The Gaming Reinvented Summer 2022 Tournament is Coming Soon!

The Gaming Reinvented Summer 2022 Tournament is Coming Soon!

Well, it’s nearly that time once again! Yep, as the title says, our next tournament is in the works here at Gaming Reinvented, and will put the best Mario Kart 8 Deluxe players against each other for a chance to win the $150 top prize! It’ll be on April 15th at 8pm, with the voice chat hosted on the Gaming Reinvented Discord server as usual.

And prizes don’t just end with the top ranked player either. Nope, in addition to the top prize, the second place player will get $80, third will get $50, and everything who makes the finals will once again get the chance to draw, create or suggest a new emote for the Discord server too.

Here are the rules for the tournament:


  • Mode: 150cc Grand Prix
  • Teams: No Teams
  • Items: Normal Items
  • CPU: Normal CPU
  • Vehicles: All Vehicles
  • Smart Steering: Allowed
  • Active: Fixed Period
  • Start Date: 22nd August 2022
  • Start Time: 8pm (20:00) GMT+1
  • End Date: (see start date)
  • End Time: 23:30 GMT (or whenever we’re done)
  • Races: 24 (plus 12 for the final)

As well as a list of times it takes place in each region:

Tournament Times by Region

Time Zone Time
GMT+1 (UK) 8pm
CEST (Europe) 9pm
PDT 12pm
EST 3pm
AEDT (Australia) 7am
JST (Japan) 5am

Plus a list of communities who are participating, since this will once again be a cross community tournament:

Participating Communities:

As you can see, it’s basically the same as before. The difficulty mode is the same (150cc), the number of races are the same (24 for the main event, 12 for the finals), and everything is allowed as before too. However, there is one major difference. One difference which explains why we’re hosting this event at all.

That being, the first two waves of Booster Course Pass tracks will be available to choose this time around! So, whether you prefer racking up the points in Waluigi Pinball, taking to the skies in Sky-High Sundae, or avoiding tricks and traps in Ninja Hideaway, you’ll be able to pick them all this time around.

So give it a shot! Enter the tournament via the linked form below:

[Removed due to tournament having concluded]

Then see if you can become this season’s Mario Kart Maestro! It’s gonna be amazing for sure!


Here are the FAQs for the event. Most are the same as usual, but there are a few additions nonetheless.

Oh neat, you’re hosting another tournament! How can I enter?

Just fill in the form linked below, then join the Gaming Reinvented Discord server. We’ll give you the tournament code later

Why do I need to fill out the form?

Because otherwise we don’t know who to send the prize to. Your Discord username might not be the same as your Switch Online username after all.

Do I need to provide an email?

No, not really. Skip that field if you don’t want to fill it in.

What happens to the personal info I submit here?

Nothing. We only use the data to send you your winnings if you win the event, and will delete it entirely once the event has concluded.

Are you really going with tournament codes again?

Yep. We tried the friend room method before, and it just didn’t work well at all. So we’re not taking any chances with future tournaments here.

Are you splitting everyone up into 12 player rooms, or having them auto sorted by Nintendo’s algorithm?

The latter. Nintendo has a bad tendency to send groups off on their own anyway, even if there are somehow less than 12 players in the tournament to begin with. So we may as well put you all into the same room and let the game figure it out. It’s easier that way.

Do the finals work the same way?

Yep, the top 12 players play against each other for 12 more races to see who takes home the prize.

Why are you hosting a tournament now?

Because the second wave of tracks for the Booster Course Pass will be released soon, and we want to feature them in the tournament. In fact, we were going to announce the tournament a bit earlier, it’s just that Nintendo took their sweet time updating everyone about the DLC.

Do you actually use the Gaming Reinvented site for anything anymore?

Sometimes? We post interviews here occasionally, along with the odd BoTW glitch article and news piece. But it’s not really our number 1 priority anymore, since textual content doesn’t pay the bills.

Do I need to join the Gaming Reinvented server for this tournament?

Not necessarily, but it would be nice to have you in voice chat or what not.

There’s voice chat?

Yep! There’s also a text chat channel for the event too, if you prefer to discuss things that way.

Any restrictions on what characters and karts I can use in game?

Nope. Choose what character and kart you want.

What about tracks?

Again, no. Though it’d be neat if you chose the DLC tracks where possible, since we want to play them a few times in this tournament,

Can I choose the same track over and over again?

Please don’t. We can’t really stop you, but it’s annoying to replay the same track over and over. Vary it up a bit!

What if someone quits the tournament in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe?

Unless they’re ahead by an absurd number of points, they’re guaranteed to lose. And even if they are worthy of reaching the finals… we’ll probably disqualify them anyway.

Any rules against cheating?

All in game strats are allowed. Modifying the game is not.

Any other things banned/punished?

We’re generally rather lax there, but basically:

  • No hacking the game online (speed mods, item mods, etc)
  • All relevant rules in the GR Discord apply

If you break these rules, we can remove you from the finals.

Can I record or livestream the tournament?

Sure! In fact, we encourage you to, and will point non participants towards any such livestreams so they can watch it in action.

We also plan to record the tournament ourselves for the Gaming Reinvented channel too, though it may or may not be livestreamed per se.

Are staff members from participating communities allowed to compete?

Yes. The only person who can’t win any money is CM30, the leader of Gaming Reinvented.

How does the winner receive their prize?

We’ll try and contact them on Discord, then fall back to email if they don’t respond. Fail to respond after 3 days, and you forfeit the prize, so keep your DMs open!

Can my community participate in this event?

Sure. Just send us an email via the contact form, or send us a DM on either Twitter, Facebook, Discord, YouTube, Reddit… etc. We’ll add you to the list above.

Does anyone actually read these FAQs?

Who knows? Given how the internet works though, we’re gonna guess the answer is no.

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