Wonder Flowers Are Now in Super Mario Run

Wonder Flowers Are Now in Super Mario Run

No, you’re not reading the title wrong. After what seems like years, Super Mario Run has actually gotten a major update with a new game mechanic!

And this time, it involves the Wonder Flowers from Super Mario Run. Put simply, as part of an event celebrating the release of Super Mario Bros Wonder, Nintendo has added them to the game. These are found in Coin Rush mode, and have various effects on the level, such as turning all coins into Gold Goombas. These Goombas are then defeated immediately upon contact, and give you special stamps for every 50 of them you defeat.

It’s a neat addition, and one that shows Super Mario Run hasn’t been completely abandoned yet.

So yeah, check out a video from GameXplain showing the feature in action here:

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Wonder Flowers are blooming in the Super Mario™ Run game (Nintendo Site)

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