The Link’s Awakening DX Port Has Been Taken Down by Nintendo

The Link’s Awakening DX Port Has Been Taken Down by Nintendo

Well folks, it was nearly inevitable at this point. After tons of attention from the gaming media, thousands of downloads from all over the world and posts about it on every social media site under the son, the Link’s Awakening DX PC port was taken down by Nintendo earlier today.

Indeed, if you go to the download page, you’ll now see the following message:

This game’s files have been suspended for copyright (or trademark) claim.

View the notice

With the notice link going to a message stating that it infringes on Nintendo’s copyright/trademarks, and references to both the Nintendo Switch Online version of Link’s Awakening, and the Switch remake.

It’s an obvious fate for a fan made remake like this, and one we could see coming from the moment the game gained traction a few days ago.

After all, it’s a remake of a game that’s already on Switch in two different forms, and which has been released numerous times since its original debut. It’s not exactly something that was ever going to fly under the radar, at least not in the long run.

Either way, it seems that’s it for Link’s Awakening DX HD. It had its time in the spotlight, but now the Nintendo ninjas have gotten to this game as well. Hopefully you’ve downloaded it already, or are able to find a reupload online in future.


Link’s Awakening DX HD Project Page (


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