The Final Mario Movie Trailer is Coming on March 9th!

The Final Mario Movie Trailer is Coming on March 9th!

Damn, it’s been a good time for Nintendo Directs hasn’t it? Indeed, just a few weeks after a general one and a few days before the Pokemon equivalents, another such presentation has been announced by Nintendo.

And this time, it’s about the Mario movie. Yep, on March 9th at 10pm, Nintendo will air the final trailer for the Super Mario Bros movie in a special Nintendo Direct! Here’s the tweet about it with more info:

As well as its US:

And Japanese counterparts:

It’s exciting news, and with the previous trailers and posters being so exciting, something that makes us wonder…

What next?

What exactly could they show off in the Mario movie that we haven’t seen already? What other insane surprises are there in this already action packed film?

Because we’ve seen Bowser and his troops obliterate the Penguin Kingdom, plus Luigi’s adventures in being scared and kidnapped. We’ve seen Peach and the Toads in Toad Town, and their attempts to train Mario into becoming the world saving hero he needs to be.

Heck, we’ve even seen Donkey Kong and Cranky Kong, as well as the legion of Kongs that join Mario and co on their race down Rainbow Road to stop Bowser.

So what now?

Well to be honest, we’re gonna guess the real world sections of the movie. The parts with characters like Foreman Spike and Pauline playing a major role.

Since we know full well that both are in the film (the cast list, advertising and posters made it clear), and we know they’re going to be important characters at least early on.

Yet with no footage of them in action, and no voice clips showing what they actually sound like, there’s definitely room for them in debut in this trailer. To make us think ‘cool, that’s what these characters sound like here’.

But that’s just our prediction. For all we know, the trailer could be anything at this point. Wario and Waluigi up to mischief. Rosalina and the Lumas in a Galaxy inspired segment. Someone from an obscure spinoff making a cameo or major appearance… nothing’s really off the table here, especially with how well the film’s writers know both the series and their audience.

Still, what do you think about this? Are you excited to see another Mario movie trailer this March? And what crazy things will be revealed this time around?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below, on social media, or on our Discord server today!


The Super Mario Bros Movie Final Trailer Direct Announcement (Nintendo UK on Twitter)

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