Gamescom. It’s gotten live updates on social media for weeks.

Hell, even the Nintendo World Championships featured it prominently this year! It must be one of Nintendo’s most heavily advertised games ever.

But now there’s even more footage to add to all that! Yep, thanks to Nintendo Co Ltd advertising the game in Japan, we’ve now got tons more footage of the game, complete with clips of all new levels and bosses! Here it is, courtesy of GameXplain on YouTube:

As you can tell, it starts off pretty damn strong. Indeed, out of all the ads included in this video, the first one seems to have the newest content of the lot. Like for example, this clip of Mario jumping over all the people in New Donk City:

Why’s he doing this? Well, maybe it’s something to do with the situation at 18 seconds in. Where Mario is stuck fleeing from a T Rex (yes, in the middle of New Donk City) via a scooter:

Mario T Rex Chase

It’s very Jurassic Park like, I’ll say that much.

That said, the T Rex and New Donk City crowds aren’t the only new thing shown here. Nope, another interesting addition is this nifty aviator outfit that Mario’s wearing in the Forgotten Isle area. It’s interesting because just a few scenes back, the T Rex was wearing very similar goggles. Huh, wonder why Mario and a dinosaur have such similar tastes in fashion:

Mario T Rex Compare

Eh, maybe it’s because the hats aren’t all they seem here. Indeed, look at the one top of this Banzai Bill a few seconds later. Doesn’t it look awfully familiar to you?

Banzai Bill with Hat

Yep, it’s Bowser’s hat. The one he’s shown wearing in the intro cutscene on the airship.

And that makes us wonder something. Is Bowser also possessing enemies to take down Mario, via his own version of Cappy? The cutscenes certainly support that interpretation, especially with how Bowser throws his hat in the intro. If true, it’d mean that this Banzai Bill chase (and perhaps the T Rex in the city) are actually Bowser trying to attack Mario, not random unlikely coincidences.

Still, enough with the cap theories for a minute. What else does this video show us?

Well, it shows us that Banzai Bills can be possessed by Mario for one thing. Unlike normal Bullet Bills, capturing these ones lets you smash through blocks with ease:

Banzai Bill Block Smashing

Pretty useful to be honest. Especially if the designers were nice enough to place enemies on top of said blocks, just so they could be sent hurtling to their doom.

Another interesting enemy that gets captured here is shown a few seconds later. Namely, the Foo from the New Super Mario Bros games:

Captured Foo

It works about as you’d expect it to (you can blow enemies and objects around), but it’s a neat choice of monster to have in a game like this none the less. Forget Mario being at the mercy of wind generators; now you can make the enemies suffer instead. A very nice bit of payback for all those tricky platforming sections wind physics have ruined in the past…

Which is also the case with how the Capture mechanic is implemented in the Madame Broodal battle. Here you take control of the Gold Chain Chomp she attacks you with, then use your powers to blast it back in her face:

Gold Chomp Hijack

It’s a neat way to fight a boss like this, and another example of a boss battle heavily built around the Capture mechanic.

And that brings us to the last trailer shown in the video. You’ve got Dorrie’s first ever appearance underwater (it never went under in Mario 64 or the Mario Party titles):

Underwater Dorrie

A nice glimpse at a hotel like area in the Seaside Kingdom:

Bubblaine Beach Hotel

As well as perhaps Mario’s most nightmarish situation yet. Watch out Mario! That T Rex is literally right behind you!

TRex Behind Scared Mario

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Humble Bundle Has Been Acquired by IGN

A couple of days ago, Humble Bundle (the digital distribution channel and games publisher) was acquired by IGN. Indeed, as stated by co-founder and CEO Jeffrey Rosen, the company sold to IGN because they believe IGN underatands their vision, as stated on the official blog:

We chose IGN because they really understand our vision, share our passion for games, and believe in our mission to promote awesome digital content while helping charity. I can’t think of a better partner than IGN to help Humble Bundle continue our quest.

This means that (according to the people at Humble Bundle), nothing should change here. IGN are fully on board with the idea. The service is still being run independently.

And in general, all is working as it should over at the company. That’s good for everyone if true. It’s good for Humble Bundle themselves, who get IGN’s financial and managerial support. It’s good for IGN, who get to own another great company.

Plus it’s good for the consumers too, who may get better deal as a result.

However, people are obviously very skeptical about it.

And you know what? They’re really not wrong to be.

Remember, the gaming industry has tons of examples of large companies buying out smaller ones and running them into the ground. Like EA, who’s killed dozens of studios since purchasing them. Or other large companies with similar reputations. Such as say, Activision, Square Enix or Konami.

Worse still, this pattern doesn’t stop in the gaming industry. Oh no, that’s only the tip of the iceberg here. Cause at the end of the day, most acquisitions just don’t work out very well in general.

Yeah, there are certainly exceptions to that rule. eBay buying out PayPal didn’t kill it, and Amazon’s purchase of Twitch seems to have worked out decently enough so far.

Yet those are merely the lucky ones. They’re in turn outnumbered by many cases where the buyout goes wrong. For example, you’ve got Internet Brands and everything they’ve bought. That killed WikiTravel, nearly killed vBulletin and wiped out numerous active forum communities in record time.

Then there’s the tech industry and startups. There you’ve not only got large companies buying and butchering successful companies, but companies buying them purely to hire the staff team. Or to shut down future competitors.

So it’s a common occurrence that people are (rightly) wary about in general. Add to this IGN’s questionable reputation, and you’ve got a situation that’s problematic at best, devastating at worst.

Still, it’s early days right now. And while IGN could screw things up, they haven’t done so just yet.

Let’s hope Mr Rosen is right and all goes according to plan in future!

Because a world without Humble Bundles (or with terrible ones in general) is not a world anyone in the gaming community wants.

What do you think about IGN buying Humble Bundle?


IGN Acquires Humble Bundle (Polygon)

Is Nintendo Creating a Game Boy Classic?

In recent years, Nintendo’s started getting into the mini retro consoles market. They’ve released the NES Classic Mini, a redone version of the NES with 30 games that ended up being a major phenomenon. They’ve released the SNES Mini, with another 30-odd classic SNES games and just as much hype behind it as the NES version.

And now it seems the pattern may continue even further in future. Why? Because an interesting trademark has been found for a possible Game Boy Mini too! Yup, forget the N64, it seems the Game Boy may be Nintendo’s next console to get a retro revival.

That’s good news for both Nintendo fans and the general public, alike since not only were the NES and SNES Mini’s fantastic pieces of kit, but the Game Boy was an incredible console in its day too. From Super Mario Land to Link’s Awakening and the original two generations of Pokémon titles, all manner of great games were released for it over its long lifespan.

So, a mini version that you could hook up to your TV (or even play anywhere in the world) would be amazing to see.

But it’d also leave Nintendo with a few key questions to answer too.

For one thing, what games would they feature on the system?

Sure, Super Mario Land 1 and 2 are basically a given, and titles like Pokémon Red/Blue or Zelda Link’s Awakening would be sure fire inclusions as well.

Yet the Game Boy has a massive library of games, and that small selection is only scratching the surface.

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