Zelda Modder Replaces Link With WarioWare’s Ashley in The Wind Waker

Zelda Modder Replaces Link With WarioWare’s Ashley in The Wind Waker

Have you ever wanted a Legend of Zelda/WarioWare crossover? Felt like Ashley from WarioWare would be a better hero of winds than Link himself, and could save Hyrule from the forces of darkness?


Yeah, nor have we. It sounds like a ridiculous idea, and something you’d expect to see on Fantendo or some random kid’s Fan profile.

But thanks to a modder named BigSharkZ, it’s indeed now a reality. That’s because he’s now gone and modded the Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker to add Ashley as the main character instead of Link, as well as tweaked other bits of the story to fit. Here’s a trailer showing the mod in action:

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Interestingly, it actually works quite well. Ashley’s character model replaces Toon Link’s nicely, the other characters and item models have been tweaked to fit the new setup, and the story, while not a masterpiece, works well enough too.

Hell, there’s even a custom version of Ashley’s song to fit the Zelda theme!

Don’t let yourself be tricked by her courage and her wisdom!

It’s really impressive to be honest, especially in a world where ‘new character’ mods usually mean a mere model swap with a few changed voice lines here and there.

So if you’re an Ashley fan, or want a bit more WarioWare in your Zelda games, check it out. Then tell us your thoughts here in the comments or over on Wario Forums today!


The Legend of Ashley – The ROM Hacker (Wind Waker Mod)

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