Luigi’s Mansion is Coming to the 3DS!

As you likely know, Luigi’s Mansion got a sequel on the 3DS back in 2011. Titled Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon (or just Luigi’s Mansion 2 for those in Europe and Japan), the game had Luigi return to his ghostbusting roots in an adventure across multiple mansions with new ghosts and opponents to face at every turn. It was a great game, and one of the real highlights of the Year of Luigi as a whole.

But it seems it won’t be the only Luigi’s Mansion on the system for much longer. Oh no, the original Luigi’s Mansion is being released there too.

Yeah, you heard us right. Remember the GameCube Luigi’s Mansion game? The smaller scale survival horror title that kicked off the franchise to begin with?

Well as it turns out, Nintendo’s now porting that over to the 3DS as well. It’ll come with improved graphics, likely usage of the 3D graphics feature and an all new boss rush mode to face off against the portrait ghosts at any one time. Here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it already:

As you can tell, it actually works really well on the system. Seriously, it doesn’t look downgraded at all on a graphics level, and where gameplay is concerned it’s basically a direct copy of the original with some new neat tweaks to movement speed added in. That’s pretty damn impressive for a system like the 3DS.

So, if you’re interested, check it out. It’ll be available to buy sometime this year and will offer everything you loved about the first game and then some!


Luigi’s Mansion for 3DS (Reveal Trailer)

WarioWare Gold is Coming to the Nintendo 3DS!

It’s been a long time coming hasn’t it? Indeed, ever since the 3DS was first announced back in 2011, people have constantly wondered about the possibility of a WarioWare game for the system. After all, it’s got the touch screen and microphone. It’s got the gyro sensor and camera.

Heck, it’s basically got every control scheme the series has ever used. And when you couple that with 3D and AR functionality, it pretty much means the 3DS is the perfect WarioWare machine. The ideal next step for the franchise.

Alas, for years it wasn’t to be. Directs came and went. E3 presentations were hyped, aired and forgotten about. And yet despite all that, no Wario games were forthcoming. It got so bad the fans basically gave up on the franchise.

However, that’s all now gone and changed. Why? Because just a few minutes ago, Nintendo finally announced it.

WarioWare Gold is a brand new WarioWare game for the Nintendo 3DS.

A classic WarioWare game with gameplay styles influenced by all the past installments, this new edition in the series has new storylines, 300 new microgames and all the trimmings you’d expect from another title in the fantastic franchise.

It’s basically the game Wario fans have dreamed about for years.

So, check out the trailer for it if you haven’t already:

And go and discuss the title over on Wario Forums today.

Because if this is anything like past titles, WarioWare Gold will be a fantastic game, and another good game to get when it launches on 3DS in August this year.

Thanks for finally announcing a new Wario game Nintendo!


WarioWare Gold Announced (Wario Forums)

March 8th Nintendo Direct: The Gaming Reinvented Liveblog

Well, it’s nearly here! In just a few moments time, Nintendo’s next Nintendo Direct will air online, covering various announcements related to their 3DS and Nintendo Switch games.

Which means it’s time for another liveblog! Yep, just like before

Hence as a result of this, we’ve decided to run yet another liveblog for the reveals. Yep, just like before, we’ll be talking about every single announcement as it comes in. Whether it’s Smash Bros or Wario Land, Pokemon or F-Zero, we’re covering the lot here.

So, while we don’t have any predictions right now, we hope you’ll enjoy our coverage of the event. Sit back, turn on whatever Nintendo livestream you want to watch this on and check out our thoughts on the event right here.

Because this is gonna be another great year for the Switch. Don’t you forget it!

Every Single Object from Portal Has Been Remade in Super Mario 64

Here on Gaming Reinvented, we’ve already featured a lot of ROM hacks made by Kaze Emanuar. That’s because ever since he finished Super Mario 64 Last Impact, the guy’s basically been on a roll as far as cool Mario 64 mods are concerned, having built everything from a clone of Mario Run to a Mario Maker esque editor to even a full online system for the game. He’s like a one-man ROM hacking machine.

But while Super Mario 64 Online and the Legend of Peach are amazing, even his smaller creations have actually been pretty damn good. And it’s one of those creations we’re talking about today. Why? Because Kaze has basically replicated every single object from Portal (Valve’s puzzle FPS/platformer hybrid) in the Super Mario 64 engine.

Every single one.

Yep, from the famous cube to the turrets and anti-gravity beams, every single element you can imagine from Valve’s series is now included in a Mario 64 mod. Here’s a video of this stuff if you don’t believe us already:

It’s a pretty damn good series of recreations too. Oh sure, it’s not perfect (cause it’s a Mario 64 hack rather than a Source Engine title), but it’s still more impressive than a lot of stuff we’ve seen in Mario 64 hacks over the years.

And when you consider Kaze already remade the portal gun mechanic (which is included in the above video), it makes you wonder how long it’ll be until a full Portal game is made with these objects. After all, all you’d need to do is recreate the battle with GLADOS and you’d be able to remake the entirety of the first title no problem. That’d make for a very interesting challenge for everyone’s favourite plumber…

But still, what do you think of it?

Are you impressed that so much of Portal has now found its way into Super Mario 64? Do you think you’d play a full-fledged Portal themed ROM hack starring the Italian plumber?

Say what you think about it here or on Gaming Latest today…

Nintendo Announces Nintendo Direct for March 8th

Well, it’s finally here. After weeks of people asking about another Nintendo Direct (and crazy predictions to the same), Nintendo has announced that the next one will air on March 8th at 5pm ET. This Direct will be 30 minutes in length, with announcements for both 3DS and Switch games (including Mario Tennis Aces for the latter).

Here’s the announcement about it on Nintendo’s Twitter page:

As well as the related ones by Nintendo UK and Nintendo JP:

It’s pretty big news all round and offers the potential for quite a few interesting announcements. Indeed, as one look at social media will prove, it seems Nintendo fans have taken the announcement and ran with it to mean anything and everything is coming to the console. Super Mario Odyssey DLC? Yup, some people are even saying a Luigi’s Mansion themed kingdom could be included. Pokemon Switch? Again, people are predicting it could happen here.

And from Smash Bros to Fire Emblem to god knows what else, the predictions are flying thick and fast. Hell, there are so many at this point that the ‘leakers’ behind them are calling each other out on sites like Twitter!

As for us? Well we’ll just keep quiet and see what tomorrow brings. It’s Nintendo, it’s 2018 and it’s a console that needs new announcements, so we’re sure whatever does get shown is going to be amazing all the same. Besides, why hype yourself up over Smash and Pokemon when you can just wait and be pleasantly surprised if it happens? It doesn’t seem worth it to us.

But still, what do you think about the announcement? Are you looking forward to the Nintendo Direct tomorrow? What crazy games and reveals do you think Nintendo will make there?

Post your answers to these questions (and more besides) here in the comments or on the Gaming Latest forums today!