Super Nintendo World Hollywood Has An Opening Date!

Super Nintendo World Hollywood Has An Opening Date!

Back in March 2021, Super Nintendo World opened in Universal Studios Japan. A theme park world themed around various Nintendo games (most prominently the Mario series), it quickly became a huge success, with both fans and critics giving it plenty of praise for its awesome theming and attractions.

Yet it wasn’t only planned for Japan here. No, Super Nintendo World was also scheduled for the US too, with both a Hollywood and Orlando version of the park being scheduled for the future too. It’s just we didn’t really have an opening date for it. It was in development sure, but it was left up in the air as to when we’d actually get it.

But things have now changed! Why? Because as the title suggests, Nintendo and Universal Studios now have a launch day for the version of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood! Here’s their announcement with a trailer and additional information:

As you can tell, it looks awesome. The theming is as good as in the Japanese park, all the same attractions are there, and it’s shaping up to be an amazing experience for any US holidaymakers looking for a Nintendo themed experience.

And the release date isn’t too far away either! Nope, it’s scheduled to open on February 17th 2023, just a few months from now and a few more months away from the release of the upcoming Super Mario Bros Movie.

So get ready Nintendo fans! If you haven’t had the chance to visit the Japanese version, you’ll be able to visit the Hollywood version of Super Nintendo World in just a few months from now! Have fun folks!


Super Nintendo World Hollywood Opening Date Announcement (Nintendo of America on Twitter)

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