The Cross Community 2024 Tournament is Coming Soon!

The Cross Community 2024 Tournament is Coming Soon!

Well folks, it’s that time once again! Yep, as the title suggests, we’re now planning our Summer 2024 Cross Community Mario Kart tournament here at Gaming Reinvented, where even more players will compete against each other for a $150 grand prize! This will take place at 8pm on August 3rd 2024, and be open to members of all participating communities.

So, here are the rules for the tournament if you somehow haven’t seen them already:

Mode: 150cc Grand Prix
Teams: No Teams
Items: Standard Items
CPU: Normal CPU
Vehicles: All Vehicles
Smart Steering: Allowed
Active: Fixed Period
Start Date: 3rd August 2024
Start Time: 8pm (20:00) GMT+1
End Date: (see start date)
End Time: 23:30 GMT (or whenever we’re done)
Races: 24 (plus 12 for the final)
Tournament Code: [Coming Soon]

Plus the times for said tournament:

Time Zone Time
GMT+1 (UK) 8pm
CEST (Europe) 9pm
PDT 12pm
EST 3pm
AEDT (Australia) 7am
JST (Japan) 5am

As well as a list of communities taking part:

As you can probably tell, it’s much the same as in every other year. You can choose any character or kart you want, the races are all at 150cc, and the winner will be determined after two rounds (a 24 race main event and a 12 race finale).

So yeah, if you want to enter, you can do so via the form linked below:

Enter the Summer 2024 Cross Community Tournament

And if you want to discuss the event (or practice with other players), that’s possible over on our Discord server. Have fun folks!


As is standard here at Gaming Reinvented, here are some FAQs for would be tournament participants. For the most part, they’re the same as in every other event so far.

How can I enter?

Fill in the form linked on this page, then join the Gaming Reinvented Discord server.

Why do I need to fill out the form?

So we know who’s who, and hence can distribute the prize to the winner.

Why are you hosting a tournament now?

Because as far as we can tell, there are no events scheduled for that date. Nintendo has no official events lined up, our affiliates and associated communities have no events lined up, and we need a bit more excitement after a fairly slow 2024.

What’s the best character/kart combo here?

From what we’ve seen, the current meta is Yoshi/Birdo/Peach/Daisy/Peachette on the Teddy Buggy or Cat Cruiser with the Roller Wheels and Cloud/Paper/Flower/Parachute glider.

Will that change anytime soon?

Given the Booster Course Pass is now done and dusted, probably not.

Do I need to own the Booster Course Pass?

No. In fact, the game is generous enough to let you pick those tracks if people with the pass are in the same room as you.

What happens if there’s a draw?

Usually a sudden death race between the affected parties. This happens regardless of whether it’s more than 12 people qualifying for the finals, or more than 1 person winning the whole thing.

Are there any character or kart restrictions here?

No, feel free to choose any combo you like.

Anything that’s banned outright?

Cheating obviously. Anyone who modifies the game to give themselves an unfair advantage will get disqualified.

If you’re talking about in game glitches or shortcuts, well there’s nothing to ban there. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe doesn’t have any ultra shortcuts as far as we know, and any glitches that do exist are entirely detrimental to the affected player (like the infamous Ninja Hideaway softlock).

Can I record or livestream the tournament?

Hell yeah! We welcome any and all coverage on sites like YouTube, Twitch, etc.

How do the winners receive their prizes?

Usually via PayPal, though other arrangements can be made if you can’t accept money that way.

Can my community participate in this event?

Sure! Just send us a link, and we’ll add you to the list of participating communities.

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