Level Editor Now Released for Turok!

Well, that’s something you don’t ever expect to see!

Remember Turok, that Nintendo 64 First Person Shooter that had a magical native American going around shooting dinosaurs and monsters? The one that was the definitive console FPS until GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark came along?

Well, it got a remake for PCs in late December 2015 thanks to a company called Nightdive Studios.

And now they’ve got another really interesting announcement too! Namely, a full blown level editor that lets you create brand new levels in Turok’s engine! You can create the level geometry from scratch, import your own models and textures, using any objects already present in the game itself (like enemies and items). Heck, you can even do things like activate fog or weather effects, or test the level at a click of a button!

Basically, it lets you turn Turok into your own game, complete with the ability to share the levels online via the Steam Workshop! Here’s a video showing the feature in action:

So yeah, if you’re a fan of the Turok series (or old school N64 style platformers in general), go and try it out. You can find the editor included with the game on Steam or GOG, as well as a manual telling you how to use it to its fullest potential.

But hey, what do you think? Is the possibility of making your own levels for Turok 1 something that appeals to you? What kind of levels would you make for this classic N64 era FPS?


Turok Level Editor Announcement from Night Dive Studios (via Twitter)

Tomoya Tomita Turns Freelance, Posts Wario Land Music on YouTube

If you played some of Nintendo’s 2D platformers in the Wii era, you may have heard of a chap called Tomoya Tomita. Originally a composer for Konami in the 80s, the guy then moved to a much less known Japanese development house called GoodFeel, where he provided the music for such great games as Wario Land Shake It and Kirby’s Epic Yarn.

Basically, he was the go to composer for Nintendo’s lesser known 2D platformers. Someone who provided catchy (and often incredibly calming) songs for games starring some of Nintendo’s less appreciated heroes like Wario and Kirby. Here are some examples of his work:

And now it seems he’s available to work on other projects too!


Because as of earlier this month, Tomita has packed his bags and left GoodFeel forever. He’s now a freelance composer you can hire for your video game projects. Kind of like David Wise or Grant Kirkhope, except with a bit less star power.

So here’s his announcement about the move from his YouTube description:

Hello, I am a music composer (Freelance)

I belonged to Good-Feel Co., Ltd. so far
But I become the freelance from 2017
Your request for Music production is welcome.
For requests please feel free to contact me per e-mail or Facebook

As well as the video on the subject that he posted on said channel:

So yeah, pretty cool right? Seems like someone making their own 2D platformer (or perhaps even Wario Land fan game) might be able to get him to compose the music for it.

But that’s not all he’s been doing recently.

Oh no. Remember that YouTube channel I mentioned above?

Well it seems the guy is using it as a portfolio for his works too. So if you want to hear absolutely any song he’s worked on in the Wario Land Shake It, Kirby’s Epic Yarn or Yoshi’s Woolly World soundtracks, you can actually listen to it there on his channel. Here’s a list of his song playlists, for those interested in listening to them:

Heck, the songs are even remastered, to remove any compression or quality drops caused by playing them in a Wii or Wii U game. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

Either way, give his channel a bit of a look and maybe even consider hiring him for your own game if you liked the sound of the songs in his past games. Maybe your game could be the next Kirby’s Epic Yarn because of it!

Only 3% of Super Mario Run Players Bought Full Game

Ever since it was first announced, Super Mario Run’s price has been a point of controversy. Investors worried that people wouldn’t pay money up front for mobile games. Critics and social media users claimed the price may not be worth it. The people actually downloading and playing the game hammered its review average by complaining about the price in their reviews.

Basically, everyone assumed Super Mario Run’s $10 wouldn’t really catch on.

Unfortunately for Nintendo, it seems like they were right. Why? Because as the title points out, only 3 (out of 90) million Super Mario Run players have actually bought the game. That’s a 3% conversion rate!

It sounds pretty dire doesn’t it?

Yeah it does. If Nintendo were hoping for Super Mario Run to catch on as much as Pokemon GO, or turn into a recurring source of money, it’s clearly not working.

But that doesn’t mean the game is useless for them. Oh no.

Because you see, Super Mario Run wasn’t designed to only make money as an app. Nintendo wasn’t betting the farm on the game raking in millions of dollars through in app purchases alone.

Instead, they were hoping that millions of people would be inspired to buy their ‘full price’ Mario games after playing it. That the person who played three levels of Super Mario Run would be inspired to go out and consider buying the Nintendo Switch and whatever Mario games are going to be released on that.

After all, that’s already worked with Pokemon GO. I mean, ever since Pokemon GO was released, interest in the Pokemon ‘brand’ has shot upwards. Like, to the point Pokemon Sun and Moon were Nintendo’s biggest UK launch in history.

So even if most people didn’t pay for Super Mario Run, Nintendo is at least able to remain hopeful that it’ll positively affect sales of other Mario games down the line.

And at the end of the day? That’s all that really matters at this point. A few million extra Nintendo Switch purchases is just as valuable (and likely more so) than a few million Super Mario Run ones.

Super Mario Run’s ‘failure’ to convert its users is disappointing, but not the end of the world.


Only 3% of Super Mario Run Players Bought the Full Game (Gamnesia)

Forza Horizon 3 Developer Build Accidentally Pushed on Windows Store, Reveals Upcoming Content!

Well, this is a bit of a screw up on Playground Games or Microsoft’s part! Basically, they posted an ‘update’ for Forza Horizon 3 on the Windows Store today. Pretty normal stuff you’d think. A few new cars, maybe some bug fixes. That sort of thing.

Well, yes.

But that’s not what happened here. Instead, they accidentally posted something that wasn’t actually an update.

Namely, the full game. All 53GB of it, which players were being told to download as an ‘update! Talk about a nasty surprise for those with bad internet connections!

And what’s more, it gets worse still.


Because it turns out the game they posted was a developer copy. As in, an unencrypted developer copy, with content from upcoming DLC packs left in.

So now the whole thing has been datamined to hell. We know what cars are included:

View post on imgur.com

We know what some of them look like in game (they actually work):

And we likely know quite a few things about future updates too. Either way, Playground Games’ future plans have been shot to pieces. Or at least revealed months before they were meant to be.

Still, every cloud has a silver lining. The company has responded quickly, with a statement announcing they’re fixing the issue:

Hi folks,

We are aware of an issue with PC players being required to download the full version of FH3. While we investigate the cause and a fix, we are recommending that PC players cancel their current downloads of this FH3 update, as players who download this update will likely need to re-download the game again once the fix is in place.

More updates as they become available.


And since the time of writing, the update has been fixed. So if you’re playing Forza Horizon 3 and update it, you’ll get the actual update instead of the full game.

So all’s well that ends well anyway. Let’s hope they don’t make any similar mistakes with their other updates for the title!


Forza Horizon 3 Topic on NeoGaf

Rime Officially Revealed for Nintendo Switch!

It was originally announced as a PlayStation 4 exclusive back in 2014, with nary a multi platform release in sight. But now it seems things have changed with Zelda style adventure game Rime.


Because as the title says, it’s now been announced for the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One! Here’s the new trailer, showing the game looking more beautiful than ever:

So what do you think? Are you happy the game is now heading to other consoles? Or that a Nintendo Switch version of it has been announced in particular?


Rime Officially Confirmed for Nintendo Switch (Nintendo Life)