The Zelda Oracle Games Are Now on Switch Online!

The Zelda Oracle Games Are Now on Switch Online!

As anyone who had a Game Boy Colour knows, the Legend of Zelda Oracle games are some of the best titles on the console. With Seasons focusing on combat and Ages focusing on puzzle solving, and both games linking together to form one big adventure with even more beyond that, they’re two classic Zelda titles that everyone should play at some point in time.

And now it seems more people will be able to do just that. Why? Because as the title says, both games have now been added to the Switch’s library of classic Game Boy games via Nintendo Switch Online, complete with the full linked game functionality. Here’s a trailer announcing them both:

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So if you’ve got the service, go and play them! They’re awesome games for both Zelda titles and Game Boy ones as a whole, and ones you can now experience for free too.


Game Boy – July 2023 Game Updates – Nintendo Switch Online (YouTube)

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