Wario Land II review by Yui-Chan!

Ohayo gosaimasu!

It has been awhile since the last review I did for you, so I am back to bring you another review of the most recent title I played: Wario Land II!
Everyone recommended me to play either Wario Land II or Wario Land 3, so expect me to play the latter soon! Again, a big “THANK YOU” for all of you, who have been so kind and caring to me, as well as introducing me to this world of wonderful games!
Time to review the third adventure of our greedy treasure hunter friend we all know and love!

The Title Screen of Wario Land II


Wario Land II is a game that came out in 1998 for the Game Boy and has made its way to the Game Boy Color the following year. Japan only got the Game Boy Color version, which came out at the end of 1998, and this was the reason why the game was upgraded for the rest of the world.

The game was then released once more worldwide for the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console, in 2012. The latter is the version which I have played for this review.

The game starts off with a really nice introduction, in the clouds, slowly revealing Kitchen Island in the sea, and as the music ends, the glorious title falls down! Simple but effective!

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Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2 Are Coming to Nintendo Switch!

Back in 2012, Capcom released Resident Evil Revelations for the Nintendo 3DS. The game was a hit, getting good reviews and selling well for the series, and ended up being one of the best titles for selling the system’s 3D capabilities.

For the first time since Resident Evil 4, Nintendo fans got to play a main series Resident game on a system they owned.

Which was more than you could say about the sequel. Why?

Because unlike the original title, that never did come to Nintendo systems. It was released on every other console under the sun sure (including PlayStation Vita), but neither the Wii U or 3DS was a platform it was made available for.

But now it seems Capcom is making up for that a bit here! Why?

Because they’ve just announced that Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2 will be coming to the Nintendo Switch! Yep, both games will be available for the system in late 2017 and will be sold for the low price of $19.99 each. Complete with a special compilation set including one game on cartridge and one game as a digital download.

It’s a pretty neat deal, especially given how the Xbox One and PS4 only seem to be getting one of the games remastered. Here’s a trailer showing the first game’s remastered version in action:

As you can see, it looks fantastic so far, regardless of the system the games are on.

So yeah, it’s good news all around really. Makes up for the second game not seeing a Wii U release anyway…

But what do you think about it all?

Are you happy that Resident Evil Revelations 2 is finally on a Nintendo system? Is the idea of getting to play remastered versions of the games on Switch an exciting one?

Or do you wish Capcom had done this much earlier on?

Post your thoughts on the matter here or on social media today!


Resident Evil Revelations Comes to PS4 and Xbox One, Both Games Come to Nintendo Switch (Capcom Unity Blog)

Neo Mario Galaxy Released, Adds in New Levels and Content!

Over the past years, we’ve seen a few different attempts at Super Mario Galaxy mods. There was Super Mario Galaxy 2.5, an attempt to create an all new game with the Mario Galaxy engine. There was Super Mario Galaxy 64, which tried to remake Super Mario Galaxy with Super Mario Galaxy 2 as a base.

And well, there are numerous minor level mods online too. Like attempts at porting Super Mario Sunshine courses into the game:

However, none of those ever got release yet. As a result, people who actually wanted to play a new Super Mario Galaxy game were rather out of luck there.

But that’s all changed! Why?

Because a major new mod of Super Mario Galaxy 2 has been released, and it’s fully available to download and play! Named Neo Mario Galaxy, it adds all new levels to the game with more unique ideas than ever before.

Here’s the official launch trailer for the game, complete with footage of all new levels:

These include one where you have to dodge ghosts on a Beat Block structure:

Ghostly Beat Blocks

Or another one involving Grinders on mini planetoids in outer space:

Grinder Galaxy

Add custom and remixed music to the concoction, and you’ve got an interesting fan made take on the series.

Not to mention one with a tiny bit more of a difficulty curve this time around:

Mario Sunshine Style Level

So go and check it out if you haven’t already. It’s all complete and ready to play, and acts just like the Super Mario Galaxy sequel people won’t stop asking for!


Neo Mario Galaxy Official Website

Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle: New Combat Trailer!

Back at E3 2017, Nintendo and Ubisoft announced Mario & Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. A quirky crossover between the Mario and Rabbids franchises, the title aims to mix the strategy gameplay of something like X-Com with the humour of a Mario RPG. It’s a quirky setup, and certainly makes the game stand out from all the other Mario spinoffs out there.

Which is only reinforced by the latest trailer! Here it is, straight from their official YouTube page:

As you can tell, it’s… got a very creative way of presenting the title. That’s because instead of just being a few clips from the game with generic background music, you’ve got a villain called the Phantom of the Bwahpera singing an opera song about the game and its mechanics!

And boy does it bring the parody aspect of the game to the forefront. Seriously, just listen to lines like:

It’s a me, let’s a go! The only words you know!

As well as:

You’re so not worth the hassle. Your Princess is in another castle!

And tell me it’s not gently mocking the conventions of the Mario franchise. That’s pretty awesome really, especially given how said humour is exactly why I’m such a fan of Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi. Because their level of self awareness really makes the games stand out more.

So yeah, it’s nice to see the Mario/Rabbids crossover will follow suit there.

Still, enough about the presentation for a minute. What about the actual gameplay?

Well, that looks pretty good as well. Okay, it’s not gonna blow people away if they don’t like strategy games. And yes, it’s not exactly a direct copy of Mario & Luigi or Paper Mario.

But it’s a really fun looking game none the less, with the quirky characters, weapons and maps making it feel like one of the more fresh Mario spinoffs in years.

So go check it out if you haven’t already. It’s exactly the sort of thing the franchise needs nowadays.


Ubisoft’s Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Tweet

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy May Be Heading to Other Consoles!

Given its status as a PlayStation classic, you’d be forgiven for assuming the N Sane Trilogy would remain a PlayStation 4 exclusive. After all, Crash himself was originally Sony’s mascot. The games themselves were the company’s equivalent to Mario. And well, with all the marketing Sony is doing for the title, the remake’s status as a PS4 exclusive almost seemed like a guarantee.

But now it seems that’s not the case! Why?

Because a concept artist working on the game has posted a very interesting video of the game’s menu online. Here it is:

As you can tell, it features Xbox One icons for the buttons. In other words, it’s a look at the N Sane Trilogy’s menu as if it was being accessed on an Xbox One version of the game.

And that’s really interesting. After all, didn’t Sony say it’d be an exclusive?

Yes. Yes they did.

But from the video posted, it seems that may be a lie. Instead, the exclusivity could merely be a time limited one. A quick way to keep Sony fans happen for a while before porting to the game to other platforms to bring it to an even wider audience.

Which isn’t really a bad thing. N. Sane Trilogy is a great remake of the first three games, and one many Xbox and Nintendo fans would like to play.

So to see it come to other consoles would be amazing. It’d be a way for millions of people to try out some of the best 3D platformers ever made.

Can you really be unhappy with that? I know I can’t.

Still, what do you think anyway? Are you happy Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy could be coming to other consoles?

Or does it feel weird having this remake potentially get ported to other systems?

Post your thoughts on the matter here or on social media today!


Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Artist Shows Save/Load Screens with Xbox Prompts (Reddit)