Welcome to Gaming Reinvented, Reinvented!

Welcome to Gaming Reinvented, Reinvented!

A new age for Gaming Reinvented

Hello folks, and welcome to Gaming Reinvented. Today, we have our most exciting announcement yet – We’ve been working incredibly hard for the last few months to prepare GR for its biggest reinvention yet, and we’re beyond proud to be presenting our work to you today.

For the last 12 years, Gaming Reinvented has been a solo venture by founder CM30. But today, that all changes – as for the first time in its history, Gaming Reinvented is expanding to a four-person team of content creators, editors, designers and more.

There’s a huge number of changes being made to the Gaming Reinvented group, so we’ve summarised as much as we can for you below:

  • Shiny new logos and icons across our social media, website and Discord server.
  • A colourful new orange, red and purple style, banners and imagery for our whole server.
  • A brand new website with the best of our previous content preserved in a curated archive!
  • Our completely redesigned Discord community server, which you can join with the link at the bottom of this article.
  • Brand new fortnightly game nights with GR
  • The new GR Instagram account where we’ll be sharing shorts, behind-the-scenes content and whatever we feel like really…

I know change can be scary, but don’t worry – CM30, the normal host of Gaming Reinvented YouTube content and primary article writer for the website, isn’t going anywhere!

We’ll be covering the changes to Gaming Reinvented in a lot more detail in our YouTube video tomorrow (Saturday 26/11/2022) at 19:00 GMT, so I encourage you to check that out if you want to know more.
Otherwise, you can always join our Discord server and ask us any questions you might have directly!


Needless to say, we’re super excited to invite you all to the new phase of Gaming Reinvented…

Thank you so much for joining us this far – we hope you stick around for our reinvention!


Article written by

🌵River J

Editor, graphic designer and web designer for Gaming Reinvented

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