Ten Underrated Gaming Channels to Check Out Before 2019

When it comes to gaming on YouTube, there are no shortage of fantastic channels to check out. From the Angry Video Game Nerd to Boundary Break, from Beta64 to Game Maker’s Toolkit, there are numerous fantastic channels with thousands or even millions of subscribers, many with their own interesting takes on the medium.

However, popularity and quality don’t always correlate with each other. For every big name there are ten more that escape notice, and the sheer amount of content on YouTube means great content will inevitably slip between the tracks. Indeed, as our previous two lists point out, there are numerous smaller channels putting out high quality videos to an audience in the low thousands or below, many of whom genuinely compete with the big guys and deserve all the same popularity.

So here on Gaming Reinvented, we’ve decided to give a shout out to a few more of them. Starting with an interesting upcoming channel on unreleased games and video game history…

10. Jenovi

Topic: Video Game Impressions, Gaming History
Subscribers: 4,361

Namely, Jenovi. A YouTuber whose focus is very much geared towards the 32X and other obscure systems.

He covers unreleased games for the former:

Talks about marketing campaigns run by Sega:

And even goes deep into the history of controversial games with this video too:

There’s a lot to see here, and if you’re after another retro gaming channel, it’s well worth checking out because of it.

9. Skip the Tutorial

Topic: Video Game Design
Subscribers: 13,252

Still, enough of the trivia for the time being. Time for a bit of game design.

Yes, we know. We’ve done this subject to death on Gaming Reinvented too, especially given how every single underrated YouTuber list we put out has at least one or two game design channels on it.

But can you blame us? It’s a topic that doesn’t usually do well on YouTube and Twitch, as well as one that offers far more fascinating content than anything your WatchMojos or their ilk will ever put out. Really, it’s the type of content that arguably should do well, but won’t because the world’s a terrible place obsessed with celebrity culture and screaming at other people over their political views.

However, while the world may not be fair, we can be. So for this entry in the list, we’ve got an intriguing new game design channel known as Skip the Tutorial. Well, we say new.
Technically it’s been around for about 5 months now, and racked up a fairly impressive number of videos in the process.

But they’re interesting ones none the less, and ones people should definitely check out. Want to know how Paper Mario Color Splash’s bosses could be made better without completely replacing the battle system?

There’s a video for that.

Want to know how bosses should be designed for racing games? Again, there’s a video for that too.

And the list just goes on and on. From K Rool’s moveset in Smash Bros to fan game boss design and gym leaders in Pokémon games, Skip the Tutorial takes on everything and anything you can think of about modern games and their design strengths and weaknesses.

So if you’re interested in another taste of game design goodness after Game Maker’s Toolkit or Extra Credits, check ‘em out. You won’t be disappointed!

8. theballaam96SRL

Topic: Donkey Kong 64 Bugs/Speedruning
Subscribers: 199

On the other hand, if you’re the kind of person who goes for depth over variety, perhaps our next channel may be more your style. Because theballaam96SRL is a YouTuber with a very unique focus.

Put simply, he’s Pannenkoek2012 or Stryder7X’s equivalent for Donkey Kong 64. He’s the kind of guy who spends hours going through DK64 with a fine toothed comb, working out of every little that makes the game tick.

Like in this video, where he goes through and patches the various major glitches and skips out of the game:

Or these ones, where he takes on as much of the game as possible without getting new moves from Cranky Kong, Funky Kong or Candy Kong:

Heck, he’s even worn his Stryder7x inspiration on his sleeve with this video, where he finds that waiting 12,800 years for a cutscene to play is perfectly fine:

There’s quite a lot to see here, and while it’s not the best channel ever in terms of production quality, it’s one with a lot of charm and potential none the less. Definitely one to look into if you’ve got fond memories of playing Donkey Kong 64 back in the olden days.

7. Arcadology

Topic: Video Game Documentaries
Subscribers: 4,527

But hey, enough about speedrunning and glitches for now. What if you’re more of a fan of long form documentaries and journalism?

Well, Arcadology will have you covered there! Yep, as the name suggests, it’s a whole channel of video game documentaries based on a plethora of interesting topics. Like this one, about the history of Super Mario Bros 2 and its development:

Or this one on the history of Dark Souls:

And that’s just scratching the surface. There’s tons on this channel, from interviews from game developers to podcasts on moral panics in the industry, and they’re all worth checking out. It’s especially good for Gaming Historian fans, since Arcadology is basically the same thing except slightly less popular, down to the whole longform documentary format and overall presentation.

So if you’re a fan of gaming history (or just have an hour to spare here or there), go and check out of his videos. Because there are some damn good documentaries going unnoticed over there, and they all deserve your attention far more than yet another WatchMojo list or pathetic reaction video.

6. Seii

Topic: Video Game Remixes and Fan Game Tunes
Subscribers: 1,862

Onto another video game music channel now. This time, by the name of Seii.

However, this isn’t your usual remix channel. No, it doesn’t just contain remixes based on existing games.

It contains remixes and tunes for others too. Like Paper Mario Colours of Creation.
Sound familiar?

Oh, of course not. The game doesn’t exist, at least not yet.

Yet it’s music does, and for a fan game, it’s surprisingly good. For instance, it’s got these cracking remixes of familiar Luigi’s Mansion songs:

As well as a fair few more original ones to boot. Like the one below for a Shy Guy run Wild West town:

Or this one for the game’s main hub area:

So if you’re after something a bit more original, check ‘em out. They’re great songs, and make for a lovely glimpse in a world where Paper Mario didn’t get killed by Paper Mario Sticker Star.

5. KevinVG2017

Topic: Mario Kart Wii Custom Tracks/Mods
Subscribers: 8,400

If you’re more of a Mario Kart fan though, well don’t worry. We’ve got you covered there too.

Because KevinVG2017 has some pretty damn neat videos about the game and both its in game discoveries and hacks. Like this one where he remakes a somewhat archaic custom track on camera:

Or this video series where he takes on the missions in a Mario Kart Wii mod called the Mario Kart Wii Variety Pack:

Add to these everything from his own Road to 9999VR Challenge to videos on Mario Maker and LEGO Racers, and you’ve got a channel with quite the repertoire to check out!

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Bethesda Support System Leaks Fallout 76 Customer Information

Last month, Bethesda released Fallout 76 for Microsoft Windows,PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Based on the acclaimed RPG series, the game lets players survive in an entirely player populated online world with a mix of single player gameplay and multiplayer action.

It was an interesting idea for a game, and if done right, could have been the type of spinoff fans would be playing for months on end.

Unfortunately, to say Fallout 76 wasn’t done right would be one hell of an understatement. Instead, the game was released as a broken, glitchy mess lacking in interesting mechanics and filled with questionable design decisions. Fans tore it apart, critics did the same, and as of this point in time its sitting at a measly 52% on Metacritic for its various flaws.

And 52% is high compared to the average user score. Ouch.

However, it seems it’s not just Fallout 76 the game that was a bit of a glitchy mess. No, the game’s support system was apparently rather buggy too.

Which in turn, has led to all manner of alarming security breaches.Like these ones, where users were accidentally given the ability to view everyone else’s personal information:

Or where they were sent various people’s receipts, complete with their personal information (as per this individual on Reddit):

Add to this the ability to do things like open and close tickets, and it’s clear the support ticket is alarmingly poorly designed interms of security.

Which makes us wonder…

Did the same programmers work on both systems?

 After all, the Creation Engine is getting a bit long in the tooth nowadays. Perhaps the people at Bethesda thought it’d work well for a ticket system too.

It’d certainly explain why their web presence is as broken as the gaming one.

Or not. Obviously the support system doesn’t actually use the same setup as their games, even if it is apparently as much of a broken mess as some of them. But it’s fitting none the less, and to see Fallout 76’s support setup being as poorly made as the game its meant to help you withis hilarious in its own way.

Regardless, Bethesda have now resolved the issues, and the security holes these users have experienced have now been patched.

Let’s just now hope they do the same for the rest of the main game’s issues too!


Bethesda Support Leaks Fallout 76 Customers, Names, Addressesand Phone Numbers (Kotaku)

The Legend of Zelda’s Dragon Roost Isle is Now a Super Mario Odyssey Kingdom!

Super Mario Odyssey’s been seeing quite a few great custom levels recently. From the difficult Kaizo challenges seen on Twitch to the kingdom mashups released recently (never mind the amazing Bob-omb Battlefield remake), the game’s gone having nothing to a decent modding scene in no time at all.

But now another fantastic kingdom joins the list. And this one… well it’s got a bit of a Hyrulean twist to it.

That’s because this time, today’s Super Mario Odyssey custom kingdom is Dragon Roost Isle from the Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker. It’s a location that works surprisingly well in Odyssey’s engine, and one of the most Mario like ported levels we’ve seen so far.

Dragon Roost Isle Mario Odyssey
A very picturesque location isn’t it?

And it’s one that’s only been made better by the Zelda touches added by the level’s creator. For instance, you know how Goombas have different hats in the ‘real’ game? Like construction hats in New Donk City or Sombreros in Tostarena?

Well, that’s the case here too! This time, all the Goombas wear Link’s famous green hat too, which adds a lovely extra touch to an already fantastically well designed kingdom.

Link Cap Goombas
Goombas with Link caps… very Hyrule like!

What’s more, it’s not the only one either. Oh no, Power Moons are now Triforces too, with Rupees replacing coins and missions taking inspiration from the original game as well. Only minor details sure, but they’re ones that are nice to see none the less, and they go that little further into making it more than a mere model import.

You Got a Triforce
Ganon would LOVE this place!

So if you’re interested in an Odyssey kingdom with a Zelda twist, check it out in this video by BeardBear:

Then maybe consider downloading the mod itself over on Game Banana. well worth it, and it’s one custom kingdom that’s well worth playing.

Dragon Roost Island (Wind Waker Map) – Mario Odyssey Mods on Game Banana

Super Smash Bros Fan Creates Unofficial Instruction Manual for Super Smash Bros Ultimate

As any long time gamer knows, instruction manuals used to be integral part of the gaming experience. In a time where games couldn’t handle cutscenes well and space for information in game was limited, they were more than a set of instructions.

They were a look into the minds of the game’s designers. A glimpse at what those vague levels and 8-bit sprites actually represented.

Princess Peach in Super Mario Bros 1 Manual
Or not, if you’re Nintendo with Super Mario Bros 1…

A way to build up hype for a new title on the way back from the shop.

However, those days are coming to an end. Thanks in part to the rise of the internet (and another in part because of in game tutorials and cutscenes), manuals have gotten rarer and rarer in recent titles, with physical ones being the rarest of all. Hell, even Nintendo doesn’t bother with them anymore, what with Switch games not even providing digital versions like their 3DS and Wii U predecessors.

Fortunately for Smash Bros fans who need a physical instruction manual though, help is at. That’s because while Nintendo didn’t make an official one for Ultimate, at least one fan over on Reddit actually did, with a user called OharaLibrarianArtur actually providing a fan made version over on Reddit. Here’s the link to his thread about it:

Given the lack of a physical manual for Ultimate, I decided to make one in the style of the manuals from the older games with assets from the website! (Reddit)

As well as the actual thing to view over on Imgur:

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Instruction Manual

It’s a really well done manual too. Seriously, go and look at it. The amount of detail provided here is just immense, with everything from character movesets to stages, items and basic game mechanics getting fully illustrated descriptions showcasing how they work and what’s special about them.

Smash Bros Ultimate techniques

And it doesn’t end there either. No, the manual actually goes further than merely talking about Smash Bros Ultimate itself too, with every playable fighter getting a background description too. So if you wanted to know what game they appeared in (as well as how they looked in their first appearance, this booklet has you covered there too.

Smash Bros Ultimate Character Bios
Though it seems some are based on where this version of the character first appeared (see Link)

It really is an amazing piece of work, and looks exactly like something Nintendo may have printed themselves. Or heck, probably better to be honest. There’s more detail in this one than any manual Nintendo’s put out in the last few decades, or perhaps even in their entire history of making games!

So if you’re an old school gamer who can’t resist an instruction manual, check it out. It’s free to download, contains a ton of useful information about Super Smash Bros Ultimate and works brilliantly as a printed out booklet to include in the game case (or pass around to friends before they try it for themselves).


Given the lack of a physical manual for Ultimate, I decided to make one in the style of the manuals from the older games with assets from the website! (Reddit)

Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee Spirits Coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate

As every Super Smash Bros Ultimate fan knows, a while back Nintendo announced their plans for Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s DLC. Consisting of five completely new characters and associated stages and music packs, these are being sold for $5.99 each, or $24.99 as a set as part of the so called Fighter’s Pass.

Smash Bros Ultimate Fighters Pass

But it seems they’re not the only bits of DLC being added to Ultimate. No, free updates and DLC are coming to the game too.

With the first example being two new Spirits based on Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee. These Spirits are based on Pikachu and Eevee respectively, which makes sense given their roles as starter Pokémon in the games.

And they’ll be available to unlock in the game on December 14th. Here’s the tweet from the official Japanese Pokémon account about the deal:

What’s more, the way these Spirits are unlocked is quite unique too. Basically, you get them immediately if you have Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee save data on your Switch.

While non players will be able to get them by completing challenges in game.
That’s pretty interesting, and brings us right back to the days of Smash Bros Melee and Mario Kart Wii, where trophies and characters were unlocked by save data there too.

Its timing is interesting too. After all, how often do you see updates announced before a game’s release date?

Not often, we’ll say that much.

But Smash Bros Ultimate is not a normal game with a normal history. We’ve already gotten mods based on the leaked game and official DLC announcements in a pre-release Direct, so an update like this isn’t outside the realm of possibility.

More interestingly though, they also prove something keen eyed fans have known for weeks. Namely, that Spirits do not rule out a character from being playable.

Seriously. We’re not sure where this misconception came from (maybe confusion with Assist Trophies or Poke Balls), but it’s been already proven wrong by K Rool’s presence as a Spirit in Kaptain and Baron form in the same game. Or how ‘Fighter Spirits’ are now a thing over on the wiki:

Fighter Spirits
Every series has these too

However, now Pikachu has put another nail in that coffin, since he’s obviously also playable in Ultimate and now has another Spirit to represent him too.

It also proves that new Spirits are going to be part of the game’s DLC line up as well. Seems like another quick update type that Nintendo can keep pumping out to advertise their latest titles.

Salvager Set
Like the Salvager set in Breath of the Wild

So yeah, now we know. We’re getting extra Spirits as free DLC, said spirits could be based on characters who are already playable in Ultimate, and that DLC plans are already being laid out before the game’s release date.

Pretty cool all round really.


Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee/Let’s Go Pikachu Spirits in Smash Bros Ultimate (Twitter)