Yoshi’s Crafted World Gets March 29th Release Date

Yoshi’s Crafted World Gets March 29th Release Date

Ever since its announcement at E3 2017, Nintendo’s been a bit vague about when exactly Yoshi’s Crafted World would launch. Oh sure, it was inevitably always going to be in the next few years or so, but the actual month and day aspect was always a bit of a mystery, with the game seemingly missing in action throughout all of 2018.

However, thanks to a new trailer, now we know. Yoshi’s Crafted World will be launching on Nintendo Switch on March 29th 2019.

And that’s not all the trailer tells us either. Oh no, as you can see here, it also gives us a basic plot outline for the title as well:

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Which is about what you’d expect for a game like this. There’s a magical artefact called the Sundream Stone on the island, and it’s got the power to make dreams come true. Obviously, Baby Bowser and Kamek want said stone, so they attempt to steal it. Then in the tussle that ensues between them and the Yoshis, the various gems fly off and land in various places across the world, meaning the Yoshis have to track them down and stop the Koopa’s evil plans.

It’s not gonna win awards or anything, but it works fine for a game like this. Hell, what more do you need for a 2D platformer? Magical artefacts and villains trying to use them to grab power are all the rage in that genre, or in the Mario series in general.

Other media released for the game include the box art (which looks about as nice as you’d expect it to), and a few titbits about how you can buy a version of the game with just a download code inside in Japan for whatever reason. Not much, but it’s something.

Yoshi's Crafted World Box

But what do you think about it? Are you excited for Yoshi’s Crafted World when it launches this March? Could this be one of your Switch game purchases for 2019?

Or are there more interesting titles that you’re waiting for this year instead?

Tell us what you think in the comments or over on the Gaming Latest forums today!


Yoshi’s Crafted World Trailer (Nintendo’s YouTube Channel)

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