You Can Disable the Talking Flowers in Mario Wonder!

You Can Disable the Talking Flowers in Mario Wonder!

In Super Mario Bros Wonder, one of the new additions are the talking flowers you can find through levels. These flowers will speak to you with full voice acting when you approach, and do things like provide information on the level ahead and tricks to get to secret areas.

It’s a neat concept, and one which certainly makes the Flower Kingdom feel like a more unique setting than previous locations did.

Yet that also made people worry too. After all, don’t ‘helper’ characters have a tendency to get annoying? Aren’t the likes of Navi and Fi infamous for not shutting up about the most obvious of things?

Yeah, they certainly were, and you can see why it’d lead to worries here. After all, hearing a voiced flower blabbering about a level you’ve been through a million times already doesn’t sound like the most entertaining thing in the world, especially with voice acting that sounds like they got some random guy off the street to record it.

But there is good news here. Namely, the flowers voice acting can be turned off altogether in the menu! Yep, as you can see on a Japanese official news article about the game, there’s an option to disable their voices altogether, or even switch the language they speak in altogether.

Talking Flower Options

Various options for the talking flowers in Super Mario Bros Wonder, including to mute them or change the language

So don’t worry folks. If you find them annoying, you can just change what language they speak in or mute them for good. No more unnecessary help required!

Let’s just hope the same thing applies to future Zelda companions too…


Super Mario Bros. Wonder will let you turn off Talking Flowers voice (Nintendo Everything)

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