The Super Mario Bros Movie is Getting a Sequel!

The Super Mario Bros Movie is Getting a Sequel!

Happy Mario Day folks! As you know, this is when Nintendo usually announces news regarding the Mario series, whether it’s the debut of a new game, a trailer for a highly anticipated game in development or some other sort of merch or collaboration related to the series.

But this year, we’ve got something a bit different. Why? Because as the title suggests, it’s now been confirmed the Super Mario Bros Movie is getting a sequel!

Yep, a new film has apparently been in production, with animation work set to start soon and a release date penned in for April 3rd 2026. Here’s the video about it from Nintendo themselves:

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As you can tell, we don’t really know a whole lot right now. We know it exists, we know that Illumination is involved with it again, and we know the release date for the film.

However, we also know of one other interesting titbit too. Namely, how they’re “thinking about broadening Mario’s world further” this time around.

And that’s some very exciting stuff indeed. Because here’s the thing; we’ve already seen Donkey Kong Country references in the first film, and there are already hints at Yoshi related content from the post credits scene there.

So, there could be a very real possibility that other Mario spinoffs might be getting more attention this time around. Luigi’s Mansion, Wario Land and WarioWare, the Mario RPGs… the possibilities are endless for other Mario sub series and spinoffs that could be potentially be included this time around.

Hence, we’re curious to see what they’ll do here. Will they setup a Luigi’s Mansion spinoff in some way, given that Luigi’s actor would be interested in such a film? Will things from the Mario RPGs finally get acknowledgement from Nintendo? Could Wario and his crew make some sort of appearance here, perhaps with Wario himself as the next DK style co-star?

Honestly, it’s hard to tell, and we’re excited to see what they come up with here.

Regardless, we’re getting a Super Mario Bros Movie sequel in 2026, and it’ll broaden Mario’s world further. Leave your thoughts on what that means in the comments below, on social media, or on our Discord server today!


MAR10 Day 2024 (Nintendo of America on YouTube)

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