The Latest Trailer Has Been Released for the Mario Movie!

The Latest Trailer Has Been Released for the Mario Movie!

Well folks, it’s finally here! The last trailer for the Mario movie has been shared online by Nintendo, complete with comments by the film’s directors and cast.

Here’s the Nintendo Direct with the trailer:

YouTube player

As well as the trailer on its own:

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As you can see, it’s an interesting one for sure. You’ve got Luigi and the penguins captured in cages by Bowser, Lumalee being far more of a downer than you’d ever expect for a Luma…

Plus an awesome scene with Mario and co racing on Rainbow Road. It’s a fantastic trailer, though it doesn’t really feel much like a final one in any way.

Still, that’s it for Mario movie trailers! Now, the only things left between now and the movie’s release on April 5th are posters and advertising promos.

However, what do you think? Are you happy with the last trailer? How excited are you for the movie in general?

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie | Final Trailer (YouTube)

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