The Mario Movie Gets A New Trailer at the Game Awards!

The Mario Movie Gets A New Trailer at the Game Awards!

When it comes to the Super Mario Bros Movie, the trailers have sure been coming thick and fast recently! Not only did we see two full trailers since its official reveal, but the ads and marketing materials have shown a lot more of the movie too. It’s good news for Mario fans, and shows how promising the film really is.

And that pattern only continued with the Game Awards last night! Why? Because during the ceremony, a brand new trailer was shown for the film, complete with an hilarious look at Mario and Toad’s journey to Peach’s Castle! Check it out here:

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It’s a fun trailer with a ton of cool references and easter eggs to look out for. You’ve got the Crazy Cap shop, first shown in the files for the original artwork for the movie poster. You’ve got a reference to NES games and how finicky their cartridges are, with the salesman telling the other Toad to blow on one if it doesn’t work. Hell, even the music is full of references, with songs from Super Mario World and Super Mario 64 mixed in the background tunes.

So check it out Mario fans! It’s a great little trailer, and one that’s full of fun references that should be familiar to anyone interested in the Mario series or Nintendo’s history as a whole.


The Super Mario Bros. Movie | “Mushroom Kingdom” | Official Movie Clip

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