The Second Wave of Tracks for Mario Kart 8’s Booster Course Pass Have Been Revealed!

The Second Wave of Tracks for Mario Kart 8’s Booster Course Pass Have Been Revealed!

Well guys, it’s finally here. After months of waiting, Nintendo has now officially revealed the next 8 tracks for the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass, as well as a release date for them next week.

And by god, are they some awesome picks. Here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it already:

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As you can see, we already start off with a brand new course, in the form of the ice cream themed Sky-High Sundae. This Fall Guys esque level looks incredible in Mario Kart 8’s engine, and with anti gravity in play throughout the whole thing, seems way closer to the tracks from the core game than any in the previous wave.

But it’s not alone. Oh no, as expected, there are 2 more cups worth of tracks here, with the Turnip Cup and Propeller Cup seeing their contents revealed for the first time. Here’s the full list of courses if you need a quick rundown:

Wave 2 Track List

Turnip Cup

  1. Tour New York Minute
  2. SNES Mario Circuit 3
  3. N64 Kalimari Desert
  4. DS Waluigi Pinball

Propeller Cup

  1. Tour Sydney Sprint
  2. GBA Snow Land
  3. Wii Mushroom Gorge
  4. Sky-High Sundae

It’s an insane list to say the least, with fan favourites like Waluigi Pinball and Mushroom Gorge being especially interesting to see. What’s more, it also seems like one which Nintendo has actually put some effort into this time around.

Since not only does the shortcut from the start of the Wii version of Mushroom Gorge return for the first time since the original game…

But Kalimari Desert actually gets the Tour city track treatment too, with its remixed sequel from said game being used as an alternate route later in the race. It’s really interesting to see, and makes us realise that even the most old school of tracks here might get new paths, obstacles and other content added in to liven them up.


As you can see, they talk the alternate route through the tunnel, which is only in Tour’s remixed version of the track

And all this stuff is coming August 4th, aka next Thursday. So you won’t be waiting too long to play it Mario Kart fans!

Either way, if you want to see more of these tracks check out the image gallery and video previews below:

Image Gallery

Track Preview Videos

New York Minute

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Mario Circuit 3

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Kalimari Desert

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Waluigi Pinball

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Sydney Sprint

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Snow Land

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Mushroom Gorge

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Sky-High Sundae

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Then leave your thoughts on them (and the Booster Course Pass as a whole) in the comments, or over on our Discord server today!


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